The mers of Chronicles Of A Returner have announced the release date of chapter 48 as they said next chapter of the series will be out soon

If you’re not sure what happened in the last chapter of the manga series, let us me it clear, previous chapter of Chronicles Of A Returner showed us the Murim Alliance’s current leader and the world’s strongest man. Naamgong Chun of the Naamgong Clan, known as the Sword Emperor, has gone missing. Following an investigation, his granddaughter Naamgong Soyhe discovered a battlefield.

Chronicles Of A Returner chapter 48 release date, time, manga Reddit spoilers, where to read online

The experts with her deduced that Naamgong Chun had been ambushed. They also employed explosives and Qi Dissipation Poison. For a Martial Artist, both are extremely lethal. They discovered a blood trail leading to the le after further investigation. The Naamgong Clan is conducting a massive search along the river’s banks.

After being ambushed, Naamgong Chun suffered severe injuries. He jumped into the river, barely clinging to life. To his credit, he was discovered by Woo-Hyun, who was on a boating trip with Soo-Mi, Muu-Jin, and Sam-Tae. They collided with Naamgong Chun’s immobile body. They saved him and returned him to his manor, where he recovered.

Woo-Hyun welcomed him into his home but demanded that he work in exchange for lodging. Naamgong Chun now spends his time with Soo-Mi, teaching her how to fish and being a grandfather.

Chapter 48 Release Date

For those who are curious to know more about the release date of Chapter 48 of Chronicles Of A Returner, let us tell you, upcoming chapter of the manga series is scheduled to be out on 7th May 2023.

The international readers of The Chronicles Of The Demon Faction will be able to read next chapter online as per their region’s time-zone such as:

Pacific Daylight Time: 8:00 AM.

Central Daylight Time: 10:00 AM.

Eastern Daylight Time: 11:00 AM.

British Summer Time: 4:00 PM.

Central European Time: 5:00 PM.

Indian Standard Time: 8:30 PM.

Chinese Standard Time: 11:00 PM.

Singapore Standard Time: 11:00 PM.

Philippines Standard Time: 11:00 PM.

Japanese Standard Time: 12:00 AM.

Korean Standard Time: 12:00 AM.

Australia Central Daylight Time: 12:30 AM.

Where to Read

If you’re not sure where you can read next chapter of Chronicles Of A Returner, let us remind you, Chapter 48 of the manga series will be available to read online on  Kao Page and Kao Webtoon.

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