Christian Bale Lost Five Roles to Leonardo DiCaprio in the '90s

The article is about how Christian Bale Lost Five Roles to Leonardo DiCaprio in the ’90s. The actor is one of the protagonists of ‘Amsterdam,’ which opens on November 4 in Spanish cinemas. After decades of experience, he reflects: he owes his career to the actor in ‘Titanic.’

In Spain, it will not reach cinemas until next November 4. Still, in Amsterdam, the new film by David O’Russell (Joy, The Great American Scam) has already debuted on the other side of the pond.

  • The Reality is that Many Headlines Already Refer to it as the Great Fiasco of 2022

The movie stars Christian Bale, Margot Robbie, Anya Taylor, Rami Malek, Robert De Niro, and many more. The suspense thriller has not obtained the expected reception at the box office level.

The movie generated about 6.5 million in its first weekend compared to its 80 million budget.

For now, Amsterdam has already given us the possibility of being able to read in GQ an extensive interview with one of the stars of the film, Christian Bale.

The protagonist has shared interesting anecdotes and reflections on his career.

“I’m a bit illiterate when it comes to movies,” he admits as soon as the interview begins. “I disappoint everyone with how little I know about cinema. I don’t think it matters. I don’t think you have to do it for what I do.”

Even though he is a Hollywood star, Bale does not see himself as such. He admits to being happy when he spends long periods without work. At the same time, absolutely “grateful” to be able to have him the winner of the Oscar in 2011 for The Fighter.

Christian Bale likes to act but claims to have “zero strategies” and that he does not even see himself as a protagonist.

Despite being the undisputed star of many films, starting with the successful trilogy about Batman directed by Christopher Nolan.

I have never considered myself a protagonist. It’s just boring. You don’t get the good parts. So even if I play a protagonist, I pretend I’m playing the fourth or fifth character down because you have more freedom,” he explains to GQ.

“I also don’t think about the effect [a character] will have.

Christian Bale has also spoken about one of the first roles with which he achieved notoriety. It’s the businessman and murderer he played in Mary Harron’s American Psycho (2000).

A job that opened many doors for him but for which he was paid a pittance. “I had been paid the absolute minimum they were legally allowed to pay me.

And I had a house that I shared with my father and sister that was being repossessed. Remember sitting in the makeup trailer, and makeup artists laughed at me because I was paid less than any of them.

And that was my motivation: I have to get enough so the house is not repossessed.”

According to Bale, “nobody wanted me to do it except the director,” so she got the role because she accepted that amount.

As the GQ journalist reminds him, Leonardo DiCaprio was another of the actors valued for the role. He finally could not make the film and paved the way for Bale.

Interestingly, as the interviewer points out, Bale had already lost “at least five roles” to the protagonist of Titanic in the 90s. And not just me. Look, to this day, any role anyone gets. It’s only because he [Leonardo DiCaprio] rejected it beforehand.

It doesn’t matter what anyone tells you. It doesn’t matter how friendly you are to directors. All those people I’ve worked with several times, they all offered each of those roles to him first.

“One of those people told me.

So, thank you, Leo, because he can choose everything he does. And good for him, it’s phenomenal,” Bale admits, assuring that it is nothing personal for him. “Do you know how grateful I am to receive damn thing?

I mean, I can’t do what he does. I also wouldn’t want the exposure he has. And it does so magnificently. But I know that almost everyone of a similar age to him in Hollywood owes their careers to him, whatever the project.”

About the roles to which the interviewer refers, at least we know that one was jack in Titanic (1997).

However, later they also competed for other roles, such as Bale being a star for Anthony Swofford in Jarhead (2005). Although it finally went to Jake Gyllenhaal- or Hugh Glass in The Revenant (2015), a role for which DiCaprio won his first Oscar.

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