A shocking Cat blender full original video is going viral on social media and it has upset and angered people all over the internet

Netizens are very upset about the video, which has been shared on social media. They want the person who did this evil thing to be punished.

Reports say that the video was first shared on TikTok and then moved to Twitter and Reddit. Even though news sites have warned about the video’s content, it is still being shared online and has become popular on social media.

Cat in a blender guy full video footage goes viral on Twitter, Reddit

Someone puts a cat in a blender and turns it on in the frightening video. As the cat is being hurt so badly, it can be seen fighting and looking upset. People have said that the video encourages people to hurt animals, and many people want the person who made it to be found and punished.

Some people say that the cat wasn’t killed in the blender, but that it was later put in a microwave for 30 seconds, which did a lot of damage. The cat was ten to an emergency vet, but the surgery did not save it. The facts of what happened have not been checked by anyone else.

Outrage over Cat blender video calls for accountability and action

The video has caused a lot of anger and criticism online. Many people have said they are disgusted and want justice for the cat. Some people are shocked and can’t believe how cruel the person who did it is, and many are asking that the authorities do something about it.

Even though people were upset, the person who made the video hasn’t been found, and it’s not clear where it happened. People on the Internet are asked not to share or spread the video because it can upset other people.

Cruelty to animals is a major crime, and it’s important that people don’t put up with it. The upsetting video of the cat in the blender shows how important it is to protect animals and hold people responsible for hurting them. The strong reaction to this video shows that cruel acts like these will not be accepted or allowed.


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