Outrage on Twitter has been generated by a horrific video showing a cat being put in a blender with the full footage viral

After watching it, many people voiced their shock and asked others not to share it with anyone else.

Users of TikTok have turned to the app to track down the video’s origin and identify the perpetrator of the horrible deed. They aim to file a police report against them. People’s injuries from the graphic content of the video have prompted officials to look for more evidence to determine where it came from.

As the video spread, it gave rise to memes and posts that expressed regret and outrage at the clip. Some people even turned the video’s creators into memes by ming suggestions for what they would do to them in person. Because of the writing on the blender, some people believe that the film was produced in China.

Cat in a blender full video footage download link goes viral on TikTok, Twitter and Reddit

Twitter users started sharing the video of the cat being killed with a blender on Tuesday. Unknown is the video’s place of origin. However, a lot of people are guessing about who may have performed such a horrifying and horrific deed. The original viral clip won’t be directly published here due to its graphic content. The video contains content that could be traumatic or dangerous to viewers. You do so at your own risk.

The video shows the cat being tortured to death by being put into a blender. The cat is then removed and placed into a microwave. All of this is happening as background laughter can be heard. After the video went viral, people started looking for more information on social media. They me an effort to locate and expose the cat-blending offender so that he might be prosecuted.

Reactions to the upsetting incident on social media

Internet users have responded in a variety of ways to the widely shared video showing a cat being brutally tormented in a blender. Others were frightened by the brutal nature of the clip, while several people expressed sadness.  This act of brutality has sparked contentious internet debates about animal cruelty and the need for tighter legislation to protect animals.

To spread the word about the horrifying incident, several TikTok users have uploaded the video. Some worry that the clip’s prolonged distribution could spur similar behaviour or bring back terrible memories. Internet users continue to call for strict action against animal abuse in spite of these worries.


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