The Netflix show “Wednesday” cast has talked about which ships they like best. In the hit show that started in November 2022, high school student Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) tried to fit in at school while also trying to figure out who was killing people in a nearby town.

Wednesday made an initial connection with Tyler, a Weathervane barista. As she navigated her love life, the teenager became involved in a love triangle with Xavier. Some fans speculated about a potential romance between Wednesday and her roommate, Enid. Ortega revealed that she was not excited about the abundance of romantic plotlines surrounding Wednesday in the first season.

“I made it clear to the writers early on that I didn’t want Wednesday to be involved in a love triangle,” Ortega stated in an interview with ETalk in November 2022. “I’ve always been against this trope. As for the male characters, I went along with it, but I’m going to resist the love triangle concept. I don’t think it fits with Wednesday’s character.”

The Scream star commented that she appreciated scenes showcasing Wednesday’s Nevermore Academy experiences. In an interview with Netflix’s Tudum, she said, “Wednesday can come across as one-dimensional, but there are many possibilities for her character. Exploring her insecurities and teenage struggles makes her more compelling and add depth.”

Ortega added, “It’s especially important for a character like Wednesday who has mostly been a one-liner, a humorous sidekick until now. The chance to delve into her emotional struggles and insecurities was a fascinating opportunity to explore as an actress.”

In the meantime, Doohan delved deeply into understanding the dynamic between Tyler and Wednesday. He remembered analyzing his character’s feelings towards Wednesday before the reveal that – spoilers – Tyler was the murderer.

Doohan shared his insights with Entertainment Weekly in December 2022: “I believe Tyler was always manipulating Wednesday. He may have had some attraction to her, but he wouldn’t admit it. He was filled with anger and hatred towards her, her family, and the entire Nevermore Academy because of what happened to his mother. She was a Hyde and died because Nevermore rejected and neglected the education of those with powers. Tyler’s rage-fueled his killing spree, providing justification for his actions.”

Hunter Doohan’s Insight on Wednesday and Tyler

According to Doohan in an interview with Pop Culturalist in November 2022, “One of the challenges of playing Tyler was how to build a potential love story with Wednesday Addams, who is often perceived as emotionless. However, Jenna and Tim Burton did a fantastic job revealing her emotions through subtle gestures. I learned a lot from them.”

Doohan stated that Wednesday and Tyler’s relationship was not as simple as it seemed. “Wednesday’s trust in Tyler grows gradually, while Tyler is sometimes fascinated by her enigmatic personality, unlike others who are repelled by it,” he added. “However, there are also instances when Tyler thinks she’s playing with him, leading him to playfully retort. Their interactions turn into more of a playful banter, rather than her always belittling him. It’s a complex dynamic.”

Jenna Ortega Addresses Wednesday and Tyler’s Connection

In November 2022, Ortega spoke about portraying Wednesday’s interactions with Tyler. She told Complex, “Playing Wednesday with Tyler was an enjoyable challenge for me. As she navigated the monster scenario, I think her relationship with Tyler was just a playful distraction. I don’t think she took it too seriously, which is why being vulnerable with someone you’re getting to know on a deeper level makes it more interesting.”

Jenna Ortega on Wednesday and Xavier’s Future

In an interview with MTV News, Ortega hinted at Wednesday’s romantic prospects in a possible second season. She stated, “With Tyler out of the picture, I think Wednesday will take a break from dating. I see a possibility for a strong platonic bond to form between her and Xavier. I think it’s important to show genuine, non-romantic relationships between men and women, like a sibling-like bond. That would be lovely to see.”

Jenna Ortega Weighs In on Wednesday and Enid’s Potential

In an interview with Pride, the X star expressed support for a potential relationship between Wednesday and Enid, saying “In a perfect world, they would be together.” Ortega also added humor to the topic in November 2022, suggesting to TV Guide that Enid might have been behind the stalker messages received by Wednesday, saying “Maybe Enid is in love with her.”

Emma Myers Discusses Wednesday and Enid’s Bond

In November 2022, Myers told HollywoodLife that Enid and Wednesday help each other grow. Enid teaches Wednesday to show emotions while still strong, and Wednesday teaches Enid to embrace herself. Myers added that they bring out the best in each other and that it’s great they became roommates.

Emma Myers on Wednesday’s Love Life

In an interview with Variety in January 2023, she said, “As far as Wednesday’s love life goes, I think she needs to be single for at least a second season. She just made a big mess with her men, so she needs to stop for a while. If I had been through that, I wouldn’t want to date anyone either.”

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