Carrie & Aidan: A Love Story Revisited in 'And Just Like That'

Wrong Timing for the Right Couple? Carrie Bradshaw and Aidan Shaw’s relationship didn’t end happily ever after in Sex and the City, but it looks like their story is getting a second chance. Fans were first introduced to Aidan, played by John Corbett, in season 3 as he started dating Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) following her breakup with Mr. Big (Chris Noth). However, their relationship took a turn when Carrie cheated on Aidan with her ex.

Although they tried to make it work again six months later, their past problems prevented them from having a happy ending. After a short appearance in the second Sex and the City movie, John Corbett hinted that Aidan’s story would continue in the revival series And Just Like That.

In an interview with Page Six in April 2021, Corbett said he would participate in the show and might appear in several episodes. He added that he likes all the people involved in the project and that they have been very kind to him.

Viewers were surprised when John Corbett didn’t return in the first season. Showrunner Michael Patrick King said there were no plans to include Aidan. King told Deadline in February 2022 that the focus was on Carrie’s journey and that they never mentioned Aidan’s return. He said they always strive for realism and focus on the characters’ experiences.

King added that this season was a lot for Carrie, and they wanted to get her through it and into a better place and that the idea of Aidan’s return was a big storyline imagined by fans but not intended by the show’s creators.

Fans of Sex and the City were disappointed when John Corbett, who played Aidan Shaw, didn’t return in season one. The absence of the fan-favorite character caught many by surprise. However, showrunner Michael Patrick King cleared the air by confirming no plans to incorporate Aidan in the initial episodes.

King explained the focus of the show during the first season was on Carrie Bradshaw’s journey, played by Sarah Jessica Parker. He emphasized the show’s commitment to realism and portrayed the characters’ experiences in a believable way. This season was challenging for Carrie, and the show aimed to bring her character to a better place emotionally.

It’s worth noting that the idea of Aidan’s return was a big storyline imagined by fans, but the show’s creators never intended it. While some viewers may have been disappointed by the lack of Aidan in the first season, the show still managed to captivate audiences with its compelling storyline and characters.

The 1st Try

Aidan has been devoted and patient with Carrie. When he catches her cheating on him, Aidan is hurt, but he eventually forgives her and tries to make things work between them.

But their love story ends when Aidan realizes that he can no longer compete with Big for Carrie’s heart and decides to end their relationship. Though it was a painful goodbye, Aidan remains a beloved character in the show and an important part of Carrie’s journey.

Carrie’s Cheating Scandal

After breaking up with Carrie, Aidan goes on to have a family and become successful in his furniture business. However, he still feels for Carrie and tries to win her back in later seasons. Despite her love for Aidan, Carrie eventually reconciles with Big, and the two marry. Although Aidan and Carrie’s relationship ultimately didn’t work out, it remains one of the show’s most memorable storylines.

Crossing Paths

Aidan is now engaged to be married and has started a family, while Steve has also settled down in a new relationship. Despite the hurt they may have felt in the past, both Carrie and Miranda move forward and continue to navigate the ups and downs of life in New York City.

Getting Back Together

However, their engagement is short-lived as Carrie realizes she’s not ready for marriage and ends things with Aidan again. Despite the ups and downs, Aidan and Carrie remain friends and continue to support each other throughout the series.

Parting Ways Again

After a tumultuous relationship with Aidan, Carrie realizes that their love isn’t meant to be. Although the two characters will always hold a special place in fans’ hearts, they must part ways.

A Brief Reunion

Carrie realizes that Aidan is happy with his new life and decides to move on. The former lovers part ways on good terms, each appreciating the other’s strengths and weaknesses.

An Unlikely Connection

Despite the reunion, Aidan ultimately remains committed to his family and marriage. Carrie also realizes that she loves Big, and they resolve their differences, solidifying their relationship. In the end, the two ex-lovers part on good terms, happy to have reconnected but happy with their current lives.

A Triumphant Return

However, showrunner Michael Patrick King kept quiet about their return and didn’t give any hints about the storyline involving Carrie and Aidan. The excitement for the show’s second season grew as fans eagerly awaited the return of the fan-favorite couple.

‘And Just Like That’ Kiss

Although their romantic journey had its ups and downs, Carrie and Aidan’s relationship remained strong throughout the years. They both matured and grew as individuals, allowing them to reflect on their time together with fond memories. Fans of Sex and the City will be thrilled to see what’s in store for Aidan and Carrie in the highly-anticipated sequel series And Just Like That.

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