Can Yaman disappear from social networks? The Turkish actor deletes his Instagram and Twitter account

Everything Can Yaman does has an impact. Every move the Turkish actor makes becomes news. He premiered the Italian series Viola come il mare recently, which has broken audience records but has not convinced critics.

Now, he is filming the Turkish series for Disney+ The Turk. His professional life has been a great success. But it is striking that Yaman’s social networks have been eliminated.

Yesterday all the alarms went off. The fan clubs of the well-known actor published worried about the deletion of his Instagram account. Something similar happened with his Twitter user.

But why have the accounts been deleted? The fans are clear: the problem of Instagram and Twitter will soon be solved.

Yet, many media think that there are other reasons. And it is not the first time the Turkish actor’s Instagram account has disappeared.

The last time was shortly after breaking off his relationship with Diletta Leotta, whom he was about to marry. After a few days from the networks, the interpreter wasn’t having a good time.


The reason that takes more strength is that Can Yaman has tired of the ‘haters.’ The main reason is the recent criticism of the Italian series he stars in and the barrage of messages on his social networks.

A few days ago, the description of his bio said:

“Haters welcome too, insult without fear” and accompanied the message with a crown and a sanctimonious emoji.

Another reason may be that he wants to focus on filming The Turk. So, he prefers to be away from the networks and the negative comments they generate against him.

Also, the last post of the Turkish actor was that he was sick even though he was in Budapest filming. Will your illness also have anything to do with it?

The reason that is least convincing, but never known, is that Can Yaman’s accounts have been hacked.

At the moment, neither the Turkish actor nor his entourage has spoken of deleting his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

So we will have to wait and see what the reason is why Can Yaman has disappeared from social networks.

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