The Bucci Overtime Challenge is perhaps one of the most exciting and most trending online sports contests on Twitter, find out more about the trending challenge explained in detail, when it started, rules, winning odds, prizes

Once a hockey game in the NHL goes into overtime, Twitter lights up like fireworks in the sky with the ‘#BucciOvertimeChallenge’ hashtag.

Bucci Overtime Challenge meaning explained, rules, winning odds, winner prizes and history

Countless of fans join in to tweet their predictions with the hashtag and te part in the Bucci Overtime Challenge whenever a game goes into overtime.

Bucci Overtime Challenge explained

ESPN commentator John Buccigross is the man behind the Bucci Overtime Challenge. The challenge gives hockey fans a chance to talk about the game in one place, i.e. Twitter. The contest becomes the one of the top Twitter trends whenever it is set into play after a game reaches the overtime.

The Bucci Overtime Challenge begins once the final buzzer sounds and the broadcast heads to commercial. Buccigross will then tweet from his account declaring the competition is live and fans dig in. Fans play the game by simply picking a player from each team that will score the winning goal.

When did it start?

The Bucci Overtime Challenge goes way back to 2011 when it first started on Twitter. It has since developed become a large contests with millions of hockey fans joining the rally. It has become a sort of brand for Buccigross and serves as a charity, which aims to benefit people involved in the sport.

Buccigross has shared in multiple interviews how he came up with the idea behind the contest from a game he used to play with Ray Ferraro and Barry Melrose on the old ESPN hockey-themed show titled, “NHL 2night.”

Bucci Overtime Challenge rules

The Bucci Overtime Challenge has some quite straightforward rules. When two teams are tied after 60 minutes in the NHL, they will head into overtime. As soon as that happens, Buccigross will tweet to declare that the contest is open.

Players will then get to pick two players, one from each team, and then use the hashtag “#bucciovertimechallenge.” Once this is done, you are now ready to enjoy in on the extra action. Buccigross will then randomly select some winners from fans who made the correct prediction and send a prize their way.

Bucci Overtime Challenge winnings odds

Keeping aside injuries or ejections, there are 18 players on each team – 12 forwards and 6 defensemen. This means that fans have 36 options to pick from. While choosing the goalies is certainly not one of the best, it is still an option.

Generally speing, each skater that a fan chooses has a 2.8 percent chance of scoring the game-winning goal. This value may vary however, with some players having slightly better odds of scoring when considering their ice time, goal-scoring ability and other factors. Whatever the case is, the odds are certainly not in the favor of fans.

Bucci Overtime Challenge winner prizes

Much to the delight of fans who te part in the challenge, Buccigross randomly selects fans from among the people with correct predictions and sends them some #BucciOvertimeChallenge branded merchandise.

Interested fans can also purchase these merchandises on Buccigross’ website, The profits from these purchases are then donated to charity.


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