The official release time and date for BTS The Planet from Bastions OST have been revealed

Exciting news for BTS fans: we now know when their new single will be released. Following the announcement of many pop-up space of BTS locations, we now have this data.

Since they are each working on their own projects at the moment, this is the first song in which they have all collaborated. So far, we’ve heard music from Jungkook, Augst D, J-Hope, Jin, and Jimin.

BTS The Planet new song in Bastions OST release date and time

A preview of the song was posted a few weeks ago, and the response from fans has been very positive. They debated it in the comments section almost immediately.

“I didn’t think we’d see an OT7 single until 2025, so I wasn’t holding my breath. And it’s happening now, out of the blue? I can hardly contain my joy. BTS is like the Joy of my life.” Someone else chimed in, ‘I can’t express my feeling how happy I am to see them perform together once again.”

Release Date for The Planet

On May 12 at 1 PM KST, the original soundtrack to Planet from Bastions will be made available. The protagonists of the film are fresh faces in the hero world who must overcome many obstacles in order to me a name for themselves. The movie comes out on May 14; the music is released earlier.

Their Military life

Currently, both Jin and J-Hope are serving in the armed forces. Who will sign up after this person is a mystery. Nonetheless, it has been confirmed that they will all be returning in 2025 once their obligations have been fulfilled.

Jin, a member of the group, will reportedly begin preparations after his solo release dates at the end of October have been completed. The next step is for him to enlist in the Korean military per the government’s rules. The other members of the gang want to fulfill their military obligations according to their respective schedules. Following BTS’ service pledge in 2025, the corporation and the band members plan to get back together.


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