Bruce Wills And Demi Moore's Divorce History & Their Kids

Bruce Willis is a superstar in Hollywood who is famous for his roles in both action movies and comedies.

Willis has been in the news for his personal life about his marriage to actress Demi Moore and their three children though he was also always in the news for his successful career. Bruce and Demi’s friendship has been the hot news a lot of times in the past few years.

But these two have always maintained their friendship even after being in the news.

In 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic was going on, the couple decided to stay in quarantine together. This made the news. They lived together for a few months with their kids in their home in Idaho and even posted photos of themselves on social networks.

It seems that their children are happy with them. Yes, though they have faced lots of ups and down in their relationship, they never failed to be a good parent to their children. They have stayed together whenever it is needed and spent quality time with their kids.

Bruce And Moore’s Kids

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore have two daughters named Rumer Scout and Tallulah.

With this, people were encouraged by the way they worked together to raise their three daughters. They were able to settle their divorce without lawyers which clearly shows how mature and respectful they are of each other.

Bruce and Demi were known as a “power couple” and had a beautiful family in Hollywood sometimes they were seen out in public together, and their family was often photographed by the media.

They have brought up their kids in a very normal and simple way though they were always in the media. It seems they love to enjoy their family time together.

Why Did They Take The Decision To Divorce?

Demi and Willis met on the opening night of the movie “Stakeout” in 1987. After meeting with each other they started dating, and in 1987, they got married.

After 11 years of marriage, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore announced their separation in 1998.

The couple said that they were breaking up because they couldn’t work out their differences. Their divorce was finalized in 2000, and it was said to have been a friendly separation.

Bruce and Demi got divorced, but they stayed friends and continued to raise their three daughters together. They even took trips and went to events together as a family.

Many people liked how friendly the couple was with each other, and they were often appreciated for how mature and responsible they were as co-parents.

Over the years, people were curious about why Bruce and Demi broke up. Some people thought it was because of cheating, while others thought it was because they grew apart. But neither Willis nor Moore has ever talked about the details of their separation in public.

Settlement Of Their Divorce

The divorce settlement between Bruce Willis and Demi Moore was said to be one of the largest in Hollywood history. Reports say that the couple did not have a written agreement, which means that their resources had to be divided up.

As part of their settlement, Bruce and Demi agreed to share legal custody of their three daughters. They also decided to divide their resources, which included a $13 million mansion in Beverly Hills, an Idaho ski chalet worth $6 million, and a Hailey, Idaho vacation home worth $2.8 million.

However, there were a lot of assets, the divorce settlement was said to be friendly, and the couple could come to an agreement without lawyers.

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