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Brittany Renner, the social media celebrity has never hesitated to expose her love life in public. We all know that Renner is one of the most famous American Fitness models who has just about 4.8 million followers on Instagram, Brittany uses this account to give updates about her relationships along with pictures of herself and her only son.

Stay with us to find out more about whom Renner dated over the years, who the father of her child is, along with whether the celebrity is currently dating or single and ready to mingle once again.

Before reading further on let’s take a glance at the long list of names that are linked with Brittany Renner’s dating history.

NameYears Together
Casey Therriault2009-2013
Colin Kaepernick2013-2014
Trey Songz2014
Chris Brown2015
Ben Simmons2016
Caesar Chukwuma2017
Lil Uzi Vert2017
Jamal Murray2018
James Harden2018
P.J Washington2019-2021
Kevin Gates2022

1. Casey Therriault

Former German New Yorker Lion’s then Rookie Casey began his 5-year relationship with Renner back in 2009, he even helped her to increase her followers on social media. The couple was going pretty strong just until Renner started to shine on Instagram in 2013 when she gradually began to lose interest in her boyfriend. Naturally, this caused a strain in the relationship resulting in the duo going their separate ways.

After the breakup, Renner commented on her relationship with Therriault in 2014 saying, “You find almost like your partner is competing with you for attention, and they start to seek attention from their page because they are trying to keep up with you. I just felt like we started to lose focus on each other and our relationship became more about the business. It just fell apart.”

Well, this was the longest relationship recorded in Brittany Renner’s dating history till now, not to mention that the social media star seemed like she felt relieved rather than shattered after calling it quits with Casey.

2. Colin Kaepernick

According to some sources, Renner left her previous boyfriend Casey only to be with NFL baller Colin Kaepernick. Whereas other reports claimed that Colin was her rebound guy after Casey mistreated her.

Renner first met Colin when he was staying with white CICI and her family. But the relationship did not go smoothly as Kaepernick laid down a condition stating that Brittany would have to pay for the flights when visiting him. He convinced her that this was a test to get to know her intentions and personality, and also said that if the model was in the relationship for real then she would save up for flights to visit him.

Everything was going smoothly until Renner was about to catch her flight home and she asked Colin about their next meeting, to which he replied that, ‘What I want to do and  what I am going to do are two different things. That’s all I’m going to say.’ Upon hearing this Renner decided that the relationship is not worth any effort, and decided to end it.

3. Trey Songz

Rumors have it that Renner and Songz had a short intimate relationship in 2014 which did not last long. When Trey was asked about the rumors in various interviews he did not deny nor admit anything. But people were sure there was something between the two especially when Brittany tweeted on her Twitter account that she had a crush on the American singer.

4. Chris Brown

Details of Brittany Renner’s dating history may leave you confused as many of the relationships have not been clarified as to whether they were rumors or something serious.

In the case of Chris Brown, around 2015 several rumors were being spread regarding him and Brittany Renner being involved with each other intimately. The rumors didn’t last long and the two showed no evidence of being together. Hence we don’t know for sure whether anything happened between them.

5. Ben Simmons

Seems like Brittany Renner is very much into basketball players as once again she was involved with another player named Ben Simmons in 2016. It was a rather short fling with many regrets, as she thought men dated her for her physical appearance rather than seeing her as a real person.

6. Caesar Chukwuma

Even after all her regrets our Instagram model did not stop hunting for Mr. Perfect. Yes, in 2017 Caesar Chukwuma the founder of CHR Law group was seen spending a lot of time with Renner which made the duo come into the limelight for a short while.

Sadly the fling was over within a few weeks leaving Brittany single once again.

7. Lil Uzi Vert

Finally a relationship that Renner admitted to being involved in, saying that she dated Uzi  the rapper in 2017. But yet again, this relationship didn’t last long as Renner caught Uzi being unfaithful to her a number of times.

In an interview Brittany came clean with her feelings about the rapper stating  that she still has feelings for him but it’s not love, it never was. She mentioned that Uzi is a fun-loving guy who anyone would love.

8. Jamal Murray

Canadian basketball star Jamal Murray from Denver Nuggets has also been linked with Brittany Renner’s dating history as they were together for a short while in 2018. Although the duo was hardly seen together, Jamal’s comments on Brittany’s Instagram posts tell us that they were both into each other.

9. Drake

According to rumors Renner had a short encounter with Drake in 2018, where the duo were seen uploading pictures sitting closely together on Instagram. Later, after the breakup Brittany talked about the relationship and said that Drake had a very different mindset from her when it came to intimacy.

10. James Harden

Brittany Renner decided to go for another NBA player named James Harden. Apparently, the two were spotted together during a few weekends before they broke up within 3 months. This relationship was clearly not a rumor as Brittany later on admitted that she regretted dating Harden.

11. P.J Washington

At last, Brittany thought she found Mr. Perfect in 2019 when she met Washington the Charlotte Hornets star. Although Washington was six years younger than Brittany, the two started dating in 2020 and tied the knot somewhere along the line.

In May 2021 Renner and Washington welcomed their baby boy but things started to deteriorate between the two which led to Brittany filing for a divorce in June 2021, just two weeks after giving birth. Many believe that Brittany wanted a divorce in order to receive child support from Washington which led to the rumor that she receives $200,000 per month in child support.

In order to put an end to the matter, the Instagram model gave interviews where she discussed her relationship  with Washington and also clarified the child support issue. Brittany Renner said that it was a bad idea to get into the relationship in the first place as she was 6 years older than Washington, the model also mentioned  that she receives only $2500 per month for child support.


12. Kevin Gates

After the end of her marriage, Brittany started dating the rapper  Kevin Gates in 2022 who was involved in an open marriage. Apparently these two hit it off real quick as both had almost matching personalities and wanted the same things in life.

But as we know the Instagram celebrity has the toughest luck when it comes to men and became single once again, adding Kevin Gates to the list of Brittany Renner’s dating history.

13. YG

Seems like Renner is not willing to stay single even for a few days, obviously she always needs a man by her side.

This time she was seen with rapper YG in Los Angeles where they went for ice cream together. According to reports Renner and YG were sitting arm in arm and enjoying each other’s company, while the rapper could not take his eyes off Brittany and kept staring at her.

To add fuel to the fire YG has released his latest album where the cover of the album shows Renner with a baby bump. This has left followers both shocked and confused as to whether the Instagram personality is expecting again.

Final Word

Admit it or not Brittany Renner’s dating history is quite difficult to keep up with. The Instagram celebrity has dated a lot of men and has also been associated with rumors a number of times. Although Renner did not manage to find her knight in shining armor till now, she did give birth to a beautiful baby boy.

It’s a fact that Brittany regrets having been with so many men and has stated that she is looking for something serious rather than a short affair.

To find out more about Brittany Renner’s relationships you can always read her book named, ‘Judge the Cover’ which describes her encounters with seven of the men she had dated amongst the others.

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