Bog Snorkelling History, Rules, Facts, How To Play

A group of drinkers of Walles was just having fun in the bog on the weekend, and from that Bog Snorkelling was born and become one of the world’s most popular sports. The game contains some strange rules, which none other snorkelling sports follow. Cause of these rules Bog Snorkelling has earned quite fame in the obscure sports platform. All these uncommon peculiar rules and regulations and facts attract players the most.

If you are a snorkelling sports fan and want to learn about bog snorkelling’s rich history, rules and facts then you have landed in the right place. We have covered everything, from A to Z, of bog snorkelling’s history, rules, facts, world cups, and a few other things.

So, let’s start.

What Exactly is Bog Snorkelling

You picture a man standing in the bog wearing a snorkel after hearing the name Bog Snorkelling, right? Now, add a few others in your imagination dressed in a swim or wet suits, and don’t forget to put flippers on their feet.

Well, this is basically what Bog Snorkel is- people racing in a water-filled muddy trench cut, wearing masks, flippers, and traditional snorkel. The trench is cut into a huge pit field. It’s cold, dirty, uninviting, and smelly.

The whole concept of the game was invented just to have fun.

Rules of Bog Snorkelling

If you are planning to take part in Bog Snorkelling, then your first duty is to learn about the rules of Bog Snorkelling.

Here are the rules of Bog Snorkelling:

  • Organiser had to cut a water-filled muddy trench in a peat bog which will be 55m in length. Participants will have to run through the trench twice; they will traverse a total of 110m.
  • Participants must wear snorkels, masks, and flippers for the competition. 
  • There is no rule on wearing wetsuits; however, most of the contestants wear swimsuits for the day.
  • Participants will be disqualified if they disobey any rules. 
  • Participants are not allowed to swim; they will have to reach the destination by using the flipper’s power only.

History of Bog Snorkelling

Like the invention of every other sport and event, there is also a story behind the journey of Bog Snorkelling.

Let’s explore the history and story of the Bog Snorkelling.

History and story of the invention of Bog Snorkelling

The story of bog snorkelling began to run from a small village of Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales with a guy named Gordon Green(he is our main protagonist here). One day a realization crossed Green’s mind that, the world has almost zero attention towards their small town, and only a very insignificant amount of Brits have heard the name.

He talked it through with some of his friends and regulars from his favourite pub. They agreed with Green’s thoughts and over a few pints of beer from a local pub of Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales, some Wales men came up with a new sport idea of running through the muddy trench.

And the idea of racing in the pit bog field trench is now what we know as Bog Snorkelling. Thanks to Green, for his initiative now millions and millions of people from the USA, UK, Russia, Canada, Australia, and different parts of the world know the name of his village.

World Cup History

10 years later of starting their journey, the first Bog Snorkelling World Cup took place in 1985 at the Waen Rhydd peat bog. Since then every year during August Bank Holiday, the bog snorkelling world cup is arranged.

In 2018, Neil Rutter sets a record for finishing the race within just 1 min 18.81 seconds. Paddy Lambe holds the second position by finishing the race within 1.19 minutes in 2016.

Bog Snorkelling Other Events

To make the event more fun and thrilling, Bog Snorkelling added two other competitions to the event. Let’s see.

  • Bog Snorkelling Mountain Bike Race

In mountain bike tournaments, competitors ride a specially designed mountain bike through a 60-meter length of trench twice. The frame of the bike has been filled with lead shots, they pour water into the tires and attach the lead weights to the frame bag. Participants wear masks, snorkel, and scuba-fins to ride the bike.

  • Triathlon Bog Snorkelling

In that variants, competitors do both tasks- riding bikes and running. First, they have to ride the bike for 12 miles and then need to cover 8 miles running.

Bog Snorkelling Facts

Here are some popular facts about Bog Snorkelling.

• Bryan Evans from Bridgend, holds the most amazing record in Bog Snorkelling history. He finished the two lengths of the 135-foot-long bog within 54.91 seconds in 2019 at the Mountain Biking division.

• In 2012, Bog Snorkelling Championship was included as part of the World Alternative Games event.

The organization usually donated the money obtained from the World Bog Snorkelling competition to local charities.

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