Top 10 Black Baseball Players in the 80s

The 80s is considered the best time of the baseball era. So many great players had their career-best time in the 80s. At that time lots of black baseball players were the star of the league. 

Here is the list of the best black baseball players in the 80s.

1. Ozzie SmithShortstop 
2. Bo JacksonOutfielder, Designated Hitter
3. Ken Griffey Jr.Center fielder
4. Barry BondsLeft Fielder
5. Fred McGriffFirst Baseman
6. Dwight GoodenPitcher
7. Barry LarkinShortstop
8. Gary SheffieldOutfielder, Third Baseman
9. Kirby PuckettCentral Fielder

1. Ozzie Smith

Ozzie Smith

Position: Shortstop


  • San Diego Padres (1978-1981)
  • St. Louis Cardinals (1982-1996)
Full nameOsborne Earl Smith
Date of birthDecember 26, 1954
Birth’s PlaceMobile, Alabama, US
Current ageAge 67
OccupationProfessional baseball Shortstop
Net worthApproximately $16 Million
Weight68 kg
EthnicityAfrican American
Eye colorNot Available

Baseball Stats:

Batting average.262
Home Runs28
Stolen Bases 580

Ozzie Smith developed his skill in baseball when he was just a six-year-old kid. He started playing baseball at school and was good at quick reflexes.

Smith started playing professional-level MLB in 1978 and earned huge fame as a fielder. He was very well known for his backflips.

In 1980, just years after of debut, Smith earned his very first Gold Glove Award, he has a total of 13 of them.

The Padres had an ownership development conflict with Smith, and cause of this, Smith end up in the Cardinals in 1982. He helped the team to win the World Championship Series in 1982. Smith was introduced to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2002.


Ozzie Smith played his semi-professional baseball in Clarinda, Iowa then he was selected by San Diego Padres in the 1997 draft. Smith had a chance to play for the Detroit Tigers in 1996, but they couldn’t come to the same page on salary matters.

Smith finished his first season with a .258 batting average and .970 fielding percentage and came second in the National League Rookie of the Year.

In 1982, Smith was having trouble with Padres as he asked for a contract that was twice his salary. Later he was traded to St. Louis Cardinals where he brought the world series championship trophy for the team.

Smith got Silver Slugger Award at shortstop for a 303 batting average, 43 stolen bases, 75 RBIs, 104 runs scored, and 40 doubles in the 1987 season. He led the team to the runners-up of the 1987 world series championship became the second most valuable player, and got the largest contract in the national league of 2.34 million dollars.


  • Earn Gold Glove Awards for most assists in 1980 and never miss that award for the next 12 seasons.
  • All-Star for 15 times.
  • Silver Slugger Award earned in 1987.
  • Became NLCS MVP in 1985.
  • Receive Roberto Clemente Award in 1995.

Fun Fact and Controversy:

Ozzie Smith is often called the “Wizard”. But do you know, he actually played the Wizard of Oz character in the Muny!

As a kid, Smith used to practice fielding with paper and a tennis ball, and he learned quick reflexes from there.

Smith’s getting selected for the Hall of Fame created controversy back then. Some experts claimed that other than defense and speed, Smith was a below-average player.

2. Bo Jackson

Bo Jackson

Position: Outfielder, Designated Hitter


  • Kansas City Royals (1986-1990)
  • Chicago White Sox (1991-1993)
  • California Angels (1994)
Full NameVincent Edward Jackson
Date of BirthNovember 30, 1962
Birth’s PlaceBirmingham, AL
Current AgeAge 60
OccupationDesignated Hitter/ Outfielder
Net WorthApproximately $25 Million
Weight104 kg
EthnicityAfrican American
Eye ColorNot Available

Baseball Stats:

Batting Average.250
Home Runs141

Bo Jackson is one of the most familiar and popular sports figures in America. He has dominated both the National Football League and also Major League Baseball. In college football, Jackson played running back. He was the most important player for Auburn Tigers and won the Heisman Trophy in 1985.

Jackson became hugely popular beyond the sports area In 1989 and 1990 when he started advertising with musician Bo Diddley.

Jackson dislocated his left in 1991. That injury took away his football career. He did play in MLB for three more years and finally retired from sports in 1994.

Later giving up sports, Jackson completed his Bachelor of Science degree and now runs several successful business organizations.


• Bo Jackson was first selected by Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 1986 NFL Draft. But he didn’t join the team as the condition wasn’t allowing Jackson to finish the remaining college baseball final season.

So, Jackson continued his journey with Kansas City Royals to defend their Word Series Championship. He made a contract with Kansas for three years worth 1 million dollars.

• Jackson’s career-best time was in 1989. At that time, he was selected for the American League All-Star award. He was also named the Most Valuable Player of the year in both defense and offense.

• Jackson was taken by the Chicago White Sox in 1991 after the Royals were unwilling to pay him a $2.375 million salary for a football injury and set him free. Jackson made a three years contract with Chicago worth nearly 8.15 million dollars. He appeared in two seasons for White Sox, playing 23 games in 1991 and 85 games in 1993.

• Jackson had to quit football for an injury that took place in 1991. He promised his mother then that he would leave behind his athletic career. Jackson retired in 1994, by the time his mother was already dead. He cited before leaving, “I gotta know my family, and it’s more important than any 10 million worth contract.”


  • Earned All-Star award in 1989
  • Pro Bowl 1990
  • Heisman Trophy 1985
  • Walter Camp Award 1985
  • SEC Player of the Year 1985
  • Sporting News Player of the Year 1985
  • UPI Player of the Year 1985

Fun Fact and Controversy

• Jackson’s biggest controversy was raised after being selected for the Tampa Bay. He flew on a private jet of Buccaneers to meet the team. At that time, Jackson was already signed with a baseball college final. After Bo returned from the trip, his coach told him he was no more eligible to continue his baseball career cause Jackson violated the NCAA rule by visiting Tampa Bay.

It was said that Tampa Bay did that on purpose.

• Do you know Jackson is the only player in history to hold an All-Star award in both MLB and NFL?

3. Ken Griffey Jr.

Ken Griffey Jr

Position: Center Fielder


  • Seattle Mariners (1989-1999)
  • Cincinnati Reds (2000-2008)
  • Seattle Mariners (2009-2010)
Full NameGeorge Kenneth Griffey Jr.
Date of BirthNovember 21, 1969
Birth’s PlaceDonora, Pennsylvania
Current AgeAge 53
OccupationCenter Fielder
Net worthapproximately $90 Million
Weight104 kg
EthnicityAfrican American
Eye ColorDark Brown

Baseball Stats:

Batting average.284
Home Runs630

Ken Griffey Jr was one of the most prominent black baseball players in the 80s. His journey in baseball started at the end of the 80s and he rule the 90s. Griffey has another amazing record. He is among 31 players who appeared in four different calendars decades of MLB.

Griffey was the number one selection of the Seattle Mariners in the 1987 MLB draft. He played his first 11 seasons with the Mariners and achieved 1,752 hits, 398 home runs, 1,152 runs batted in, and 167 stolen bases.

Griffey played MLB for a total of 22 years. He earned the All Stat award 13 times, has 10 Gold Gloves awards, 7 Silver Slugger Award, and others trophies. His 630 home runs score is ranked 7 in the highest home run in the MLB list.


• Griffey was the number one selection of the Seattle Mariners in the 1987 MLB draft. He started his professional career in the same year, played 54 games, and recorded a hit .313 with 14 home runs, 40 runs batted in, and 13 steals.

• In 1993, at the MLB Home Run Derby, Griffey set the warehouse beyond the right-field wall on the fly. He is the only player till now to make such a hit.

• Griffey’s one of most memorable events with the Mariners took place in the 1995 American League Division Series. They were to set to play against New York Yankees. In the first two games, Griffey’s team lost and was just one step behind elimination. However, they changed the whole scenario and won the next two games. In the fifth game, Griffy and his teammate Edgar Martínez hit a double.

• Griffey led the team to the AL West crown in 1997 and won the American League Most Valuable Player Award. He played 157 games in that season, hitting .304 with 56 home runs and 147 runs batted.

• Griffey played 11 seasons with the Mariners and scored 1,752 hits, 398 home runs, 1,152 runs batted in, and 167 stolen bases.

• After Griffey’s neighbor Payne Stewart died in a plane crash, Griffey changed his team and signed a $112.5 million contract with the Cincinnati Reds.


  • Griffey earned 10 straight Golden Gloves awards for center filed defense
  • Became the All-Star player for the 13th time. 11 consecutive years, 1990-2000 and in 2004, 2007
  • AL MVP 1997
  • Earned 7th Silver Slugger Award in 1991, 1993, 1994, 1996–1999
  • NL Comeback Player of the Year 2005

Fun Fact and Controversy

• Griffey became the first player in MLB to play with his dad at the same time and on the same team. They share the filed in 1990 and 1991.

• There has been huge controversy around Griffey’s career that he used to take performance-enhancing drugs.

4. Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds

Position: Left Fielder


• Pittsburgh Pirates (1986-1992)

• San Francisco Giants (1993-2007)

Full NameBarry Lamar Bonds
Date of BirthJuly 24, 1964
Birth’s PlaceRiverside, California
Current AgeAge 58
OccupationLeft fielder
Net WorthApproximately $100 Million
Weight98 kg
EthnicityAfrican American
Eye ColorDark Brown

Baseball Stats:

Batting Average.298
Home Runs762

From our black brother’s community, the biggest MLB star who has ever appeared in the league is most probably Barry Bonds. Bonds played in MLB for 22 years and spent most of his time in Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants.

Bonds’ achievement in MLB is a long list. He is 14 times All-Star player, became the top 7 times NL MVP, has eight Gold Glove Awards, holds 12 Silver Slugger Awards, etc.

Besides having a very glorious career, Bonds has some controversies. In 2007, Bonds was indicted on the charge of perjury and obstruction of justice cause he repeatedly lied to the grand jury during the federal government’s investigation.


Barry Bonds was selected by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 1985 MLB draft and started his major league professional career in 1986.

• Bonds finished his rookie season with 16 home runs, 48 RBI, 36 stolen bases, and 65 walks. He came sixth in the Rookie of the Year voting.

• Before Bonds joined the Pirates, their fan attendance was below 10000 for more than 80 games. In 1988 fan attendance was 54,089; in that season, Bonds scored .283, hitting 24 home.

• Bonds scored great numbers in 1991, hitting 25 homers and driving in 116 runs also earned Gold Glove and Silver Slugger.

• In 1992, Pirates tried to trade Bonds with Atlanta Braves, but they didn’t agree. Bonds end the season hitting .311 with 34 homers and 103 RBIs and won the second MVP award.

• In 1996, while playing for the San Francisco Giants, he became the first National League player and second major league player to hit 40 home runs and steal 40 bases in the same season.


• Won his first Most Valuable Player Award in 1990. Later won the MVP award for the sixth time in 1992, 1993, 2001–2004.

• Became All-Star player 14 times in 1990, 1992–1998, 2000–2004, and 2007.

• 8 time Gold Glove Award winner.

• Won Silver Slugger Awards 12 times in 1994, 1996, 1997, and 2000 – 2004.

• NL Hank Aaron Award in 2001, 2002, and 2004.

• NL RBI leader in 1993.

Fun Fact and Controversy

• Bonds has huge controversy for using anabolic steroids. He was sentenced to serve 30 days of house arrest, two years of probation, and 250 hours of community service. His case was finally over in 2015.

• Even though Bonds won two MVP awards with Pittsburgh, fans and reporters from Pittsburgh don’t like him. A paper gave him an award called Most Despised Pirate.

5. Fred McGriff

Fred McGriff

Position: First Baseman


  • Toronto Blue Jays (1986-1990)
  • San Diego Padres (1991-1993)
  • Atlanta Braves (1993-1997)
  • Tampa Bay Devil Rays (1998-2001)
Full NameFrederick Stanley McGriff
Date of BirthOctober 31, 1963
Birth’s PlaceTampa, Florida
Current AgeAge 59
OccupationFirst Baseman
Net WorthApproximately $30 Million
Weight90 kg
EthnicityAfrican American
Eye ColorNot Available

Baseball Stats:

Batting Average.284
Home Runs493

Fred McGriff’s baseball career follows the late 80s and 90s. He is considered the best MLB player of all time for his power hits. McGriff is a 5-time all-star player. He earned the World Championships Series with the Braves in 1995.

In 1994, McGriff was named the Most Valuable Player. From 1989 to 1994, McGriff always finished among the top 10 in the list of MVPs.

McGriff currently works as the Special Assistant to Baseball Operations of the Braves. His name will be put in the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2023.


• McGriff started his minor league with New York Yankees in 1981. He was traded to Toronto Blue Jays the next year and played armature-level MLB from 1981 to 1985.

• 1989 was the first time people saw the rise of McGriff. He became the top power hitter in the American League, running the league with 36 home runs, leading his team to win the AL East title.

• Blue Jays traded McGriff and Tony Fernández to San Diego Padres for Roberto Alomar and Joe Carter in 1990. In 1991, McGriff hit .278/.396/.474 for Padres.

• After 1995, McGriff became a free agent and signed four years contract worth 20 million dollars with the Braves. The year he entered the World Series Championship and made a career-best scored 107 RBIs and hit .295/.365/.494.


  • 5-time All-Star player in 1992, 1994-1996, and 2000
  • World Series champion in 1995
  • Three-time Silver Slugger Award in 1989, 1992, and 1993
  • 2 time Home run leader(1989, 1992)

6. Dwight Gooden

Dwight Gooden

Position: Pitcher


  • New York Mets (1984-1994)
Full NameDwight Eugene Gooden
Date of BirthNovember 16, 1964
Birth’s PlaceTampa, Florida
Current AgeAge 58
Net WorthApproximately $1 Million
Weight86 kg
EthnicityAfrican American
Eye ColorNot Available

Baseball Stats:

Win-Loss Record194–112
Earned Run Average3.15

Black baseball players in the 80s hold some great names and Dwight Gooden is among them and a controversial one. Gooden started playing professional baseball in 1984 with New York Mets and made himself their valuable pitcher. He has four All-Star Awards and won Cy Young Award in 1985. His early career’s biggest victory is to win the World Series championship with the Mets in 1986.

Gooden’s journey was going well until he got addicted to cocaine and alcohol. It slowly destroyed his skill and he was suspended from the 1995 season for coming positive in a drug test while he was serving a previous suspension. After the end of the suspension, Gooden returned to the game but he was never as good as he was before.


• Dwight Gooden made his MLB debut with New York Mets in 1984 at the age of 19. In that season, he became the youngest player to enter the All-Star game and won 17 games, second highest at 19 old

• Gooden led the rookie league with 276 strikeouts breaking Herb Score’s rookie record of 245. He has strikeouts per 9 innings, with 11.39 breaking Sam Mcdowell’s record of 10.71. Gooden was awarded rookie of the year

• In 1985, Gooden won 24 wins, made 268 strikeouts, and had a 1.53 ERA

• Overall performance of Gooden decreased in 1986, and he set a record of 17-6 in that season

• In December 1986, Gooden was arrested; he tested positive for using cocaine. He spent the next in rehabilitation and returned to the game in 1988, but he was never the same

Gooden went to retirement with a 94–112 record in 2001; more than half of his wins come before the age of 25


  • 4 times All-Star player(1984–1986, 1988)
  • World Series champion two times in 1986 and 2000
  • NL Cy Young Award 1985
  • Triple Crown 1985
  • NL Rookie of the Year 1984
  • Silver Slugger Award 1992
  • MLB wins leader 1985

Fun Fact and Controversy

• Gooden directly start playing major league bypassing the Double-A and Triple-A.

• Gooden had a serious issue with taking drugs; he released an autobiography on that matter name Heat in 1999, where he talks about his struggle against drugs and alcohol.

7. Barry Larkin

Barry Larkin

Position: Shortstop


  • Cincinnati Reds (1986-2004)
Full NameBarry Louis Larkin
Date of BirthApril 28, 1964
Birth’s PlaceCincinnati, Ohio
Current ageAge 58
Net WorthApproximately $50 Million
Weight84 kg
EthnicityAfrican American
Eye ColorNot Available

Baseball Stats:

Batting Average.295
Home Runs198

Behind the success of the Cincinnati Reds, Barry Larkin, the black baseball player in the 80s, has made a huge contribution. With amazing skills and performance Larkin made himself one of the greatest players of all time. He achieved 12 all-star, 3 gold glove awards, 9 Silver Slugger Awards, etc. Larkin has a huge contribution to the team winning the World Series Championship in 1990.

Larkin suffered from a sting injury in 1997. That affected his playing time. He limited his playing time from 1997 to the 2003 season and went retirement a year after that.

Later, Larkin worked in the front office of the Washington Nationals. A few years later, he joined ESPN as a baseball analyst. Larkin was the coach of the 2009 World Baseball Classic for the American team. He served in the same position for Brazil Nation in the same event in 2013.


• In 1988, Larkin finished the league by striking out only 24 times in 588 at-bats. In that season, he won the All-Star player award for the first time.

• In 1992, Larkin signed a new contract with the Reds for $25.6 million, making him the highest-paid shortstop. Unfortunately, he wasn’t selected for the All-Star game but won the Silver Slugger Award.

• Larkin’s career-best time was in 1995. He won the NL MVP for finished sixth in batting (.319) and second in stolen bases (51). He became the second man to win the MVP as a shortstop after Maury Wills in 1962. In that season, he led his team to the National League Central and 1995 National League Championship Series.

•  In 1996, Larkin hit his career-highest record of 33 home runs and stole 36 bases. This made him the first shortstop in Major League history to join the 30–30 club.


  • 12 times All-Star 1988–1991, 1993–1997, 1999, 2000, 2004)
  • World Series Champion in 1990
  • National League Most Valuable Player 1995
  • Three times(1994–1996) Golden Gloves Award winner
  • 9 Silver Slugger Awards (1988–1992, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999)
  • Roberto Clemente Award 1993

Fun Fact and Controversy

• Barry and his brother Stephen Larkin and Boone brothers Bret Boone and Aaron Boone all played together in the same field. It was the first time in MLB history that two sets of siblings all played together.

• Larkin went to the University of Michigan, planning to play football for Bo Schembechler.

8. Gary Sheffield

Position: Outfielder, Third Baseman 


  • Milwaukee Brewers (1988-1991)
  • San Diego Padres (1992-1993)
  • Florida Marlins (1993-1998)
  • Los Angeles Dodgers (1998-2001)
Full NameGary Antonian Sheffield
Date of BirthNovember 18, 1968
Birth’s PlaceTampa, Florida
Current AgeAge 54
OccupationOutfielder/ Third Baseman
Net WorthApproximately $90 Million
Weight86 kg
EthnicityAfrican American
Eye ColorNot Available

Baseball Stats:

Batting Average.292
Home Runs509

Black baseball players in the 80s have so many rising stars. Gary Sheffield started his journey in 1988. Sheffield was the first-round pick of the Brewers in the 1986 armature draft. He was skilled in so many positions, mainly in the right field, but he also played in left field, shortstop, and third base. In 1997, Sheffield led the Marlins to victory door of the World Series Championship 1997.

Sheffield has a record of finishing the season with 100 RBIs for five different teams. Sheffield is considered the best hitter of all time cause of his outstanding speed. Sportswriter Joe Posnanski said about Sheffield, “I can’t imagine there has ever been a scarier hitter to face.” And his first manager Tom Trebelhorn said about Sheffield, “Gary can turn on a 38-caliber bullet.”


• in 1988, Sheffield debuted his major league career with Milwaukee Brewers and ended the season with a .238 batting average and four home runs in 24 games.

• The next season, he faced several injuries and competed with Bill Spiers for the shortstop spot. In 1990, Don Baylor coached Sheffield and helped him finish the season by batting .294, with 10 home runs.

• Brewers traded Sheffield to Padres in 1992. He faced his uncle Dwight Gooden on May 12, 1992. Sheffield finished the season as the National League batting title winner.

• Sheffield stayed with the Padres in the next season before going to Florida Marlins, finishing his time with Padres by hitting 10 home runs and batting .295. 

• On June 24, 1993, Sheffield started his career with the Marlins. He was the first Marlins to hit two home runs in one inning.


  • 9-time All-Star player
  • World Series champion in 1997
  • 5 time Silver Slugger Award
  • NL batting champion in 1992

Fun Fact and Controversy

• In 1986, Sheffield was arrested for violence and battery on a police officer. He was sentenced to two years probation.

• In 1987, while on probation, Sheffield was again arrested for reckless driving, and his probation was increased by 18 months.

• In 2005, Sheffield got into a fight with a fan in the middle of a game against the Red Sox at Fenway Park. Sheffield had to pay a fine for the incident.

• In 2007, Mitchell Report named Sheffield for obtaining and using steroids.

9. Kirby Puckett

Kirby Puckett 

Position: Central Fielder

Team: Minnesota Twins

Full NameKirby Puckett
Date of BirthMarch 14, 1960
Birth’s PlaceChicago, Illinois, US
Died:March 6, 2006
OccupationCenter Fielder
Net WorthApproximately $3 Million
Height5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Eye ColorNot Available 

Baseball Stats:

Batting Average.318
Home Runs207

Kirby Puckett was an American baseball player who played as a central fielder with Minnesota Twins in Major League Baseball. Puckett played baseball in high school, but upon graduation, he got no scholarship. However, later he joined Twins, and that brought him a good reputation. In 1987 and 1991 world series titles, Puckett led the Twins.

In 1982 when Puckett was playing with Elizabethton Twins, he played as a defensive center fielder, and at that time, he had an average of .382 batting in the first season.

An outstanding performance he showed the world during the first world series titles. He has a record of batting 332 with 28 home runs.

In the second world series of Puckett in 1991’s, Puckett again led the Twins team by batting 319.


• Puckett’s MLB career started with Minnesota Twins against California Angels. He finished that season with a hit of .296 and was fourth in the American League singles.

• From 1986, Puckett started to grow just more than a single hitter. He was the All-Star player of the season for finishing with an average of .328, seventh in doubles, sixth in home runs, fourth in extra-base hits, third in slugging percentage, and second in runs scored.

• In 1987, Puckett helped the Twins to reach the postseason and led the team to the victory of World Series Champion.

• In 1989, Puckett won the AL Batting title, scoring .339, and also finished fifth in at-bats, second in doubles, first in hits, and second in singles.


  • 10 times All-Star player(1986-1995)
  • 2 times World Series Champion(1987, 1991)
  • ALCS MVP 1991
  • 6 Gold Glove Award
  • 6 Silver Slugger Award
  • Roberto Clemente Award 1996

Fun Fact and Controversy

• Puckett was accused of fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct and fifth-degree assault in 2002. However, he was found not guilty but all that led him to divorce Tonya Puckett.

10. Tony Gwynn 

Tony Gwynn 

Position: Center Fielder


  • San Diego Padres (1982-2001)
Full NameAnthony Keith Gwynn Sr
Date of BirthMay 9, 1960
Birth’s PlaceLos Angeles, California
DiedJune 16, 2014 (aged 54)
OccupationCenter Fielder
Net WorthApproximately $38.8 Million
Height1.83 m

Baseball Stats:

Batting Average.338
Home Runs135

Anthony Keith Gwynn Sr is one of the most famous American baseball players who has played for the San Diego Padres in Major League Baseball. He got so much reputation for playing in the league for like twenty years. If we focus on the rewards he won throughout his performer life; we will see five Gold Glove Awards, seven silver slugger awards, and so many others. He batted left and threw right. He had proved his skill in the field of baseball in both offense and defense positions.

All his life, he had only played in San Diego Padres, and for the team, we see his presence in two world series. This American baseball player has a record batting average of .338, and according to MLB statistics, his total run batted is 1138.


• Gwynn was playing in Triple-A for the Padres in 1982. His batting was .328 in 93 games, and eventually, with that score, he got promoted to the major league and debuted on July 19, 1982.

• In 1993, while playing winter ball in Puerto Rico, Gwynn injured his wrist and missed the first two months of the season. He had to went through a lot of struggle to come back, and it decreased his performance to .229. However, he finds a solution to his problem and finishes the season with a .309 average.

• In 1984, Gwynn played the full season for the first time. He led the team’s NL West victory. Won the All-Star batting title award for himself for the first time and came third in the MVP list.

• In the 1986 season, Gwynn appeared in 160 games, his career highest. In that season, he scored a hundred runs for the first time, career highs for doubles (33), homers (14), and steals (37).


  • 8 times NL batting champion
  • 15 times All-Star player
  • 5 time Gold Glove Award
  • 7 time Silver Slugger Award
  • Roberto Clemente Award 1999

Fun Facts and Controversy

• Gwynn used to ask his wife to record his playing. And he later watched those videotapes to find the flaw in his game. That’s how Gwynn regained his performance after the injury.

• Gwynn’s career-highest batting mark is .338. No one since the 1930s has even been close to breaking the record.


Black baseball players in the 80s are now the idol of many young rising stars. Their game and performance influence so many people. Check out our other content to learn more about the 80s baseball player.

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