Recently, a new bug was discovered in BGMI, and users and gamers are now having trouble logging in. This problem was recently encountered when BGMI failed to login into Facebook

Since it is a larger problem that needs to be addressed and resolved as soon as possible, it must be a problem for many people if it were a device glitch. This strongly suggests that it is not a device glitch from your end, but it does not necessarily follow that the problem will not be resolved sooner.

What is the cause of the Facebook BGMI FB login issue?

A recent flaw in BGMI that affects Facebook login is experienced by users, and the game’s developer should be given extra credit for this failure or tiny malfunction.

You did hear correctly. You can unwind and te a deep breath because neither you nor your internet are to blame. Now that we are aware that the developer had made some error, we must ask what to do while login using Facebook. If you apply this trick or method for login, the BGMI Facebook login error can be quickly fixed.

BGMI Facebook login problem today and how to fix error

You can attempt to sign in to BGMI normally by utilising the Facebook login option that is present on the game’s home page. If it does, the problem is fixed right away. If not, try logging in using the option to play games or your Twitter account (if you have one).

You still have two possibilities here for the same if it sounds simple to you and you don’t have access to any other solutions or alternatives for logging into the game and there is only one Facebook option open to you.

The only workable solution for every BGMI-related issue until it is officially lifted

So, we’ve finally discovered a fix for this problem, which requires you to remove the previous BGMI app from your phone. Once you have finished, please click the links below to download the BGMI 2.1 APK and OBB files. We will share both APK and OBB file formats with you and explain how to copy and paste them without any problems.

Once you have finished downloading and installing the aforementioned APK. The OBB file must be copied and pasted into the Android>obb>com.pubg.imobile folder.

As mentioned earlier, Android 11 and all subsequent updates prevent direct access to this path. So, as promised, we will also inform you of the solution. Even though you can get this information on a YouTube video for your convenience, we’ll nevertheless explain to you how to copy and paste the BGMI 2.1 OBB into the Android folder.

  • Step 1: To simplify this step, we first need an APK. Get ZArchiver from the Play Store.
  • Step 2: After installation, open it and grant storage permission for it to function. After that, go to Android>OBB, where a permissions request will appear. Just grant the permission, and the “Use this Folder” option will appear. By clicking on that, you may now copy-paste in Zarchiver using this route.
  • Step 3: Visit Open the folder in which the obb file was previously downloaded. Copy it, then paste it in this direction: Android>>obb>>com.pubg.imobile

After that, you had no trouble resolving this difficulty. The game will work like magic if you log in using your Facebook account. Feel free to email us or leave a comment if you continue to run into problems.

Best Techniques for Fixing the BGMI Facebook Login Issue

One, You can try to log into the game using Facebook after utilising any of the VPNs that are readily available online. The second way to fix this is to select the routine repair option from the configuration menu in the top right corner of the login page. After then, a 25–30 MB update begins to download, and then your problem is fixed.

If not, they have said that they have looked into the problem in a note posted on their official website. And they’ve already begun working on it, so either your end of the problem is fixed or a 20 to 30 MB update will be installed very soon.



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