6 Best Websites To Watch Spanish Movies For Free Online with English Subtitles

Now we are all used to watching classic Western genres of films, but they can get formulaic and repetitive after a while. A good way to get rid of that boring feeling is to watch the best Spanish movies.

Whether you like wholesomeness, romance dramas about love, thrill, horror, suspense, or comedy dramas, it is all available in the Spanish film industry. Spanish movies are very unique in their own ways because they are rich in Spanish culture and traditions.

The roles portrayed by the actors and actresses are eccentric in their own essence, providing a detailed and accurate description of the Hispanic population. The movie storylines and plots are also moderated by the Hispanic culture, which makes it enjoyable to watch as we get to experience a new cultural display.

But the question that arises is, where can we watch Spanish movies online for free? We can watch movies, both paid and free, on websites accessible via web browsers. But some of us cannot afford to spend money on a subscription service, so we opt for free services, which are hard to find.

Well, don’t worry; keep on reading to uncover the best websites to watch Spanish movies for free online with English subtitles!

The List of the Best Websites to Watch Spanish Movies for Free Online With English Subtitles

We all want to watch Spanish movies on easy-to-access websites with English subtitles, don’t we? Well, we’ve got you covered with the following free websites accessible via web browsers where you can watch Spanish movies for free online with English subtitles:

1. Sflix


Sflix is a Barcelona-based, free-to-use website that is accessible via web browsers. It is one of the best websites to watch Spanish movies online for free with English subtitles.

It is a website that allows you to binge-watch Spanish movies without any registration or payment required. They have a content library filled with tens of thousands of movies, series, etc.

Their content is conveniently divided into numerous genres and types for easier access and searchability. They provide premium features that are available in other subscription based, i.e, paid websites at the cost of literally nothing!

They provide all the way from 480p to 1080p i.e, HD streaming seamlessly on multiple servers suited to your device. They also provide private source links for streaming with added English subtitles.

Their streaming service includes the ad-free feature at zero expense. Their streaming service is very friendly and targeted towards movie enthusiasts who can’t afford to pay subscription prices, so they provide content without having to pay a dime.

2. Rakuten TV

Rakuten TV 

Rakuten TV is a renowned video demand i.e., VOD streaming service owned by the Japanese company Rakuten. Their streaming service provides a rental service, purchasing service, and a free service as well.

Their content includes entertainment media from studios all around the world, including Warner Bros, Disney, and Sony Pictures. It is also termed as being the smallest and least-known content distribution service among its competitors.

Their streaming service is available in 42 different European countries, including Germany, France, Italy, The UK, and of course, Spain. The only downside is that their Spanish content library of 100+ free-to-watch movies is only available in Spain.

Their streaming service allows a similar experience to Netflix, except for the paid subscription requirement. Their streaming service does not have the ad-free feature, so you’ll have to disable the ad blocker to access the website, alongside having a VPN where you’ll come across a maximum of a 1-minute long ad at the beginning of the video.

Their streaming service provides all the way from 480p to 1080p i.e, HD streaming for free. Their website also includes English subtitles for all the media in their content library.

The only requirement to access their free streaming service is to create a registered account. Upon doing that, you’ll just be told to verify your email, and after that, you will have full access to the content library for streaming.

3. FilmDoo


FilmDoo is a UK-based video-on-demand streaming platform service that is available worldwide. They are available in every language out there.

Their content is mostly independent and world-production movies. They are available for streaming only as a website on web browsers.

Their website is pretty straightforward, with a clean interface. All the films are divided by genres and originators so it’s easier to browse the content library.

They support streaming resolution all the way from 144p to 1080p i.e., HD. All of the content in their streaming library comes with subtitles available in English.

4. Fmovies


The next one on the list of the best websites where you can watch Spanish movies for free online with English subtitles is Fmovies. This is one of the top free websites for streaming movies, TV shows, series, etc. They are available only as a website on web browsers.

They hold entertainment video content of almost every production industry that there is. They have everything starting from Western productions to indie and underrated content for users to stream.

Their website is easy to access, and all you need to do is search for your desired movie which should pop up on the search results. They have different video servers which you can cycle through and choose the best one for your stream.

They also have 480p-1080p to even HD resolution streaming for their interface. They provide subtitles in English and almost every language, which you can choose to enable; otherwise, they are disabled by default.

They also let you download your desired video content easily.  Their interface is very user-friendly and the sheer amount of features they provide at the cost of nothing makes it one of the best websites of all time for watching Spanish movies for free online with English subtitles.

5. Tubi


Next up, let’s have a look at one of the best free streaming platforms to exist, Tubi TV. It is an American content streaming platform owned by Fox Corporation as of late.

It can be accessed on many platforms via the web browser or by downloading the application. It is not available to people worldwide but is only available in the USA, Latin America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

But that can easily be bypassed by a good VPN!

They have an archive of over 40,000 television shows and films from over 250 providers. All of the content available for streaming in their library comes with added subtitles in English and almost every other language for their users alongside their HD streaming resolutions.

Since its recent acquisition with Fox Corporation in 2020, they also provide content from Fox Entertainment, Fox Soul, Fox Weather, local news from Fox-owned stations, and other affiliate programs. They have also started to produce their own content, including television series and films.

 To stream any movie or Spanish movies online for free on Tubi,  all you have to do is go into their application or site and start watching immediately! No registered account or anything is required to access the streaming service.

6. YouTube


YouTube is the most used and renowned American video-sharing and social media platform on the internet. It is regarded as the second most visited website and used app worldwide besides Google Search.

YouTube has a remarkable social impact on past, present, and coming generations. The platform has created multiple popular cultures, influenced big trends, and created numerous celebrities who are now multi-millionaires in the influencer industry.

YouTube has video content like music videos, clips, shorts, short films, feature films, audio, podcasts, movie teasers, trailers, documentaries, reviews, vlogs, etc. These contents are provided by individual creators known as YouTubers, media corporations like Disney, and sponsored collaborations with YouTubers.

It is completely free-to-use service for people worldwide. But they also have a subscription service called YouTube Premium that allows us to stream Ad-free and have access to the original programming, and exclusive content with online and offline playback.

The interface allows users to watch videos with a streaming resolution starting from 480p ranging up to 1080p and 4k i.e, ultra HD streaming. Their streaming content is conveniently available with subtitles in English and every other possible language which you can choose to enable at will.


Although many film tales have spawned from many different cultures, Spanish film tales take the award for being entertaining to the core at every second. They are exciting and influential in the most critically acclaimed ways.

Spain has always been a very dominant character in almost all genres of movies. Their productions are unique because they are based on Spanish i.e., the Hispanic population, culture, and folklore.

So what are you waiting for? Sit down with your blanket, bowl of popcorn, and an open mind to start binging on the best websites to watch Spanish movies for free online with English subtitles.

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