The 10 Best Retired Dart Players

Darts is a game that has a rich background and some of the most remarkable players. Record-breaking records have been broken amazingly, dominance by specific players has been well-reported, and the popularity of the game in the media is growing.

Here’s an overview of the top 10 best-retired dart players. Let’s examine the most skilled dart players along with their achievements and their contributions to the game.

1. Phil Taylor

Net Worth$10 Million
Playing Duration1987 to 2018

4-time BDO Major Champion16-time World Championships Winner (14 PDC, 2 BDO), 6-time PDC Player of the YearInducted into the Hall of Fame in 2011

Phil Taylor is undoubtedly the most powerful name in the realm of darts. The most well-known name is “The Power,” Philip Douglas Taylor is an ex-professional darts player in the United Kingdom.

Phil Taylor, now 60 and a grandpa, is widely acknowledged as having professionalized the darts game. His unique talent gave media attention to what was believed was just a pub game. Phil Taylor is responsible for many players earning millions of dollars and becoming famous. If it weren’t for Phil Taylor, the history of Darts could have likely gone in a different direction.

In awe of the crowd. Phil Taylor holds 16 world championships and more than 80 other awards in his career, which spanned 30 years of incredible achievement.

Phil has enjoyed a remarkable career in the game of darts. In the process, Phil has amassed plenty of wealth and has lived a luxurious lifestyle. Phil is believed to be the most wealthy darts player.

2. Raymond Van Barneveld

Net Worth$6.1 Million
Playing Duration1984-2019 

PDC Grand Slam Winner5-time World Championship Winner (4 BDO, 1 PDC)Twice-winner of the World MastersWon six majors in the PDC

Raymond van Barneveld (Barney) is a professional darts player from the Netherlands. He is well-known for his nickname Barney and is among the darts players with the highest success.

After dominating the BDO circuit, winning four World Championship titles in seven years, Barney crossed the darting line in 2006. He had a spectacular impact, defeating Taylor in a sudden-death World Championship epic on debut and achieving the number-one spot in the world within 18 months.

A five-time champion’s volatile nature can be both awe-inspiring and captivating simultaneously. Yet, despite enduring a challenging time between 2007 and 2012, the champion showed his unwavering quality with his infamous Grand Slam, and Premier League wins, establishing his position as a legend.

3. Gary Anderson

Net Worth$6 million
Playing Duration2010-2021

Former BDO and WDF world number on A two-time PDC World ChampionPDC UK Open WinnerPDC World Matchplay winner

Anderson is among the most modern players in the game and undoubtedly the most renowned Scottish archersmith ever. “The Flying Scotsman’ was consistently advertised as a possible superstar within the BDO but could not cross the finish line. However, Anderson has certainly improved his performance during an impressive PDC career.

After advancing to the finals in 2016 and 2015, Anderson won three consecutive World Championships in 2017. Anderson lost in the final to Michael van Gerwen, despite an average of 104.93.

Gary Anderson has had a remarkable career in the field of darts. The 51-year-old has earned around PS4 millions in winnings during his long and successful career.

4. Michael Van Gerwen

Net Worth$6 million
2014 to 2021

3-time PDC World Championship Winner6-time player of the year. Won 23 major PDC titles5 time PDC World Prix Winner

Michael van Gerwen has long been thought to be a master of darts. In 2006 Van Gerwen became the youngest darts player to be the winner of the Winmau World Masters.

Since then, he’s experienced a meteoric rise in notoriety and accomplished in just a few years the things that most athletes wish to accomplish during their entire careers.

Michael van Gerwen went from the number 38 position in 2012 to the 4th position in the world within just one year. He is currently the number one top darts player on the planet and has won more awards than any other player at the Professional Darts Corporation.

Much more than any other player than anyone else, except Phil “The Power” Taylor, the most dominant player that this sport has ever seen.

Michael has enjoyed a highly famous and successful career in the history of darts. Because of this, his sports career has allowed him to live a lavish life.

5. Adrian Lewis

Net Worth$4.7 million
Playing Duration2006-2014

Two world championships. Won two other PDC majorsThird major PDC title. Hit a 9-dart outer in a World Championship Final

English Professional darts player Adrian Lewis is a two-time PDC darts world champion. He is one of the most impressive darts we have listed on the list of our top darts. He was dubbed “Jackpot” after winning $ 72 playing at the Las Vegas Desert Classic 000.

While he was unable to claim the winnings since he was not the age of minor when he won it, however, in conformity with US gambling laws, he’s eligible to play within the UK.

Lewis and the legendary world Champion Phil Taylor practiced together in their hometown of Stoke-on-Trent from 2007 onwards. The tennis star made his debut on television at 19 during the UK Open in 2004. His PDC World Championship performance included the quarterfinals.

The first time he played was in 2006. Lewis was awarded the title of PS 1 over his 900-year career. He is currently the fourth player on the PSDC’s Order of Merit.

Recognizing the dart player’s earnings, playing skills, and playing sense, he became famous worldwide and was ranked among the most prestigious people.

The dart player has won numerous consecutive world championships and victories on the field.

6. Eric Bristow

Net Worth$2 Million
Playing Duration1980-2000

Five-time World ChampionWon 22 WDF and BDO Major titles. Won 62 individual career titlesFour-time World Cup singles champion

Eric Bristow was an English darts player. He had a record of 10 BDO majors, which included five World Championships. He was the reigning king of darts in 1970 and 1980 and was a popular player with his style of play. If it weren’t because of injuries, Bristow would have enjoyed more of a long and prosperous career.

But, even though his career was being developed, it was his most powerful player in the game. A darts pioneer, Bristow died just a few years ago of an attack of the heart while attending a Premier League Darts event.

7. John Part

Net Worth$5 Million
Playing Duration1987-2017

Three-times World ChampionWon the 1994 BDO World Darts ChampionshipPDC World Championship in 2003 and 2008

Canadian pro darts player John Part was nicknamed Dark Maple and is among the most successful dart players in history. He has also been admitted to our top list of top 10 darts ever. He was the winner of his place in the PDC World Championship twice, in 2003 and 2008, and also became one of the winners at the BDO World Championship in 1994.

He was awarded 2006 the Las Vegas Desert Classic title and became the best darts player statistically to ever be. The darts player was famous throughout North America.

John has been crowned his share of the Canadian National Championships five times and has been an overall winner at the Canadian Open three times so far. He also won his place in the Ireland Open Autumn Classic and Spring Classic in 2002.

In addition to his active sporting profession, he also worked as a BBC commentator for World Matchplay and the BDO World Cup from 1995 until 2007. He has recently begun commentating on Sky Sports during World Matchplay 2013. and was a founding part of Sky Sports’ Sky Sports team.

Recognizing the dart player’s earnings, playing skills, and playing sense, he became famous worldwide and was ranked among the most prestigious people.

The dart player has won numerous consecutive world championships and victories on the field.

8. John Lowe

Net Worth$1 Million
Playing Duration1976-2006 

2-time WDF World Cup WinnerAdded in 2005 to the PDC Hall of Fame3 time WDF Europe Cup Winner

John Lowe became the very first athlete to be the winner of his place in the World Championship in three different years, and it is evidence of his endurance in the highest ranks of his game.

Although not particularly exciting on the Oche, Lowe was consistent and efficient – two essential qualities for success in darts.

And boy, was he very successful. He was one of the more well-known darts players of his time. Lowe won three BDO world championships in 1987, 1979, and 1993, in addition to taking home the World Masters crown twice.

His best-known moment came when he was the first person to complete a nine-dart run on television in the year 1984.

9. Dennis Priestley

Net Worth$6 Million
Playing Duration1989-2015

Won two world championships. Total Recorded Nine Dartersfirst player to take home both the BDO and WDC

Many can claim, “if it weren’t Phil Taylor, I’d have won more, but that could not be more true than about Dennis Priestley. The Yorkshireman was at war against the Power for a long time and was frequently short. But he captured two world championships during his time, beating Taylor during one of the finals but losing to Taylor in four others.

In many ways, he was the closest person to the others because he finished second three times in the World Matchplay and never had a chance to win the Grand Prix title.

Priestley doesn’t have any trophy to prove it, but for a long time, his performance was superior to all other than one person, which shouldn’t influence our opinions of Priestley.

Priestley averaged 101.4 in the final when he fell to Taylor during the 1996 PDC World Championship. It wasn’t until 2007 that no one other than Taylor had a three-figure average in the showpiece game when Raymond van Barneveld managed it.

10. Martin Adams

OriginUnited States
Net Worth$13 Million 
Playing Duration2007-2022

Three-time BDO World ChampionThree-time World Masters champion. Made a record 25 consecutive World Championship

English professional player Martin Adams is a three-time World Masters Championship winner and three-time BDO World Championship title, holder. The record holder for him is the longest-running role as England darts captain from 1994 until 2013.

He is also one of the darts legends on our list of the top 10 players of all time. Adams has been a winner of singles at the WDF World Cup singles twice in his career.

He began his career in pub darts and is currently playing at Rigby’s team in Market Deeping, Lincolnshire, in addition to playing for Cambridgeshire at the county darts championship.

Adams was the winner of his first Dutch Open title for the first time in February of 2010 and beat Scott Waites 3-1. Adams is also the second darts player after Bob Anderson to win three World Masters titles. Adams beat Phil Taylor and won the not-telecast Scania Open in 1999.

Final Thought

These are the best-retired dart players at any time over the next few years.

Darts is not just an informal game. It has become an officially sanctioned sport. This means it has professional tournaments, international leagues, and the best players.

Darters from all over the world have created history with their stunning throws, precision, and elegance. It was difficult to come up with a list because there were numerous names to pick from. But, we discussed the very best of the most popular retired dart players. We hope you like this article.

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