Best NA CSGO Players of All Time
Best NA CSGO Players of All Time

North America is a place well known for its raw talent and outstanding success in CS:GO. After Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses appeared in the game, North America became more popular on CS: GO. Even with their huge player, NA’s future still stays unpredictable in every season. 

In the past 10 years, so many brilliant esports players have come from North America. Here is the list of top NA CS:GO players of all time. 

Let’s see. 

1. Jacob Winneche- Pimp:

Team: Anexis eSports, Western Wolves, Danish National Team, n!faculty, Copenhagen Wolves, Team Dignitas, SK Gaming, Team Liquid

Playing Career: 2012- Present 

Total Earnings from the tournament: $70,239.87

World Rankings: 3346

Jacob Winneche is one of the most famous CS:GO players from North America. He is well known for his highly skilled use of sniper. The man is a beast when he holds the sniper. 

Winnecke playing CS:GO started like every one of us. He first began to play games at the age of 12. He non-stop played the game and became a pro around the year 2015-16. It was the best time in his career. 

While playing with Western Wolves, Winneche had the probably best time. He made the team, the second-best team in the whole world. 

Now, Winneche work as one of the analysts of CSGO and steamer for Team Dignitas. 

2. Eric Hoag- Adren:

Role: Coach 

Team: Team Liquid, iBUYPOWER

Playing Career: 2009- 2021

Total earnings from the tournament: $91,645

World Rankings: 2398

Eric Hoag started his Counter-Strike journey with Source. He made himself one of the most notable players of Team Liquid, iBUYPOWER. Adren was mostly famous for his role as leader of the team. On June 2016, for some internal reason, Adren was evicted from Team Liquid. Later he rejoined the team, and now Liquid played under the observation of Hoag. 

3. Jordan Gilbert- n0thing:

Role: Structural artist / Support 

Team: Evil Geniuses, Complexity Gaming, Cloud9, Old Guys Club, Complexity Gaming. 

Playing Career: 2008- 2019

Total Earnings from the tournament: $274,553(Approx.)

World Rankings: 753

Jordan Gilbert is one of the most notable North American CS:GO players. He is also well known for his appearance on Call of Duty and Battle Field. He dominated CS:GO tournaments from 2014-2017 with Cloud9. 

n0thing is well known as of the nicest and most humble players of CS:GO. He last played for Cloud9 as a rifler/lurker in 2019 then went inactive. 

The North American hero first won his lane tournament just at the age of 10. 

4. Jake Yip- Stewie2k:

Role: Rifler (entry fragger), Game Leader

Team: Evil Geniuses, Cloud9, SK Gaming, MIBR

Playing Career: 2016-22

Total Earnings from the tournament: $3,740.00(Approx.)

World Rankings: 107

Career Award: CS:GO Major champion (Boston 2018), IEM Grand Slam champion (Season 2)

Jake Yip has already earned huge fame as one of the rising stars of North American CSGO played. He developed his gaming skill very quickly.

Stewie2k started gaming in 2014. Just in two years, he was hired by Cloud9. While playing under Cloud9, Stewie2k stayed hidden for a long time as he didn’t show up for tournaments.  

Stewie2k became hugely famous after he won the major CSGO tournament in Boston. 

5. Jason Ruchelski- Jasonr:

Team: OpTic Gaming, compLexity Gaming, Splyce, 3sUP Enterprises

Playing Career: 2015-Present 

Total Earnings from the tournament: $49,937.62(Approx.)

World Rankings: 4532

Jason Ruchelski’s name surely will come on the list of best NA CSGO players of all time. He started gaming with Canada’s team at the beginning stage as he is from Canada. 

Jasonr first came into the international platform with Splyce and got the eyes of everyone. In 2017, Jasonr contained his journey with Optic for the Major of Summer 2017 as the fifth player and became one of the best NA players of all time. 

6. Joshua Nissan- Steel:

Role: Game Leader, Rifler 

Team: 100 Thieves, Chaos Esports Club, Ghost Gaming 

Playing Career: 2009-Present 

Total Earnings from the tournament: $104,301(Approx.)

World Rankings: 1383

Joshua Nissan has huge contribution to building up today’s North American CSGO gaming. He started playing Counter-Strike with Source, at that time, Steel was with Team Dynamic. 

In 2014, while iBUYPOWER was at its highest peak, Nissan was one of its most notable players. Nissan was banned from the game for fixing matches and then he returned and started playing with team Torqued. 

7. Tarik Celik- Tarik:

Role: Rifler (entry fragger) 

Team: Evil Geniuses, NRG Esports, MIBR, Cloud9, OpTic Gaming, Counter Logic Gaming

Playing Career: 2014- 2021 

Total Earnings from the tournament: $792,139.21(Approx.)

World Rankings: 189

Tarik Celik- Tarik is not just a famous player NA, he has a world fame tag with his name. Tarik became famous and got the eyes of every CSGO player when he started streaming. 

Tarik is followed by a huge fan follower for streaming shirtless, eating cereals from one hand, and destroying his enemies from the other. He was one of the most notable players of Counter Logic Gaming and Optic. 

Recently, Tarik joined Cloud9 as their game leader. He won the ELEAGUE Boston Major 2018 which is considered the most important major in CSGO. 

8. Oleksandr Kostyliev- S1mple: 

Role: AWPer

Team: Hellraisers(2014-15), Flipsid3 Tactics(2015), Team Liquid(2016), Natus Vincere(2016- Present)

Playing Career: 2014-Present 

Career Awards: CS:GO Major champion (Stockholm 2021), HLTV Major MVP (Stockholm 2021), IEM Grand Slam champion (Season 3). 

Earnings: 1.7 million dollars

World Ranking: 5th 

S1mple is the wonder child in CSGO. The young rising star shakes the throne of the old legend. Since 2013, Kostyliev is an active player and he has been playing at the tournament level since he was just 15 years old. Besides being the most dangerous player in CSGO, the North American is also known as the finest esports athlete. 

S1mple has a bit of very bad luck at the end game. And finally, he get over this bad luck in 2021 when he lifted the elusive Major trophy with Natus Vincere 2021.

His sheer skills and talent bring him huge famous at an early age. S1mple is just 24 now and he has so many days left with CS:GO.

9. Keith Jordan Markovic- NAF:

Role: Rifler

Team: Optic Gaming, Team Liquid

Playing Career: 2014-Present 

Earnings: $1,125,132

After Tarik and Stewie2K, Keith Jordan Markovic aka NAF is considered the best NA player of all time. Before coming to CSGO, NAF was one of the most notable players of Source. 

In ESEA Invite Season 17 Global Finals, NAF first played his lane tournament. His team finished in the fourth position ahead of Cloud9 and Titan. 

Later NAF played for Optic Gaming, and Team Liquid but didn’t stay with them for long. 

10. Michael Grzesiek- Shroud:

Role: Rifler

Team: Slow Motion, Exertus eSports, Manajuma, compLexity Gaming, Cloud9

Playing Career: 2013-17

Earnings(Approx): $293,375.73

World Rankings: 768

Michael Grzesiek- Shroud is all time best CSGO player of the NA. He used to play for Cloud9 from 2014 to 2017. 

Shroud was well-known for his aggressive gaming. His game sense was amazing and he could read the enemies very well which made Shroud the all-time best. 

Now, Shroud switched his gaming to Valorent. 


How many CSGO players are in NA:

– As of August 2022, there are around 255,000 active players in North America. 

Who is the best CSGO player in North America?

– S1mple is considered the best player in CSGO. Alongside S1mple- Tarik, Stewie2K, and NAF are also great players from North America.


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