The 10 Best MLB Jerseys of All Time

How many different jerseys do you have of your favorite Baseball team? Fans love to collect the jerseys of their favorite teams as they feel part of the team wearing them.

The jersey of a team bears identity, honor, and emotion. In the MLB, fans have witnessed many jerseys over the years; some of the jerseys became iconic, and fans would wear them outside the stadium too.

Often teams wear throwback jerseys, and that is a special moment for fans. It’s a charming moment for them to see modern-day players wearing classic jerseys. It takes the fans back to the good old times.

Every jersey of the favorite team is a favorite for the fans. The beauty of the jerseys does not only lie in the shirt’s design but also depends on the events the jersey has been a part of. Depending on the design, fans’ reaction, and emotion, we have listed below the best MLB jerseys of all time.

Best MLB Jerseys of All Time

New York Yankees1912-Present
San Diego Padres2020-Present
Chicago White Sox2021
Los Angeles Dodgers1945-Present
The Pittsburgh Pirates1977-1984
The Oakland Athletics1972-1983
St. Louis Cardinals1922-Present
Atlanta Braves1972-1975
The Baltimore Orioles1972-1978
The Houston Astros1975-1986

1. New York Yankees (1912-Present)

Uniforms of a franchise evolve with time. Fans over the years have witnessed newer ones and cherish the memory of the past uniforms. However, the New York Yankees have a different history. They have been wearing the uniform for more than a century.

Their home jersey is white with distinctive pinstripes and a navy blue logo on the chest. Their logo is one of the most well-known logos around the world.

The home jersey they are wearing today was first worn in 1905. Since then, the jersey has been a part of the franchise. With this uniform, the Yankees have won twenty-seven World Series titles. There have been slightly changed over the years.

The distinctive pinstripes were first added in 1912. In 1917, the interlocking NY logo vanished. Instead, “New York” was added to the chest. However, in 1936, the logo returned, and fans appreciated it.

The jersey today they are wearing is almost the same as in 1936. The design has become timeless. Over the years, it has become an example of simplicity for designers. A design does not need to be flashy to be timeless.

Legends like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe Dimaggio, Mariano Rivera, and many other best MLB players of all time wore this uniform. The uniform bears the pride of the Yankees, and fans have a deep emotional attachment to the jersey.

2. San Diego Padres (2020-Present)

Padres fans have always adored their very first jersey of 1969, which was a white shirt with the franchise’s name written on the chest in brown and yellow. Their uniforms have been changed several times, but fans always wanted the original ones back.

In 2020, the management finally listened to the fans and returned to the brown-and-yellow scheme. However, the full version of ’69 has not been brought back. Rather, the current uniform is a blending of two of their iconic jerseys.

The mixture of modernity with a touch of nostalgia has made it one of the best MLB jerseys of all time.

3. The Chicago White Sox (2021)

The Chicago White Sox has tried different jerseys over the years. They changed the fonts, the colors, and the designs. But their 2021 City Connect uniform was the best of them all. The black jersey with white pinstripes, along with the gothic font on the chest, became an instant fan favorite.

It is another perfect example of the mixture of modernity with the classic. The pinstripe gave it a classic look, while the gothic font was what today’s young generation likes to use for calligraphy. The designers took a risk while designing, and it certainly paid off.

4. Los Angeles Dodgers (1945-Present)

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been wearing their current home jersey since their Brooklyn days. The word “Dodgers” is scripted across the chest of the white home jersey in royal. The word “Los Angeles” is scripted over the breast in royal on the gray road jersey.

It is another classic jersey, both literally and significantly. The uniform was first introduced in 1945 and has remained the same. Sometimes, a few changes were made, but the overall design was the same. For example, the text on the chest at first was “Brooklyn.”

In 1952, they began to wear red numerals on the front of the jersey and became the first team to wear the number on the jersey in the MLB. In 1958, they became the Los Angeles Dodgers, and so the script on the chest was changed to “Dodgers.”

In 1965, the Dodgers adopted a more straightforward style and did away with the piping on the front and the collar.

Today’s white and royal blue appearance of the players is one of the most dashing looking in the league and better than most of the new designs. Undoubtedly, it stands amongst the best MLB jerseys of all time.

5. The Pittsburgh Pirates (1977-1984 )

The jersey had an elegant look with a flashy yellow color. The black cap with yellow pinstripe and “P” in the middle of two stars made the total uniform more interesting. The black collar had a round white stripe, and so was in the sleeve.

The Pirates wore this jersey from 1976 to 1982. The jersey was beautiful, no doubt. However, it is special to the fans for one more reason. The Pirates wore this jersey in 1979 when they won the 1979 “We Are Family” World Series championships. It reminds the fans of the past glory of the franchise.

Before using this jersey, the Pirates had always used a traditional white and gray uniform with little changes now and then. They returned to the white and gray again in 1985, but the memory of the yellow jersey is still fresh among the fans, and they won’t mind seeing the jersey again sometime soon.

6. The Oakland Athletics (1972-1983)

It was a revolutionary jersey in the MLB. The Major League jerseys had always been in traditional deep colors. But in 1972, the Oakland Athletics wore a yellow jersey, which soon inspired many other countries.

They wore green caps with yellow shirts, white trousers along with pinstripe, and yellow and green boots.

This jersey would have been a great fit for modern-day young fans. They would love to wear the jersey and take pictures for social media. Their jersey was ahead of its time, making it one of the best MLB jerseys of all time.

7. St. Louis Cardinals (1922-Present)

The Cardinals are like the Yankees when it comes to changing their uniform. They have not changed the jersey much since 1922 apart from some minor modifications.

The Cardinals’ front logo goes back to 1922. It is still among the best in all sports and runs through a significant portion of the team’s past. Many legends like Stan Musial and Albert Pujols had this jersey. Fans have become connected with the jersey emotionally.

At first, the cap did not have any symbol on it. In 1944, interlocking T, S, and L were added to the cap in red, while the cap was blue and red.

The two red birds on the chest just above the text “Cardinals” is one of the most known symbols in the MLB. The jersey is a century old and bears many memories, which earn the jersey the position in the best MLB jerseys of all time list.

8. Atlanta Braves (1972-75 )

The white jersey with blue sleeves had an elegant look in a simplistic manner. Though the jersey was in use for only four years, it made a mark among fans for a permanent time.

It is the same jersey that Hank Aron, one of the best MLB hitters of all time, wore while breaking the most home-runs record of Babe Ruth. When today’s players wore this as a throwback, fans loved to see the modern players in one of the iconic jerseys of the franchise.

9. Boston Red Sox (1972-1978)

The Boston Red Sox introduced a new jersey in 1972, which they wore till 1978. It was a quite simple jersey in white color, with the script “Red Sox” on the chest of the jersey. They wore red caps with the letter “B” inscribed on the front.

This jersey was much different than their traditional one, but fans loved the variations. It is one of the most iconic jerseys in the MLB.

10. The Houston Astros (1975-1986)

It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that the Houston Astros’ 1975 jersey was ahead of its time. During that time, wearing such colorful jerseys would be pointless to him.

The jersey was very colorful, with different shades of different colors. Fans showered the jersey with so much appreciation and love. There was a black star on the left side of the jersey. Being one of the pioneers in making colorful jerseys, it is regarded high with the best MLB jerseys of all time.


Jerseys express the identity of the players and fans in which team they are. Fans feel themselves a part of the team wearing their jerseys. Most teams like to bring some changes every now and then. But these jerseys are still remembered by the fans and will be remembered as the best jerseys of all time.

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