The best horror movies we'll see (and have already seen) in 2022

This article is about the best horror movies of 2023 that got seen and will be seen. With an increasing number of genre films released throughout the year, fantasy is one of the great phenomena of the international box office.

In 2021, films such as Halloween Kills, Evil, or the recent winner of the Palme d’Or Titane gave a good example.

Fans of the genre have also enjoyed a new catalog of films in 2023. They spend a lot of time in the movie theater and on their couches.

We collect the best horror movies we will be able to see (or have already seen) during 2023. Films like Scream, Black Phone, or Salem’s Lot will delight fans during the coming months.

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Shortly after immersing himself in the world of the dramatic thriller with Quien a hierro mata, the Valencian director Paco Plaza returns to the genre that has given him so many joys with La Abuela.

With a script by filmmaker Carlos Vermut, the film tells the story of a promising Spanish model who has to abandon her dream in Paris to return to Madrid to take care of her grandmother.

The old lady can no longer fend for herself nor seems to have contact with the outside world. The young woman barely tries to make the last days of the person she loves most in the world easier.

Your problems will come when you realize your family member hides a dark secret. There may be a malevolent plan that you do not know will endanger your life.

The film was one of the great sensations of the past festivals of San Sebastian and Sitges.

The premiere is January 28 in theaters and is now available in the Prime Video catalog. It is one of the best horror movies of 2023.


Scream’s last installment was “Scream 4,” which premiered ten years ago. The series was inspired by the franchise “slasher.” Wes Craven created its returns under the title of the original 1996: Scream.

On this occasion, the director’s Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett (Wedding Night), also known as Radio Silence, are in charge of getting behind the cameras in directing tasks.

It is one of the best horror movies of 2023.

The film takes us back to the town of Woodsboro more than 20 years after the first murders at the hands of ‘Ghostface.’

Performers Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette reprise the roles of Sidney Prescott, Gale Weathers, and Dewey Riley, respectively. They face a new and bloodthirsty masked criminal.

Premiere: January 14 in theaters. Available for rent on Apple TV+


After its passage through the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival, the debut behind the scenes of David Casademunt arrives on the streaming platform Netflix.

In El páramo, a family of three (played by Inma Cuesta, Roberto Álamo, and little Asier Flores), who live in isolation on a remote mountain farm, is harassed by a mysterious force that harasses them. Those are cutting short their quiet life.

Shot in various places in the province of Teruel, the film promises to become one of the national genre sensations of the season.

It is one of the best horror movies of 2023.

Premiere: January 26 on Netflix; already available to your subscribers.


It is one of the best horror movies of 2023. Once abandoned -due to creative differences with Disney- the production of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, director Scott Derrickson returns to the genre that has given him the most joy throughout his career with Black Phone.

In it, we know the story of ‘The Captor’ (played by the fetish actor of Ethan Hawke), a criminal who kidnaps children to lock them up, torture them, and finally murder them.

One bad day, little Finney Shaw crosses his path and ends up locked in a dark room. While his best friend and family search for him incessantly, the little one spends his days in that sinister place where only a black phone is on the wall.

Mysteriously he will begin to receive calls on the device – which also seems disconnected. This seems to be the voices of other children killed by the man.

These conversations will help you try to escape your kidnapper and a more than certain death.

Premiere: June 24 in theaters.


The director Álex de la Iglesia returns to get behind the cameras in a feature film (after the success of the series 30 coins on HBO) with this Venice.

The first installment of a new national horror film label, The Fear Collection, is the first ‘slasher’ made by the Basque filmmaker.

With a cast of familiar faces headed by actresses Ingrid García Jonsson and Silvia Alonso, the film focuses on a group of young Spanish tourists who travel to the Italian city of Venice to spend a few days of culture and debauchery.

But their adventure will become a nightmare when they face a group of masked Venetians who hate tourists. And want to finish them off in the bloodiest and most beastly way possible.

Premiere: April 22 in theaters and now available on Prime Video.


The Spanish film industry has shown that it can venture to produce films that mix horror and comedy and succeed. A good account of this is given by titles such as The Witches of Zugarramurdi or (REC)³ Genesis.

But on this occasion, the director Javier Ruiz Caldera (Superlópez) has gone further. His co-director Alberto de Toro has mixed the zombie genre with the Spanish Civil War.

We are talking about Malnazidos, a film that was the opening film of the Sitges Festival 2020.

It was quite delayed for the Coronavirus pandemic. Still, it will not reach the theaters for a few months.

It tells the story of Jan Lozano (Miki Esparbé), captain of the fifth brigade of the last side, who is imprisoned by the Republican militias.

To escape the death sentence, he must do a suicide mission. But then undead begins to appear, and these enemies must join forces against a greater danger.

It is one of the best horror movies of 2023.

Premiere: March 11 in theaters.


Inspired by the popular novel by Stephen King in 1975 and its television adaptation – Salem’s Lot is the great genre bet by Universal Pictures for the second half of 2023.

With autobiographical touches, the film tells the story of the successful writer Ben Mears. Ben returns to the city that gives the title to the film, where he hopes to write a new novel about the Marsten mansion.

The author is a haunted house that attracts sinister men and has many tragic stories inside (in fact. he saw a ghostly creature inside the house when he was ten years old).

But, she soon discovers that she has just been rented to antique dealers Richard K. Straker and his partner Kurt Barlow who is traveling permanently. Then, he begins to suspect that his new owners are a vampire.

Premiere: September 9, 2023, in theaters.


With the successes of Let Me Out and Us – in addition to the Lovecraft Territory series – the Jordan Peele factory (Monkeypaw Productions) proved to be the new sensation within American fantasy cinema.

Last summer, the company reaped great success among fans of the genre with the new version of Candyman. Director Nia DaCosta directed the film in 2023 spring. The expected Nope would arrive in theaters soon.

Little is known about the plot, which is kept in great secrecy. It will be a horror film with racial subtext, as its director has accustomed us.

Again, Peele returns to Daniel Kaluuya (in a role that was originally for Jesse Plemons), accompanied by Steven Yeun, Keke Palmer, Barbie Ferreira, and Brandon Perea.

It is one of the best horror movies of 2023.

Premiere: August 19, 2023.


After a few years working in television, the director of 30 Days of Darkness returns to horror films with Dark Harvest.

In this adaptation of Norman Partridge’s novel, described as a mixture of Battle Royale and The Long Walk, a group of boys and girls decide to face a supernatural killer who appears every year on Halloween they call October Boy.

Ending this dangerous criminal with a huge knife seems the only hope for young people to escape from a town without hope for the future.

But it is not an easy task since this supernatural creature appears from the cornfields yearly to sow a trail of death and blood.

Besides, this curse hides a dark secret that everyone will know once their dangerous mission begins.

Premiere: September 23 in theaters.


This year came to theaters Halloween Kills, the sequel to Halloween Night. It’s a product that worked as a sequel/reboot of the franchise started by John Carpenter in 1978.

For approximately the same dates in 2023, we will get the closing of this new trilogy devised by screenwriters David Gordon Green and Danny McBride: Halloween Ends.

The film will be the final confrontation between Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and the fearsome killer who has been stalking her for decades: Michael Myers.

The bloodthirsty masked man survives the fire that seems to have sealed his fate with the help of firefighters and leaves a trail of death behind him.

The neighbors of Haddonfield (New Jersey), tired of suffering acts of Myers, go into a rage and dedicate themselves to looking for him in the town to kill him.

The film has become one of the highest-grossing genre titles of the year.

Premiere: October 14 in theaters.


The Sitges Fantastic Film Festival is a good platform for launching many national genre products. That is the case of Visitante. It’s the debut film of the director Alberto Evangelio, which went through the Official Section of the last edition.

In the film, we know the terrifying story of Marga, who decides to spend a few days alone in the house of her family’s village in the middle of a marital crisis. There, an entity tries to communicate with her.

Little by little, she begins to suspect that this presence corresponds to her late sister, who died years ago in strange circumstances.

Premiere: February 11, 2023.

I hope you liked the “Best Miniseries of 2023” article and will enjoy watching them.

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