6 Best Dramas of Lee Jong Suk | You Should Watch Right Now!!

Lee Jong Suk is making headlines after the success of his drama, Big Mouth. And why shouldn’t he?

He is loved by millions of fans all over the world for his raw acting, his choice of good roles, and of course, last but not least, his impeccable looks. Throughout his career, he was graced with the opportunities to be cast as characters that would be accepted warmly by fans.

Now, if you are someone who has no clue about who Lee Jong Suk is or what some of his best dramas are, no need to fret. Here are the 6 Best Dramas of Lee Jong Suk.

1. Pinocchio

Directed By: Jo Soo-won & Shin Seung-woo


Lee Jong-suk, Park Shin-hye, Kim Young-kwang & Lee Yu-bi



Pinocchio is a television series drama that starred Lee Jong-Suk and Park Shin-Hye. The drama aired on SBS World from 12 November 2014 to 15 January 2015.

The drama focuses on the lives of Choi Dal-Po and Choi In-Ha. Choi Dal-Po was adopted by Choi Gong-Pil, as his son, making him the adopted uncle of Choi In-Ha. Choi In-Ha has Pinocchio syndrome, which causes her to hiccup every time she lies.

But there’s more than it seems on the surface. Choi Dal-Po’s real name is Ki Ha-Myung, and his own family was struck by a tragedy. His father passes away, and his family is treated like outcasts due to the false allegations made by the media.

His mother takes her and Ha-Myung’s (Dal-Po) life by jumping off a cliff. Ha-Myung survives and becomes Choi Dal-Po.

The story follows how Choi Dal-Po and Choi In-Ha become honest reporters and bring justice to Dal-Po’s father’s reputation and also uncover a conspiracy in the news industry.

The drama is available on Netflix, YouTube, or for free with ads on MX Player.

2. W

Directed By: Jung Dae-Yoon


Lee Jong-suk & Han Hyo-joo



Fantasy Korean dramas are the best to watch. They are filled with the perfect amount of romance and action. Nothing can beat them.

W is one such drama of Lee Jong-Suk’s that is the perfect balance of fantasy, romance, and action. The drama is about two worlds: one world that is in the webtoon “W” and one world that is real. It aired on MBC from July 20 to September 14, 2016.

Kang Chul is the affluent CEO of JN Global, an e-commerce company, and an Olympic gold medalist in shooting in his youth. He is the main character of the webtoon “W.” His life is shrouded in secrets and mysteries that he hunts incessantly.

Oh, Yeon-Joo is a second-year resident cardiothoracic surgeon at Myung-sei Hospital. Her father is the author of the webtoon “W.”

One day, Yeon-Joo unexpectedly finds herself inside the webtoon in the world of Kang Chul. They both come to realize that Yeon-Joo is the key to all the mysteries in Chul’s life.

Viewers love this drama for the bubbly and charismatic chemistry shared by Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo’s characters. Their good looks and excellent performance made the drama known to international viewers.

The drama can be watched on Netflix and Viu.

One thing is for sure, you will be hooked to the screen once you start watching this drama. Simply unsubscribe from all the drama of your life and start watching W.


3. While You Were Sleeping

Directed By: Oh Choong-Hwan


Lee Jong-suk, Bae Suzy,  Jung Hae-in & Lee Sang-Yeob



Another fantasy drama!!! And that too with Lee Jong Suk and Bae Suzy in it. Now isn’t that romantic?

While You Were Sleeping is one of Lee Jong Suk’s best dramas. It propelled Lee to the fame and popularity that he deserved.

While You Were Sleeping aired on SBS from September 27 to November 16, 2017.

The drama is a combination of romance, fantasy, and legal drama genre. It shows Lee’s character, Jung Jae-Chun as a rookie prosecutor. The drama also stars Bae Suzy as Nam Hong Joo, a field reporter, and Jung Hae In as Han Woo Tak, a police officer.

But the fun part? The three main characters have the special gift of seeing the future through their dreams. Filled with twists and turns, the drama shows how the three characters give their all to prevent their nightmares from turning into sinister realities.

It is available on Netflix, Viki, KOCOWA, and Viu.

4. The Hymn of Death

Directed By: Park Soo-Jin


Lee Jong-Suk & Shin Hye-Sun



Enacting someone from real life can be hard. But not for Lee Jong Suk.

The Hymn of Death is loved by those fans who prefer raw acting of Lee. It is a television miniseries based on actual events. It aired on SBS from November 27 to December 4, 2018.

Lee played the role of Kim U-Jin, a renowned theatrical figure during the Japanese colonial period. While Shin illustrated the role of Yun Sim-Deok, Joseon’s first soprano.

You will be in much need of tissues while watching this drama. You will see Lee’s character in angst, sorrow, and misery, but you will also see how he irrecoverably falls in love with Sim-Deok, Shin’s character.

But that is not what makes you cry while watching the drama. You can watch it for yourself on Netflix and cry.

5. Romance Is a Bonus Book

Directed By: Lee Jeong-Hyo


Lee Jong-Suk & Lee Na-Young



What happens when the youngest editor-in-chief at his company falls in love with a former advertising copywriter? Well, Lee Jong Suk’s Romance Is a Bonus Book tells us that.

It aired from January 26 to March 17, 2019, on tvN.

The drama focuses on the lives of Cha Eun-Ho, an acclaimed author and editor-in-chief at his company, and Kang Dan-I, a divorcee single mother who was once a successful copywriter. The two characters have been friends since their youth and Eun-Ho even harbors romantic feelings for her.

Comfort dramas are loved by everyone, and Romance Is a Bonus Book is one such drama that brings warmth to our souls and comforts us. If you are tired of watching mystery dramas or action dramas, take a back seat and enjoy any comfort drama.

By now, you’re probably convinced to watch this drama. Here’s the trailer if you are looking for little spoilers before watching the drama.

You can watch the drama on Netflix.

6. Big Mouth

Directed By: Oh Chung-Hwan & Bae Hyun-Jin


Lee Jong-Suk, Im Yoon-ah & Kim Joo-Ha



This is Lee Jong Suk’s best drama, the best one of his entire acting career. Big Mouth aired from July 29 to September 17, 2022, on MBC TV and broke several viewership records.

Lee essays the role of Park Chang-Ho, a low-grade lawyer with a poor success rate. I play the role of Ko Mi-Ho, Chang-Ho’s headstrong wife, who is a nurse, while Kim portrays the role of the wicked ambitious mayor of Gucheon.

Big Mouth is a crime, noir, and legal drama. The story is about Park Chang-Ho, an unsuccessful lawyer who finds himself tangled in a murder case. As Chang-Ho looks for ways to protect himself and his loved ones, he uncovers a huge conspiracy among the privileged upper-class people.

The drama was so successful and popular amongst both domestic and international fans that Lee even won the MBC Drama Awards 2022 – Grand Prize (Daesang). It is a big deal to win this award and Lee has finally got the popularity and fame that he truly deserves.

The drama is available in selected Disney+ Regions.



Lee Jong Suk’s hard work and knack for choosing good dramas have earned him all the stardom that he is enjoying now. He has also acted in several successful films and dramas, but these 6 Best Dramas of Lee Jong Suk are the ones that propelled him to the path of success.

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