Best CSGO Players of All Time

Over the past 10 years, CS:GO has been one of the most-played esports that won the heart of every gamer. No other first-person shooting games ever made this high popularity. Sometimes people bring up Call of Duty to compare but, to be honest, it can’t match the hotness of Counter-Strike.

We are not here to compare which is best COD or CS:GO. As you remember, 10 years ago today in 2012, CS:GO first started its journey. For their 10th anniversary, the game is going to arrange something new. And for the big celebration, we made a list of the top 10 CS:GO players of all time.

Through this, you will learn more about the rich history of CS:GO. How the gamers developed themselves over time and became a part of the legendary tale will help you to find your path.

So, let’s see who made their entry to the top 10 list of CS:GO players of all time.

1. Christopher Alesund Get Right

Role: Rifler(Lurker)

Team: SK Gaming(2010-12), Ninjas in Pyjamas(2012-19), Dignitas(2020)

Playing Career: 2007-21

Career Awards: CS:GO Major champion (Cologne 2014), 2x HLTV Player Of The Year (2013, 2014)

Earning: 600k Dollars

Christopher Alesund aka the Get_Right is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the CS:GO. His legendary playing style is still remembered and followed by millions of CS:GO, players.

His career in Counter-Strike began a lot ago before the release of CS:GO. Get_Right started playing CS in 2007 and he was already an established player when CS:GO first came out.

Alesund mainly dominated CS:GO from 2012 to 2014. At that time he used to play with NiP. With NiP, Alesund made the biggest winning streak in the history of CS:GO. They went 87 matches of win without losing a single one. Alesund helped the team to win ESL Major Series One 2013.

Alesund was never too good with aiming but he is well known for his highly consistent play, success in the clutch, and capability of playing under high-pressure situations. He is very well known for making the lurker role famous.

In 2013 and 2014 Alesund was the number one ranked CS:GO player in the whole world according to HLTV’s rankings. In 2021, he announced his retirement from the game and began working as a content creator for Dignitas. And he regularly streams on Twitch.

2. Oleksandr Kostyliev S1mple

Role: AWPer

Team: Hellraisers(2014-15), Flipsid3 Tactics(2015), Team Liquid(2016), Natus Vincere(2016- Present)

Playing Career: 2014-Present

Career Awards: CS:GO Major champion (Stockholm 2021), HLTV Major MVP (Stockholm 2021), IEM Grand Slam champion (Season 3).

Earnings: 1.7 Million Dollars.

S1mple is the first young rising star name in the CS:GO. Since 2013, Kostyliev is an active player and he has been playing at the tournament level since he was just 15 years old. The boy is also well known as the finest esports athlete.

It’s true Kostyliev is one most dangerous players in CS:GO. However, his luck was always bad at the last moment. And finally, in 2021 he break the bad luck and finally lifted the elusive Major trophy with Natus Vincere 2021.

His sheer skills and talent bring him huge famous at an early age. S1mple is just 24 now and he has so many days left with CS:GO.

3. Nicolai Reedtz Dev1ce

Role: AWPer

Team: Dignitas(2014-15), Team SoloMid(2015), Astralis(2016-21), Ninjas in Pyjamas(2021- 2022), Astralis(2022-Present)

Playing Career: 2013-Present

Career Awards: CS:GO Major champion (Atlanta 2017, London 2018, Katowice 2019, Berlin 2019), HLTV Major MVP (London 2018, Berlin 2019)

Earnings: 1.9 million dollars.

At present days rankings, Dev1ce would surely be in the first position in the ranking. He has four Major titles and 14 MVP awards which are very rare compared to others.

We know that he is not a naturally gifted player however what makes Reedtz is best that he knows how to be at his best with other boss players.

In 2022 January Dev1ce announced that he is stepping aside from the game for few times cause he need mental health break. He stayed offline since then.

4. Nikola Kovač Niko

Role: Rifler, Secondary AWPer

Team: Aimface(2014-15), iNation(2015), mousesports(2015-17), FaZe Clan(2017- 2020), G2 Esports(2020-Present)

Playing Career: 2015-Present

Career Awards: HLTV Top 20 Player Of The Year (2016-2021)

If we look at the recent days’ best players then we must have to take Nikola Kovač name. He is absolutely genius and his game sense is way too good. His bullseye aim shot made Niko one of the best CS:GO players of all time.

Niko’s professional career started with iNation. Later he joined Mousesports and gained worldwide fame. Then he was signed up by the FaZe Clan where he played for 3 years.

In search of the elusive Major trophy, Niko joined G2 Esports. Unfortunately, he failed to finish the PGL Antwerp Major in 2021. However, after the tournament, Niko is collecting good points.

5. Finn Andersen Karrigan

Role: IGL/Support

Team: Fnatic, Team Dignitas, Team Solomid, Astralis,  Mousesports, Team Envy, and FaZe Clan(Present)

Playing Career: 2006- Present

Career Awards: CS:GO Major champion (Antwerp 2022)

Earnings: 1.4 million Dollars

For the last two years, we see how dominating Finn Andersen is. He is breaking everyone with FaZe’s teammates. However, his success in CS:GO didn’t come overnight. He is been playing and competing in Counter-Strike since 2005, probably we won’t find anyone else with this much dedication in the game. When he first started competing at the tournament level, Karrigan was the most noob player and now he is considered the best of the best and a name of inspiration to all the young CS:GO, players.

Karrigan builds him up over time. He has huge experience in games and is the oldest player in history to win a CSGO Major. Even at the age of 32, Karrigan is not thinking about going down slowly. If he kept this speed, then soon Andersen will overtake the position of S1mple.

6. Patrik Lindberg F0rest

Role: Rifler, AWPer

Team: Begrip Gaming, Fnatic, SK Gaming, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Dignitas

Playing Career: 2005- Present

Career Awards: CS:GO Major champion (Cologne 2014), HLTV Top 20 Player Of The Year (2013-2016)

Patrik “F0rest” Lindberg is one of the oldest players in CS:GO, playing for 15 years at the highest level. His enormous experience made him one of the most skillful CS:GO players of all time and there is no one in the history of CS:GO who has the ability to hold them at the highest level for this long.

F0rest started his journey with Begrip Gaming. He gained fame and popularity over time and then joined NiP. After joining NiP, Lindberg became part of one of the most dominant CS:GO rosters in the history of the game. He was one of the members of NiP when they won 87 games in a row.

7. Kenny Schrub kennys

Role: AWPer

Team: Titan, VeryGames, Team Ldlc.Com, Recursive eSports, Clan-Mystik, Team Envyus, and G2 Esports

Playing Career: 2012 – Present

Career Awards: CS:GO Major champion (Cluj-Napoca 2015), HLTV Top 20 Player Of The Year (2013-2017)

There is no AWPer role player who is born yet to beat kennys. He is probably the most popular name in the gaming industry. Aside from being one of the greatest AWPer, Schrub’s quick-scopes and flick shots are hugely popular. He has a very eventful story behind becoming the greatest CS:GO players of all time.

Schrub’s career began with VeryGames, the number-one team from his motherland in 2014. But he was the number second best at that time and that’s he failed to get a room on the team. At that time no one was looking for additional teammates either. He played in lower-tier tournaments for over a year.

After a year, Schrub received an invitation from, VeryGames to play under their new banner, Titan. Schrub became globally famous with Titan. However, the project didn’t run for long as one of his teammates got involved with Schrub.

After that, Schrub started playing with Team Envy alongside two of his old teammates. They achieved great victories from 2015 to 2017. Recently, the Frenchman is playing with an international squad for G2 Esports.

8. Ladislav Kovács Guardian

Role: AWPer

Team:, Natus Vincere, FaZe Clan, Natus Vincere

Playing Career: 2006- Present

Career Awards: HLTV Top 20 Player Of The Year (2013-2016)

If anyone’s name has to take after Kenny Schrub, then in the AWPer role, it’s Ladislav Kovács. He is the second-best AWPer in the history of CS:GO. His total 63 percent of kills come from AWP kills. He has a fame for being the most accurate shooter in CS:GO.

Guardian was mostly famous for his time in Na’Vi. He was one of the founding members of Na’Vi but he left the team due to some internal issue. After that, he tried to rebuild his legacy with FaZe Clan but didn’t work out properly.

9. Marcelo David Coldzera

Role: Rifler (lurker)

Team: Dexterity Team, FaZe Clan, Luminosity Gaming, SK Gaming, MIBR, Complexity Gaming, 00 Nations 

Playing Career: 2014 – Present

Career Awards: CS:GO Major champion (Columbus 2016, Cologne 2016), HLTV Player Of The Year (2016, 2017), HLTV Top 20 Player Of The Year (2018).

Marcelo David is a two-time world number CS:GO, player. His career started with Dexterity in 2014 and he became globally famous after joining Luminosity.

In 2015, CS:GO was the hardest gaming position ever, according to experts says. And that time, Coldzera went on to win back-to-back Majors. For this, he will always be remembered as one of the greatest CS:GO players of all time.

What makes Brazilian one of the best players in the world is his consistency and his ability to the highest level without a dip. Another reason for being one of the best CS:GO players is that cause of his consistency, he can play his best with any team.

10. Mathieu Herbaut Zywoo

Role: Rifler (lurker)

Team: WySix, Against All Authority, Team Vitality

Playing Career: 2014 – Present

Career Awards: HLTV Player Of The Year (2019, 2020), HLTV Top 20 Player Of The Year (2021)

Mathieu Herbaut is another young talent who shakes the throne of CS:GO legend. Everyone know-how skillful Zywoo is but his becoming the player of the year in 2019 and 2020 shocked everyone.

Zywoo is praised by everyone. He has MVP titles and looking for a major win which seems pretty hard for them.


  • Who is Considered the Best CSGO Player?

Nicolai ‘Device’ Reedtz, Oleksandr ‘S1mple’ Kostyliev, Cristopher ‘GeT_Right’ Alesund, Olof ‘olofmeister’ Kajbjer Gustafsson, Marcelo ‘coldzera’ David’s name would be on the top while naming best CS:GO, players.

  • Who is the Best CSGO Player in 2022

1. blameF (Astralis) | 1.23 / +507

2. Ax1Le (Cloud9) | 1.21 / +261

3. ZywOo (Vitality) | 1.21 / +360

4. NiKo (G2) | 1.20 / +208

5. XANTARES (Eternal Fire) | 1.19 / +160

  • Who has the Most Kill in CS:GO

The young goat of French superstar ZywOo has the most kill in the history of CS:GO. His single-killing record is 143. 

  • Who is the Best, S1mple or Get Right

Well, one of the players has completed his days in CS:GO and another one is dominating. To touch the GeT_Right level, S1mple still has to go a long way.

  • Who is the Highest-Paid CS:GO, Player

Dupreeh is the highest-paid CSGO player with $2,014,331.07. Xyp9x holds the second-most earning record with $1,975,880.23.

s1mple is the fifth earning player from CSGO with $1,663,721.98.

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