7 Best Apps To Watch Movies For Free

Are you the one who gave up on movies for the irritating ads? Have you gone low on your budget to pay for your Netflix subscriptions? Want to know about the best apps to watch movies for free?

If so, then you’ve just hit on the right article! Today we’ll be sharing some pro tips to help you find the best free movie apps that will blow your little noggin and you’ll surely be able to get an even better and budget-friendly movie experience.

We have done a vast amount of research on it to make sure that you can easily differentiate between the ones that are the best apps to watch movies for free and the ones which are totally trash! Without any further delay let’s get started!

7 Best Apps to Watch Movies For Free: The Real Deals

1. Tubi


Overall: Tubi has a rating of 4.8 on Google play, and the best part is, you are not even required to create an account to watch movies on it. More than 40,000 movies and series are present in its vault. It is ad-supported, however, ads are minimal when compared to the other ones. Box office-smashing movies from prominent providers like Fox Entertainment and Paramount Pictures can be found in Tubi which will definitely make your movie-watching experience top-notch.

From the category of spiced-up reality shows, and anime to entertaining old classics and the latest movie releases Tubi has got it all. It has 40+ genres including popular ones such as Thriller, Family Comedy, Horror, Drama, Science fiction, Romantic Comedy, etc. Mainly its great content and huge collection of movies make it one of the best apps to watch movies for free.

‘Fight Club’, ‘Evil Dead’, ‘Gladiator’, and a huge number of top-rated movie collections like the ones that we mentioned can be easily accessed for free. It also supports news broadcasts which is a brownie point for its users. This best free movie app not only shows recommendations based on its users’ views but has even got a whole separate tab for kids’ entertainment as well.

2. Plex


Overall: Rating: 4.4, Plex offers subtitles and you can continue with it without any signup. But by creating a free plex account you can easily have a sorted movie library of your own collection where you can add up your personal media as well. Along with it, Plex offers music, tv shows, and sports channels so you can really consider it as a complete package of entertainment.

Over 250 live channels, and approximately 50,000 on-demand movies and shows are there to serve you, so definitely Plex is one of those comfort stops that will allow you to watch movies for free. It makes movie streaming even easier and more accessible as it provides service to a huge number of countries worldwide as compared to its competitors.

From ‘Hannibal’, and ‘Last Knights’ to Old series, descriptive audios, Western, Animation, and Documentaries, you’ll get all of it in Plex as it has got a wide variety of free movie categories!

3. Peacock TV

Peacock TV

Overall: Rating 4.6, It has one of the nicest lineups of movies in its catalog. There are comedy dramas, holiday specials, and almost all popular genres and features that you can consider Peacock TV as the home of new theatrical hits and releases!

It features Peacock originals which are now a must-have for movie and tv series fanatics. It broadcasts sports news from the prominent brand NBC Sports and has got some notable live events streaming on it.

There are Peacock exclusives where you’ll get handpicked & best-rated movies that will definitely match your movie taste and will enrich your free movie-watching experience. Moreover, movies like ‘Jurassic World Sequel’, ‘Minions The Rise of Gru’, ‘Halloween Ends’, and many more scintillating free movies are always waiting for you in Peacock.

4. JioCinema


Overall: Rating 3.8, you will get free access to popular movies, tv shows, and web series, with the categories like Retro movies, Family Comedy, Critics approved, Thriller, and many more. It features special tabs called ‘Popular in all ages’ and ‘Hidden Gems’ where you will find all-time classic collections of movies and don’t forget you will get all these for totally free of cost.

English, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Marathi, and many more free movies are available on it. It also broadcasts 24/7 premium streaming of sports but the only requirement of this app is to have a Jio sim card in order to get the activation code of the account.

5. Youtube Movies

Youtube Movies

Overall: The best part of it is, you don’t even need to check for the compatibility of your device as it’s a built-in feature of the youtube website, therefore, it requires no installation. You can watch Telugu, Tamil, English, Bengali, & Hindi movies with subtitles from various genres and categories. It offers minimal ads so that you can get just a quick break and don’t feel much interrupted while you’re watching your hits. It also provides hit tv series and shows with episodes of all seasons. Easy to operate but doesn’t have a great filtering ability.

6. Amazon Freevee

Amazon Freevee

Overall: Rating: 3.9, one of the finest free movie apps, as it offers great display quality. Users need to create an Amazon account in order to get access to its free movie-watching feature.

However, users are not required to pay for an Amazon Prime subscription as Freevee’s notion is to provide the best free movie service without causing any hassle to its users. Most importantly it retains movie progress so you can resume watching from where you left off.

It is even termed the “Netflix Killer” by netizens for its uber-cool services and great display quality. You can easily find various popular genres like Action, Suspense, Sci-Fi, and Adventure, show categories like Freevee originals, tv series with full packages of episodes, and a lot more in Freevee’s store. And of course, there are always subtitles to help out the movie freaks.

7. Online Hindi Movies Online Hindi Movies

Overall: That’s basically a free website, which has a bunch of the latest releases. Users can easily download, play, and resume movies via the website.

Approximately it has 25+ genres including Mystery, Fantasy, Action, Drama, Horror, Crime, etc. It basically features Hollywood and Bollywood releases, but you can also find HD-quality Malayalam and Telugu movies along with it.

You can enjoy popular releases such as ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’, ‘And the Pale Blue Eye’ without even wasting a single penny. It gives a seamless movie-watching experience via it as you aren’t required to create an account, but sometimes ads are a bit overpowering.

The Parameters That We Considered to Shortlist the Best Free Movie App For You:

Legality: Security, legality, and confidentiality are our valued priorities, that’s why we shortlisted only the ones that ensure data safety.

Crashes: This parameter makes sure that you get the best movie experience with minimal bug issues.

Ads: We believe it’s the most frustrating stuff a user can ever have while watching movies online, hence our research tends to show the apps which comparatively have fewer ads.

Reviews: Users are the best judges, we examined a lot of organic reviews to deliver you the best apps to watch movies for free.

Latest Releases: Apps that provide the utmost latest shows and movies.

Sub-Titles: Suppose you’re a Korean and you want to watch Indian movies, imagine how crucial sub-titles can be! Thus we considered this aspect as well to deal with the problem.

While Some Free Movie Apps are Illegal but Still Unprecedented!

Legitimacy can sometimes rely on how a product or an app is being used. The popular app Popcorn Times was known for its free movie streaming feature but it was termed illegal and that was its downside to call out. Many users are still using illegal apps carefully to grab their movies for free as they find it worthwhile but our suggestion to you would be to play on the safer side!

The Free Movie Android Apps That Have the Best User Interface

We know how important it is for users to have a free movie streaming app along with a user-friendly interface. Let’s have a look at our top listed ones:

1. Plex

Plex has got a beautiful front-end design structure and can be easily set up on a device, and selecting a genre in it is also handy.

2. All-Rounder Movie App

The app is an underdog but it has also got the potential to be one of the best apps to watch movies for free. This is because it has a simple and catchy interface, it’s easy to install, and offers the latest movies and web series to its free users as well.

Are We Living in a Bubble or are the Free Movie Apps Free For Real?

And now that the big question has already been raised, let me tell you some interesting facts about the best apps to watch movies for free:

  • Such apps may offer you free service only for a certain period of time, the time period usually ranges from 15 to 30 days!
  • You may need to watch ads in order to claim your free movie or show.
  • Nothing in this world can be achieved for free, you have to pay something in return and exactly the same applies to the best free movie apps! If you know, you know!

The Limitations That You Should Know While Choosing Your Best Free Movie Apps

It’s essential for an online movie freak to have the basic knowledge about the limitations that the best free movie apps probably can have! Some of them are:

  • One such example is the popular free movie app JioCinema, it may not be accessed anywhere outside India as some apps can only be downloaded within a certain region.
  •  Filtering out the desired movie genre can be a tough task in some of these apps.

Don’t Fall For The Online Free Movie Apps That May Cause Data Theft

Some of the best free movie apps might be free to use but sometimes they might:

  • Try to get access to your data that is not usually really needed for sign-up/login.
  • This can not only lead to data theft but can also take up unnecessary storage of your device.
  • Some free movie apps might sound lucrative, but they can sometimes sell your personal data on the dark internet market just to earn revenue!
  • Therefore, before giving any permission to your app, watch out for each and every single permission that you’re allowing access to.

Free Was Never Seasonal

Final Thoughts

“Free was never seasonal, it’s iconic!”- Just as the quote suggests, we also want you to have an amazing experience when it comes to watching free movies. We tried our level best to cover all the nooks and crannies so that you can easily find the best apps to watch movies for free.

But as they say, there are shortcomings of everything on earth, the best free movie apps that we suggested are no different from this rule! Some apps might ask to create an account, some might want to get access to your personal data and some may not have the beautiful interface that you’re looking for!

There’s always the option to select your favorite app according to the preference that you want. We hope our today’s article was useful to you & that was it for today but before our quick wrap up don’t forget to share your thoughts with us about how you liked our content. Sayonara!

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