The 10 Best Animated Dog Movies on Netflix

If you’re searching for something that will add color to your fantasies, you’ve come to the right spot.

Netflix has always produced some of the best dog movies. Here are some of the best-animated dog movies on Netflix that you’ll surely be able to enjoy. These aren’t just for children; they are also great for adults!

The 10 Best Animated dog movies on Netflix

Movie NamePremiere DateRatings
Balto December 22, 1995IMDb:7.1/10
Rotten tomatoes:56%
Mr. Peabody and ShermanApril 11, 2014IMDb:6.8/10
Rotten tomatoes:81%
WHITE FANGJanuary 18, 1991IMDb:6.7/10
Rotten tomatoes:67%
All Dogs Go to HeavenNovember 17, 1989IMDb:6.7/10
Rotten tomatoes:44%
The secret life of petsJuly 8, 2016IMDb:6.5/10
Rotten tomatoes:72%
The secret life of pets 2June 7, 2019IMDb:6.4/10
Rotten tomatoes:60%
SPACE DOGSMarch 18, 2010IMDb:6.2/10
Rotten tomatoes:82%
Arctic DogsNovember 1, 2019IMDb:5.8/10
Rotten tomatoes:12%
Dog Gone Trouble May 28, 2021IMDb:5.8/10
Rotten tomatoes:30%
Pets UnitedNovember 8, 2019IMDb:5.7/10
Rotten tomatoes:43%

1. Balto 

Director: Simon Wells

Producer: Steve Hickner

Despite being animated, it is based on a very motivational story. Balto is a half-wolf half-sled dog who risks his life to save lives. 

Balto was based on the story of a sled dog that led a team across treacherous terrain to bring much-needed medicine to Nome, Alaska, during an extremely cold winter. 

The real Balto did not speak. Certainly, it wasn’t in the voice of Kevin Bacon. Balto is a wandering dog shunned by the huskies and the locals in the town where Balto is a resident in the movie.

Balto hopes to be a welcome dog, a wonderful sled dog. Balto finds a chance to show his worth when local children are affected with diphtheria, and the veterinarian has run out of medicine. It’s a family-animated dog movie on Netflix filled with action-packed thrills and touching moments.

2. Mr. Peabody and Sherman

Director: Rob Minkoff

Producer: Alex Schwartz; Denise Nolan Casino

The list of the best-animated dog movies on Netflix without including “Mr. Peabody and Sherman” would be a sin. It’s an animated comedy movie created through DreamWorks Animation and distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The show features the voices of Max Charles, Ty Burrell, Stephen Colbert, Ariel Winter, and Allison Janney.

Mr. Peabody and Sherman is an ideal film suitable for the whole family. It’s full of fun and excitement and will delight people of all ages. Mr. Peabody is a talking dog who assists its owner Sherman in solving the issues he creates. It’s among the top animated dog movies on Netflix.


Director: Alexandre Espigares

Producer: MarcTurtletaub, Jason Piette, and Peter Saraf

“White Fang” is a film adaptation of Jack London’s novel with the same title. The film follows the adventures of a wolfdog as he is a slave to three masters. The story that is White Fang has been a hit with readers over the years and will continue to remain so for the foreseeable future. 

The plot revolves around a young wolfdog puppy who became lost from his mother, and curiosity about the world led him to wildlife. The film left viewers in tears upon watching.

The images in this film adaptation of the book are superb, connecting you with the main character and the beautiful soundtrack. “White Fang” is a film that can be enjoyed by adults and children and will surely bring you to tears in the final moments.

The film was not a hit with critics, but pet people will be delighted by the heartwarming performance and story. It’s among the most popular animated dog movies on Netflix and worth taking the time to watch!

4. All Dogs Go to Heaven

Director: Don Bluth

Producer: Gary Goldman, John Pomeroy along with Don Bluth

The film’s plot revolves around Charlie B. Barkin, the German Shepherd whose former owner slaughters pal Carface Carruthers. Charlie went to Earth and reunited with his best companion Itchy Itchiford to exact revenge on Carface. In conclusion, we learn that Charlie is taught a lesson about love, kindness, and friendship.

All Dogs Go to Heaven is a tale about Charlie, the German Shepherd that breaks out from a New Orleans dog pound with his companion Itchy The Daschund. They later meet many other animals and participate in various adventures. The animated movie is entertaining and contains plenty of action.

5. The secret life of pets

Director: Chris Renaud

Producer: Chris Meledandri and Janet Healy

The secret life of pets is a touching film about friendship that is truly genuine. It’s a great family-animated dog movie on Netflix to watch.

The Secret Life of Pets, silly and aimed too much at children, in its current form, is successful because it uses a familiar formula that’s tried and tested, guaranteed to bring laughter and bring non-human creatures to life.

For Toy Story, those subjects are toys. In Coco, it’s the souls of the deceased. In this context, Illumination made a smart move by bringing pet characters to life by imposing upon them the uniqueness of stamina and other human traits that are off the mark and that appear doubly absurd when they’re animals doing things.

Most of the time, it’s a good idea. The concept is easy and cute: what do pets do when their owners leave? This is a captivating idea to think about, and, likely, you’re already intrigued enough by the subject to begin streaming. If you do, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Secret Life of Pets is lively, vibrant, emotional, skilled, and sometimes hilarious.

 A few funny moments occur throughout the story, but some mishaps feel more like filler instead of something truly exceptional. The writing could be better; that’s what we’re telling you. If you’re looking for an exciting adventure with an adorable, smart group of furry friends, this could be your ideal choice.

6. The secret life of pets 2 

Director: Chris Renaud

Producer: Chris Meledandri and Janet Healy

The Secret Life of Pets 2 remains the adventure from where the first film left off. Max has to deal with major transformations this time as his owner is engaged and has a baby. Max becomes friends with a rooster, and they set out to conquer his fears. There’s plenty to do in this animated family comedy and lots of fun.

It’s a great sequel to the original. Secret Life of Pets 2 is hilarious and fun. It’s a more kid-friendly version of the subject than the original, which was shockingly violent and savage despite the large-eyed creatures telling children they were having fun. 

The script here is more refined, focused, and well-crafted in all aspects, creating an enjoyable film that is more about entertainment than education. It might fall short in establishing the film’s message; however, the rest of the experience is well worth the cost.

The main difference between the two films is that The Secret Life of Pets 2 is more fun and kid-friendly, with a handful of close-ups of vehicular homicide, and more fluid in terms of pace due to the carefully-constructed subplot.


Director: Inna Evlannikova, Svyatoslav Ushakov

Producer: Sergey Zernov

Space Dogs is a Russian animated film that tells the tale of the first dogs returning from space. It’s funny, even if it’s for nothing else aside from its distinctive Russian pace and music. It also depicts its Sputnik satellite program in a way that reflects the respect and pride of the natives.

This entertaining, family-friendly animated dog movie on Netflix combines a gifted canine from the circus with a snazzy street canine and, strangely, a rat and takes them on a trip into space. It is an adaptation of the real-life experiences of Belka, and Strelka was among the first animal species to travel around the Earth and return to their bark in the story.

When Belka’s circus show happens to be involved in a mishap, that’s unfortunate, and she crashes to Earth with her rocket. However, there’s a silver lining in the incident: through it, she quickly becomes close to Strelka, the Dog filled with street smarts, and Venya, an aggressive rodent.

It can bring laughter and cheers. It could even get kids curious about the world that is space exploration. It draws on the lesson of history sometimes, and it’s right. Ultimately, these Sputnik dogs are crucial to the aerospace industry’s history. It’s quite a delightful trip.

8. Arctic Dogs 

Director: Aaron Woodley

Producer: Monika Bacardi, Andrea Iervolino, Bryon Allen, SatjitMatharu, Jennifer Lucas, and Carolyn Folks

Arctic Dogs,’ directed by Aaron Woodley, is a computer-animated comedy film featuring Jeremy Renner, Heidi Klum, James Franco, and John Cleese. When Swifty the fox discovers Otto Von Walrus intends to go across the Arctic surface to melt the glacier, it realizes the necessity for an alternative plan right away. 

If the plan fails, his friends and the other species who live there will likely die prematurely. Thus, before it’s late, he joins forces with a swarm of albatrosses with scattered hairs and two otters, a bear, a fox, and a bear to ensure Otto does not succeed and is punished in a single, decisive way for executing such a sinister plan.

Arctic Dogs is a story of an Arctic Fox who works in an office and longs to become the Top Dog and go out to deliver deliveries. Take a look as he embarks on a wild adventure to show that he’s worthy. It’s a cartoon comedy suitable for the whole family.

It’s a computer-animated romp featuring the life of an Arctic Fox who dreams of becoming the top Dog within the courier business he works for. Follow him through numerous adventures to prove worthy, and with the help of his fellow animals, Naturally! Arctic Dogs is one of the best-animated dog movies on Netflix to enjoy!

9. Dog Gone Trouble 

Director: Kevin Johnson

Producer: Danielle Sterling

A pet dog that is lavishly groomed named Trouble must be taught to adapt to the real world and also get away from his previous owner’s uncaring children. Animated comedy Dog Gone Trouble was produced in Cinesite’s Montreal studio for 3QU Studios; the movie first aired on Netflix in May 2021.

When Trouble’s world is turned around, this well-loved Dog must learn how to navigate the street corners of a huge city. While making friends, Trouble discovers fast that it’s not as simple as it seems to live in the Concrete Jungle.

Trouble is an entertaining and entertaining dog film for families. Learn how this Dog comes to adapt to the real world and discovers ways to escape the greedy children of his previous owner. The innovative musical style is sure to bring joy, especially to children.

10. Pets United

Director: Reinhard Klooss

Producer:Hua Shen; Reinhard Klooss; Yan Xun

“Pets United” is a touching story demonstrating friendship and teamwork’s importance.

The story revolves around the stray Dog and the elegant cat, who is trying to survive the robot invasion of their house as they mingle. Pets United will make us understand that our world isn’t perfect; we need to accept our imperfections.

The director Reinhard Klooss’s animated feature Pets United is an exciting adventure that will delight viewers of all ages.

The film is based on The classic work of Erich Kastner, Die Konferenz der Tiere. The story follows animals that need to band together to save their city from a corrupt corporation.

Director Reinhard Klooss’s distinctive vision will bring this classic story to life fresh. “Pets United” is a thrilling adventure sure to please viewers of all age groups. A film is an excellent option for anyone searching for the best-animated dog movies on Netflix.

Final thought

We hope you enjoy this selection of the best-animated dog movies on Netflix! Each film has plenty of positive features, and they’re full of adorable pups. From adorable dog stories, and thrilling documentaries, to entertaining animated films, there’s something anyone can enjoy on the list.

There are a variety of animated films that everyone in the family can appreciate and at the top of the list is a tribute to dogs and the caregivers who take care of them.

So, get your pet’s best friend, prepare popcorn, and then settle down to watch a movie in a warm and cozy setting. You may discover a lesson or two about the man’s best pet as you go along.

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