Bernice Burgos Dating History: Love Life, Boyfriends

Bernice Burgos is a name you will indeed find in the modeling and fashion industry. She is someone who inspires young models not to stop chasing their dreams.

Her initial days were full of struggles. She did everything from waitressing to bartending, that too as a single mother of two children, Ashley Burgos and Amarie Burgos.

And see where she is now today? She’s an Instagram influencer and a model that has bagged innumerable contracts from various luxury brands.

But being famous comes with a price. And that is the constant prying eyes of the public on your personal affairs. Mostly on your love life.

Fans love to talk about Burgos’s love life. Especially about the fact that how she has never been engaged in her life, despite being the mother of two amazing women.

And yes, you guessed it right, today we will be taking a dig at Bernice Burgos’s Dating History.

Meek Mill2018
Young M.A.2018-2019
Lil Baby2019


Drake and Bernice Burgos dated for several months in 2014. It was more of a fling than a date.

The singer and the model remain good friends even after their split. It is rumored that Drake even gifted Burgos a Bentley. Burgos, however, denied it and claimed that the car was a gift from another male friend, who is special to her.

It is speculated the pair could have been a thing if Burgos did not have too many male friends in her life.


After Burgos was single again, she was soon rumored to be dating rapper T.I.… It is speculated that the two dated in 2016 and also separated not too late.

T.I. is a rapper, record activist, and actor. Some really ugly drama dragged both Burgos’s and T.I.’s names.

When the two were first rumored to be together, Burgos drew a lot of hate from T.I.’s wife’s fans as T.I. and his wife, Tiny, were getting a divorce at that time. Burgos was called ugly names such as a “homewrecker”.

Both Burgos and T.I. have neither confirmed nor denied the rumors so it has been left to public speculation whether the two celebrities dated or not.


Quavo and Bernice Burgos sparked dating rumors after they were spotted partying together at a club in Los Angeles over the NBA All-Star Weekend.

The two were extremely careful about not getting caught by the media and even took precautions by arriving separately. But a curious fan managed to get a video of the two leaving together.

Burgos was careful not to draw any attention to herself because of the last scandal with T.I. She received a lot of hate for a rumored relationship.

When rumors about her and Quavo began to circulate, she was careful not to address them. It is assumed that the two dated for a year before going their separate ways.

Meek Mill

In 2018, Meek Mill and Bernice Burgos (again) made headlines about being together. It has not been confirmed by either side.

Meek Mill is an American rapper. He gained popularity by taking part as a battle rapper and, later on, by forming a rap group, The Bloodhounds.

Young M.A.

Burgos started dating Young rapper M.A. in 2019. The rapper and the model made no comments about it, even after the breakup.

Their relationship came into the limelight after an Instagram picture of the two was posted. Even after that, the former couple maintained silence over this.

Lil Baby

Lil Baby and Burgos took over the internet after news broke out that Lil Baby cheated on Jayda Cheaves with Burgos. However, it has never been confirmed by both parties.

Lil Baby has a son with Jayda Cheaves, so it seems he’s hoping to settle down some time in the future. It is not the first time Lil Baby made news of cheating on his baby’s mommy.

Well, we hope Burgos doesn’t get any hate for this; she’s already received a lot of hate because of her alleged relationships.


Bernice Burgos’s dating history may be a little bit messed up. She experienced her own share of ups and downs in her life, and she received extreme hate for that.

Whatever hate she has received doesn’t make any difference end of the day. As Burgos is getting successful with each passing day.

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