Bernice Burgos Astonishing Love Life

Here we are today to fill you in with all the details of Bernice Burgos’ dating history. She is an American social media personality with 6.9 million followers on Instagram. Bernice has also been featured in many music videos as a model and has caught the attention of many celebrities who have major crushes on her!

However, when it comes to her love life Burgos has maintained a low profile, although we know that she has been involved with some of the top names in the world of music, including Drake and Trey Songz.

Stay tuned to find out what rumors were spread about the model, whom she dated, and why she was called a  ‘homewrecker.’

Let’s get down to business and check out who Bernice Burgos has dated over the last few years.

NameYears Together
Marion ‘Suge’ Knight2010
Trey Songz2013-2014
Meek Mill2018
Young M.A2018 
Lil Baby2019-Present

1. Marion ‘Suge’ Knight

Marion Knight is an American music producer and the CEO and founder of Death Row Records, who dated Bernice Burgis for a while in 2010. The relationship did not continue for long, and sadly we don’t know exactly why, as the couple maintained a low profile.

2. Trey Songz

Bernice Burgos’ dating history tells us that she and the American singer Trey Songz dated from September 2013 to January 2014.

3. Drake

Burgos was getting cozy on vacation with rapper Drake in Australia while hanging out at a hotel in Perth. Later, when the model was asked about the relationship, she said that Drake is the sweetest person ever and they will always remain good friends.

Whether it was a short fling or something serious between the two, Drake had gifted a Bentley to Bernice, according to rumors. But the model clarified that it was from someone else who is special to her and is still very much in her life.

Nonetheless, the two are on very good terms and get along like a house on fire!

4. T.I.

Bernice Burgos was trolled and called a homewrecker on social media when she started dating T.I. Most fans thought Burgos was responsible for breaking up T.I.’ and Tiny’s marriage, but they were wrong, according to the model, as she said that the marriage was over a long time ago, and Tiny even filed for a divorce.

Whatever the case, Burgos fell for T.I. big time, saying that she didn’t love him for his money. She loved him for the person he was, who always made her smile and made her feel good about herself.

Sadly the relationship was a short one, after which T.I. and Tiny called off the divorce and tried to patch things up between them.

5. Quavo

Bernice and Quavo’s relationship had nothing to do with love but purely physical attraction, as the model admitted. According to sources, they were rumored to be dating when spotted together once in Los Angeles at an event and another time at Migos’ album release party. None of them stated anything about being in love.

6. Meek Mill

Bernice Burgos and Meek Mill had a short fling in 2018, where she was seen attending his birthday party. Although we do not know much about their relationship. But after they parted ways, Meek Mill made a habit of leaving cheeky comments on Bernice’s Instagram posts.

7. Young M.A.

Up until now, Bernice Burgos’ dating history includes the names of men she has been with in the past. But now we will talk about the model and lady rapper Young M.A. who were together.

The rumors started to spark after Bernice was the rapper’s onscreen girlfriend in one of her videos. After which, Young M.A. posted a snap on Valentine’s Day in 2018 showing her hugging Bernice’s waist. In return, Bernice also uploaded a picture where she and the rapper were seen sitting in the bed playing video games. Both left flirty comments on each other’s posts, leaving everyone all the more confused.

8. Lil Baby

Bernice Burgos and Lil Baby have been dating on and off since 2019. The rapper cheated on his girlfriend Jayda, also the mother of his child, to mess around with Bernice, who is 14 years older than him.

Although we are still unsure whether Lil Baby and Bernice are a serious couple or just having a good time, the age gap still makes us wonder how they find anything in common.

End Note 

Bernice Burgos’ dating history is a short-lived one where it is still not clear whether she actually dated most of the names we have mentioned or whether they are rumors.

Nonetheless, the model has been linked to Drake, Trey Songz, and even Young M.A. as she was spotted with them closely a few times.

Let’s hope the 42-year-old social media personality finds the perfect man and settles down happily.

After all, life is too short to mess around with the wrong person!

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