The greatest erotic sci-fi movie of all time will have a new version

Sydney Sweeney will follow in Jane Fonda’s footsteps and play the lead role in the remake of Barbarella. A priori, all the pieces fit together.

The actress has been the latest revelation of Euphoria. It has attracted all eyes with a crushing performance. But what makes her the perfect successor to this iconic heroine is behind the cameras.

Sweeney is a martial arts expert and could play some awesome action scenes. Barbarella preferred to resolve conflicts through the power of love but could also draw on other skills if necessary.

The ‘remake’ comes from Sony, and Sweeney, also to being the protagonist, will be an executive producer. This means you will have something to say in finding a writer and director for the project.


The announcement that Sydney Sweeney is the new Barbarella comes after many attempts. 15 years ago, the director of Alita: Ángel de combat, Robert Rodríguez, was working on a new version that did not bear fruit.

More recently, Nicolas Winding Refn, whom you will know for his impeccable Drive, did not manage to find a good approach.

We must not deceive ourselves, this new production is still far from over, and we do not know how long it will take them. So there is a risk that everything will fall apart and add to the long list of failed attempts.

At the moment, few details are known about it. But it seems that the ‘remake’ will not follow the story of Fonda’s classic.

It seems that the comics of Jean-Claude Forest will directly inspire it. So we should expect something very different from Roger Vadim’s 1968 film.


This is a big step for Sydney Sweeney. The actress, born in 1997, had already starred in several films and series when she made the big leap with Euphoria.

In the first season, she became known, but it was in the second that she caught everyone’s attention. Sweeney’s performance is brilliant.

The interpreter is already forging a career, carefully, yes. For example, he is currently shooting Madame Web, the Marvel comic book adaptation.

Her role in the film is still a secret. But rumors are circulating that she plays another version of the main character, Julia Carpenter (Dakota Johnson).

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