Recently there have been talks about Barbara May Cameron all over the internet, which spread after the memory of Barbara May Cameron was honored by Google on May 22 by dedicating a Google doodle. If she were alive, it would have been her 69th birthday. The doodle serves as an alternative to Google’s logo, which is temporary.

This occurs only on notable occasions. In Barbara’s case, the doodle features a cartoon that represents her; the cartoon is demonstrated as it holds the pride flag proudly and wears a camera that slings from her neck. This doodle symbolized Barbara when she came out in 1973.

You might ask, how does this relate to the topic for the day? It relates because Barabara’s special person has shared a few insights into her partner’s life which was untold to the world when having a conversation with Google about the doodle that was made to honor Barbara. After this, not only the public got to know that there was a partner but also something more exciting was revealed, and we shall talk about it in detail in this article.

But before commencing with our article’s main concern, we shall take a brief look at the prominence of Barbara May Cameron, just in case you don’t know much about her. Not only that, but we will also discuss the cherished moments of the couple’s life. Now without putting you wait any longer, let us get started.

Barbara May Cameron
Barbara May Cameron (Credits: Fresherslive)

The Native American Barbara May Cameron, who is also a member of the Lakota Tribe’s “Hunkpapa Group,” was born on 22 May 1954 in Fort Yates, situated in North Dakota. The renowned photographer, writer, poet, and human rights activist in the fields of Native American rights, lesbian and gay rights, and women’s rights was raised by her grandparents. Her Lakota name is Wia Washte Wi which means good woman or woman in English.

Once she graduated from high school, Barbara went on to pursue her passion for film and photography by enrolling in the American Indian Art Institute located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She openly identified herself as a lesbian after she moved to San Francisco again in 1973. At that time, Barbara had just begun to advocate acceptance for LGBTQIA+ within the community in Native America. Alongside Randy Burns, who is her friend and also a fellow activist. Barbara was the co-founder of Gay American Indians in 1975.

Moving to our primary concern for this article back, about the partner of Barbara May Cameron. Are you also intrigued to learn more about her personal life? Scroll down and find everything you want to know.

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Barbara May Cameron
Barbara May Cameron (Credits: Sportskeeda)

Who Is Barbara May Cameron’s Partner? Is She Married?

The answer to this question is as simple as a “Yes, she is.” She is what? She is a married woman who has a meaningful relationship with her partner Linda Boyd. They were together for 21 years before Barbara died on 12 February 2002. The couple shared a son together whose name was Rhys Camero Boyd-Farrell. The two also had a cat and dog in their family. Linda Boyd was the one who shared insights about her wife’s stories and their time together with Google when talking about Google regarding the doodle.

There is not much information that is available on who is Linda Boyd- Durkee and what her occupation is, but she was only known as the partner of Barbara in public knowledge. While the world only saw Barbara’s serious and determined face, given her occupations and activism, Linda Boyd was the one who witnessed her playful side and tender heart. 

According to what Linda confessed to Google, Barbara relished setting up their son Rhys to shock his mom, Linda. During the time of her recovery after surgery, she enjoyed watching their son playing video games. Recollecting their memories together, Linda said they used to play bridge, and Barbara excelled in it.

They will also cook and savor the food together as a family in their rented house for weekends as they picturesque the Pacific coast. The couple visited a pair of kittens that were found in Golden Gate Park, and after spending some time with the kittens, they decided to adopt it from their guardian, who was suffering from pancreatic cancer. 

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