Bam Margera Has A Daughter Phoenix Wolf Margera With His Wife Nicole Boyd, Family, and Net Worth

Fans are interested in Bam Margera’s daughter with his wife Nicole Boyd, Phoenix Wolf Margera. In other words, who is she? How much money does Margera have right now? Let’s have a look.

Bam Margera is a well-known professional skateboarder, stunt performer, and television personality who first came to public attention in the early 2000s as a result of his presence in the MTV sketch comedy series Jackass.

The date of Margera’s birth is September 28th, 1979. His parents named him Brandon, but his grandfather gave him the nickname “Bam Bam.”

His grandfather kept seeing him run into walls; therefore, he was given the name.

He went to West Chester High School, but he quit when he was in the ninth grade. But he did get his GED in the end.

Steve-O, a fellow comedian, recently said that he and Bam would be touring together. This brought Bam back into the spotlight.

Steve-O said that after his health scare, he is taking Bam Margera on tour with him so that he can keep an eye on Bam.

Meet Bam Margera’s Daughter, Phoenix Wolf Margera

Bam Margera and his wife, Nicole Boyd, have a child named Phoenix Wolf Margera.

Phoenix Wolf was born on the 23rd of December, 2017.

Margera’s daughter will be five years old in 2023.

Bam Margera likes skateboarding and has taught his daughter how to skateboard as well.

He often posts photos of the two of them skating around parks.

Because Margera was an alcoholic, his wife had already tried to get sole custody of Phoenix Wolf.

But Bam recently posted a picture of him and his daughter, so it looks like they share custody.

Bam hopes that his daughter will not follow in his footsteps as a prankster, stating that he does not want to endure the pranks he played on his father.

On the other hand, Phoenix’s future career has not yet been decided.

Who Is Bam Margera’s Wife And Family?

Bam married Nicole Boyd on 5 October 2013.

Margera has been through a failed marriage and two broken engagements prior to her current relationship.

In 2009, Bam and Margera met at the Phoenix Theatre.

Nicole hasn’t said much about her career or her personal life.

She seems to love her daughter a lot because she posts a lot of pictures of her on Instagram.

Phil Margera, a television personality, is Bam Margera’s father.

Phil shows up on Viva la Bam as the person who gets pranked by Bam. He comes from an Italian family.

His mother is April Margera. She is also a TV personality and has been on Viva la Bam, just like her husband.

Bam’s comedy show is called Viva la Bam. On it, he plays different jokes on his friends and family.

What Is Bam Margera’s Net Worth In 2023?

Several sources say that Bam Margera will have a net worth of $25 million in 2023.

Bam’s huge wealth comes from the fact that he has worked in movies and TV for over 20 years.

Jackass and Viva la Bam, his prank and comedy shows, bring in a lot of money for him.

Moreover, he has had a few small roles in movies like Charlie’s Angels, which did not add much to his wealth.

He has made and written many versions of his show Jackass, which has made him a lot of money.

Margera has also been in music videos, which have helped him make a lot more money.

In the same way, he has done voice work for video games, mostly for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, and we think he made a lot of money from that too.

After his tour with Steve-O, his net worth is likely to go up.

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