De’Mario Monte Thornton is an actor and singer who is based in America. He is a member of the rock group R&B boy band B2K. Raz B was born on 13th June 1985 in Cleveland, Ohio, America. Raz B began his music career in his teenage. He joined a rock band music group B2K in his teenage. Since the group was formed, Raz B has been a founding member of the group till its separation. 

Soon after, with the separation of the rock band music group B2K, Raz B started his own music production company named RazBeatz Entertainment. His first song released with his own production company was ‘Fire,’ which was released in May 2007. The Fire was a hit and charted #2 in Hot R&B and #2 in Billboard Hot Singles.

B2K (Boys of the New Millennium) was a music rock band group based in America. B2K was formed in 1998. The group members were De’Mario “Raz-B” Thornton, Dreux “Lil’ Fizz” Frédéric, Jarell “J-Boog” Houston Sr., and Omari “Omarion” Grandberry. They all named the group ‘Boys of the New Millennium’ as B2K.

Beyond his music endeavors, Raz B is kind-hearted and donated to various charities, especially for the well-being of children and encouraging young musicians.

B2K popular Rock Band in 2000 (Credits: Cheatsheet)

The Disturbing video:

Concerns arise for B2K singer Raz B following a recent incident at a hospital in Kansas City. In a viral video shared on social media, Raz B expressed his insecure feelings and posted the address of a Kansas City hospital. This led to a disturbing event where he broke a window and climbed onto the hospital’s roof. The situation prompted police involvement and raised alarm among the public. As the details surrounding Raz B’s medical condition remain unclear, fans and people shared their deep concerns for his well-being. 

The incident occurred at Saint Luke’s Hospital on Thursday morning after off-duty police officers and hospital security notified the authorities. Video footage released by TMZ showed Raz B on the roof of the hospital, with shocked onlookers observing the scene from a nearby window. Fearing for his safety, police and the fire department were immediately notified and dispatched to the scene. As a precautionary measure, mats were placed below in case Raz B slipped or jumped off the roof. A negotiator was also brought in to resolve the situation. Thankfully, Raz B safely returned to the hospital through the broken window and received medical attention peacefully.

Expression of Concern from Fans:

 Raz B’s distressing video, where he repeatedly expressed his desire to stay alive, has raised significant concern among fans. His family is deeply worried about his health and well-being, as his brother Ricardo Thornton shared a video addressing the incident, explaining that their mother is working closely with hospital staff to ensure Raz B’s safety during his recovery. The incident and Raz B’s online statements have spiked an outpouring of support and prayers from his followers, hoping for his mental well-being and healthy recovery. 

During this challenging time, respecting Raz B’s privacy and allowing him to focus peacefully on his recovery is crucial. Mental health issues should be taken seriously as they can affect anyone, regardless of their public persona, and it is vital to understand such matters with empathy. Artists in the entertainment industry face immense pressure, and it is very important to provide them with the necessary support and strength to address their mental health concerns. 

Raz B
B2K Singer Raz B’s Alarming Behavior: Hospital Roof Climb After Breaking Window (Credits: Got Music Talent)

Mental Health Awareness is Crucial:

 Raz B’s incident serves as a reminder that mental health struggles can impact anyone and sheds light on the importance of mental health awareness and support within the music industry and society as a whole. Prioritizing mental well-being and providing accessible resources for those in need is very essential. The incident also highlights the urgency of continuing conversations surrounding mental health, seeking help when necessary, raising awareness, and creating a safe and supportive space for all individuals. Let us pray that Raz B receives the care he needs during this challenging time and hope for his full recovery.

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