Ashley Dale Murder Case: Two men were arrested- Joseph Peers & James Witham

Environmental health officer Ashley Dale was found dead in the backyard of her home in Old Swan, Liverpool. She was a 28 years old woman who was murdered by gunshot on August 21 at 12:40 am.

Police officers were called to an address on Leinster Road frequently. The people in that area were concerned for a woman at the property, and as soon as police found the body of Ashley, they took her to the hospital, but unfortunately, they couldn’t save the 28-year-old lady.

 Merseyside police revealed that Ashley wasn’t the intended target of the killers. The week she was murdered, 3 more murders took place in Merseyside. Detectives were alert and were inspecting the whole thing thoroughly, as people living in that area were very scared and worried for the safety of their families.

They arrested two men for the murder case aged 28 and 40. They were held on suspicion of possession of a gun with intent. These men were from the Huyton area of the city. One of them was James Witham (40) & the other one was Joseph Peers (28).

They were given remand and told to appear at Wirral adult remand court on 31st January. They are facing jail time now, and further announcements are yet to be made.

 Later police arrested another man. His name is Kallum Radford (25). He was arrested because of the suspicion of assisting an offender and is in custody now. Kallaum is told to appear at Wirral Court on 1st February.

Police have taken 15 people in for this case till now, but no one is still charged with the murder. Some of them are on bail, and some of them are still under investigation.

Detailed information about this case is not out yet. Police have denied revealing any information about this incident as this is a very serious case. So we are yet to know a lot of things regarding this case.

Ashley’s younger brother was also murdered in 2015, and surprisingly he was not the intended victim too. Now the question is whether they were just unlucky or there’s something more dark mystery hidden behind their murder.

Ashley Dale’s family is devastated and asking for justice. They said, “ Since her death life has become a living nightmare” and they vowed not to stop until they get justice.

Ashley’s birthday was close to Christmas and her death made Christmas enormously excruciating for her family. She left the world before her 29th birthday and we are hoping to give her justice.

This Knowsley council officer’s family and friends are determined to find out the killer as they have lost someone whom they loved dearly. Police have asked people to help them in the case so that they can find out the murderer and stop him from committing any other murders.

On August 22, the day after Ashley was found dead, police found another dead body in Liverpool. This time the victim was nine years old Olivia Pratt-Korbel. She was one of the four victims that were shot in a week at Liverpool, Merseyside. She was shot dead right in her home.

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