Are Courtney Coco And Lace Shawntelle Evans Sisters? Family Details

Yes, Courtney Coco and Lace Shawntelle are sisters.

Lace Shawntelle Evans and Heather are Courtney Coco’s sisters. Courtney is a college student who is 19 years old. Now let me introduce you all to her parents and sister below in this short article.

Courtney Coco is now a new hot topic in the news headline because she was found dead far away from where she was last seen. She lived in Rapides Parish, which is in Louisiana.

Moreover, Coco took classes in the criminal justice program at Northwestern State University. On October 1, 2004, her mother, Stephanie Belgard, watched her for the last time while she was still alive.

Though the case has been going on for almost 20 years, it still follows her family, especially her sister. Sources say that her things were found in Winnie, Texas, in a vacant house.

The young girl died when everyone thought she would live longer and reach her goals and dreams. However, people also thought someone might have murdered her as it was no less than a crime scene.

Are Courtney Coco And Lace Shaentelle Evans Sisters?

Yes, Courtney Coco’s sister is Lace Shawntelle Evans, and the age difference between Lace and Courtney was seven years. It was also said that the sisters worked at a nearby dentist’s office.

Later, Lace went to Northwestern State University to get a degree in Criminal Justice. Lace went to Bolton High School in Louisiana, according to her Facebook bio. She now lives in the Louisiana town of Alexandria.

Her Facebook bio also says she has a happy life with her long-term boyfriend, family, and friends. Also, Lace is a regular user of Facebook, where she posts updates about her life.

In addition to this, she is aware that her sister was murdered, and she has discussed this topic on the platform more than once, and she even shared a Dateline episode that focused on the investigation into the death of her sister.

According to Cinemaholic, in addition to Courtney, Heather is the name of one of Courtney’s sisters. Due to the fact that Heather has avoided the public eye, there is not a lot of information available about her.

Courtney Coco’s Family Details

In the United States of America, Courtney Megan Coco was brought into the world by her parents and given the name Courtney Coco. Her mother is named Stephanie Belgard, but the identity of her father has not been revealed.

Courtney, Lace, and Heather were Stephanie’s three beautiful children. Stephanie also had a son. When their biological father passed away, the child was the youngest at the time and was only nine years old. According to the reports, their father passed away in a job accident that resulted in his legs being crushed.

Courtney’s mom has worked hard to get justice for her daughter, who was killed by David Anthony Burns. Courtney’s mom’s Facebook page says that she has also worked at Paparazzi Accessories as a Creative Consultant.

She was born in Pineville, Louisiana, and lives in Alexandria, Louisiana, now. Stephanie often posts about her life on Facebook where she has even posted a Dateline story about her daughter.

Who Was The Murderer Of Courtney Coco?

In November 2022, David Anthony began his life sentence in jail without the chance to get out. Sources say that he dated Lace, who is Coco’s sister, and saw her on the side.

Moreover, it is known that the murderer is serving a life term at the Louisiana State Penitentiary and he somehow managed to hide from the police for more than several years.

Burns maintained his innocence even after his arrest, despite the fact that he had a criminal record from the past. As a result of his participation as a pallbearer at Coco’s funeral, he developed a strong bond with Coco’s family.

David was at first suspected of the murder crime in  2011, but as there was no solid proof, police could not take him into custody.

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