Anja Windl's Age, Ethnicity, And Origin According To Wikipedia

Anja Windl is one of Austria’s most well-known environmental campaigners who is also known as “Climate Shakira.”

The teenage activist has been working with the group Last Generation for months. “Last Generation” is a group of activists who work to stop climate change.

Interestingly, Anja has stuck herself on the road several times using superglue.

Windl used to be a part of Fridays for the Future. She has been taken into custody eleven times, according to reports. Anja Windl was also threatened by the Austrian authorities with being kicked out of the country.

Since the story broke, many people have been interested in the activist to learn more about her. So if you are among them then keep reading this article till the end.

Anja Windl Wikipedia, Age, Ethnicity, and Origin

Anha Windl is going to be 25 years old in 2023 as her birth year is 1998.

Lower Bavaria is the home of the young climate activist. It is one of the seven regions of Bavaria, Germany, that is run by the government. The activist, who goes by the name “Climate Shakira,” is a student at the University of Klagenfurt in Carinthia at the moment where she has taken psychology as her major subject.

Windl has been with the group Last Generation for a long time. The group’s acts of civil disobedience included destroying art or blocking roadways, which often made people angry.

In Germany alone, the group stopped 276 roads from moving in 2022. In Rome, they flung soup at a picture of The Sower by Vincent Van Gogh that was behind glass.

In Potsdam, they similarly put mashed potatoes over a Monet painting but none of the paintings they tried to harm were damaged.

She was also a part of Friday for Future, an international group of schoolchildren. On Friday, a lot of students would skip school to join protests calling on political leaders to do more to stop climate change.

The Friday for the Future movement also wants the fossil fuel industry to do something to switch to clean energy.

Was She Threatened To Be Kicked Out Of Her Country?

This week, Anja Windl revealed to Heute that the immigration police in Austria are investigating the possibility of imposing a residence ban on her for a number of years.

An identity check was done, and the immigration police received her information, the campaigner revealed to the publication in question.

The psychology student in Austria further claimed that she had already acquired a long list of administrative fines, and immigration agents sought to forbid her from living in the republic any longer.

The native of Germany made the following statement: “She finds it ridiculous that she is not permitted to protest in Austria even though she spent a good portion of her life in Austria, it is not entirely clear to her to what extent this can be legally enforced,” Anja continued.

However, this Thursday she will be clear about everything after her meeting with the immigration police.

The native of Lower Bavaria previously knew from a variety of people that she was a pain in the side as a result of her high-profile adhesive demonstrations/protests on significant traffic routes. These demonstrations/protests may most likely be removed within the limit of a residence restriction.

Windl, on the other hand, stated that she was not going to be discouraged and that she would continue to take her protest to the streets.

Anja Windl Instagram

Furthermore, she has an Instagram account under the pseudonym “anscho.wi.”

Her social media accounts are followed by a sizable number of devoted fans. She gives her followers a glimpse inside her campaign and various protests in order to motivate them to make changes to have a brighter future.

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