Amanda Lamb of A Place in the Sun can't stand hearing about Jonnie Irwin's cancer

Amanda Lamb, one of A Place In The Sun stars, has said that she “can’t bear” her former co-star Jonnie Irwin’s “horrific” terminal cancer diagnosis. Jonnie, aged 49, has publicly stated that he had terminal cancer, which was diagnosed in November 2022.

Doctors have predicted that he only had six months to live. In August 2020, he was diagnosed with stage-4 lung cancer. Cancer has now spread to his head, affecting the brain.

Amanda, 50, who worked on A Place In The Sun from 2001 to 2009, said that Jonnie’s terminal diagnosis is “horrific” but that he is “tackling it with dignity.”

Amanda said to the Express: “One of the things I love about him (Jonnie) is tackling it with such bravery. I love that he is doing all these experiences and going to all these places. I hope he gets to see many more.

“But it’s terrible, and I can’t think of it. He is such a wonderful man, and it’s so heartbreaking to hear. Life is based on uncertainty. I have already sent a message to him (Jonnie).

He knows how people love him, but his most important priority is his immediate family.”

“I think when you (Jonnie) are going through anything whether it’s a sorrowful, divorce, or a monumental moments in your life, it is very important to know you are loved by all of us but you should know that, we are for you anytime, when you need us.”

After announcing his diagnosis in November, Jonnie shared it on Instagram. He shared that he was “pleased” by the messages supporting people he had received earlier.

He posted a picture. In his image, he stood in the countryside next to a sheep-filled field. He smiled slightly at the camera and breathed in the fresh air.

Beside the snap, he wrote, “I was stunned when I received your kind messages. But I didn’t have the chance to read them all yet, but I assure you that I will read your messages.

“Yesterday, I needed some time to escape from the country with my brother-in-law and his pet (dog). It was so refreshing.”

Jonnie recently revealed how he continued to work on TV following his diagnosis to continue to provide for his wife, Jessica Holmes, and their three children, son Rex, three, and two-year-old twins Rafa and Cormac.

He had to continue to work because he had failed to take out “critical illness” insurance and instead had taken out insurance for getting the ‘terminal diagnosis,’ which would not pay out until he died.

On Thursday Morning he appeared live. In live, he spoke to hosts Gethin Jones and Kimberley Walsh. In this show, he explains the difference between insurance and how he wished he’d done things differently.

‘When you get a terminal cancer diagnosis, it covers you for when you’re gone forever.’ Your illness will hamper your work, so if you’re not doing the work and you’re waiting for the payment, who will pay you?’

“I didn’t take that and that put a lot of pressure on having to work on days when I didn’t want to go to work, and that’s one mistake I say to everyone.”

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