Alexis Wilson’s Tragic Death: Meet Her Father Alonzo Wilson And Mother

Alex Wilson’s father, Alonzo, and mother filed a lawsuit against the Dolton police department as the cop’s excessive and unnecessary force led to Wilson’s death. After that, Wilson’s parents became the more searched topic on the internet by the country’s inmates. 

Subsequently, we worked hard to reveal the fact before you. No more poppycock today, as we are more careful about your valuable time and consume your timeless. Let’s dive into the highlighted question to fulfill your concern.

The 19 years teenage girl’s parents from Illinois are seeking answers for their daughter’s demise. They also asked for transparency and accountability regarding Wilson’s sudden disappearance while she was on a routine trip to a restaurant trip-thru. 

After the death of Wilson, a lawsuit was filed with the police by her parents regarding her wrongful death in Illinois, as they cannot look through the injustice that occurred to them, even 365 days after the tragedy. 

Wilson’s death left her parents heartbroken and shocked. The responsible officers are accused of using destructive force by punching, causing the younger’s death. The optimistic parents are hopeful enough to reveal the truth about what happened on the day she leads to death.

The distraught parents want justice, a transparent scenario, and accountability for this case so that no one will face the same in the future. In addition, the misconduct of police departments will rectify which is a must-need in the country.

We also hope this victim’s family will find justice so that their sad mind will find peace and closure after this dispute. Let’s dive into the deep of this issue.

Alexis Wilson Parents: Father Alonzo And Mother- Family Tree

Alexis Wilson was the most loving and proud daughter of father Alonzo and his mother. Wilson’s parents became one of the most hyped topics on the internet after their legal battles against the entire police department. 

Her parents stated a statement and an emotional message like their proud daughter’s sudden demise left a void that could never be filled. When the Wilson family heard the news of their daughter passing away, they all became shocked and shattered. Even one year after her death, her parents could not forgive her for what happened there and the parents were devasted. 

Through some conferences, Wilson’s parents stated the whole scenario and the irresponsible attitude of the police departments. They indicated they trusted the Dolton cops department to protect Wilson; however, vice versa screen was happening there. Wilson was killed in the brutal field created by the police.

According to a source like The Southland General, Wilson’s parents disclosed that the concerned police officers could be handled the dispute softly. Still, they used excessive force and overreacted, that’s why Wilson’s tragic death occurred. 

In addition, the guardians shared their disappointment and loss regarding the police force as they failed to protect their precious daughter. Therefore, their illegal and rough actions resulted in her death. 

After the tragedy, the parents filed a case against the whole Dolton cops. The lawsuit comprised that the assigned officer followed the wrong way and mishandled the dispute on the restaurant premises. That’s why a young lady has died brutally. Wilson’s parents asked for justice and transparency for their daughter’s wrongful death. 

The victim’s family pursued accountability and justice for this case and against the police department. Many innocent souls lose their lives yearly to police departments’ irresponsible activities and excessive illegal force. The victim’s parents shared their sad stories and asked for justice so similar incidents would not occur.  

Who Are The Officers Accused In Alexis Wilson’s Case?

Ryan Perez and Gerarld Carlton are the two officers from the Dolton police department accused in the Alexis Wilson case. Wilson’s parents filed a lawsuit late Tuesday and accused the two as the cops used excessive force against Alexis. That’s why the young lady’s death occurred, as the police’s illegal steps were directly involved here. 

The police officers had asked the victim and her boyfriend to exit their minivan, and we collected it from the edited bodycam footage from the Dolton cops department. After that, Wilson’s boyfriend obeyed their order, but Wilson self refused their order by citing that she was ready with her uncomfortable dress. 

Finally, one of the officers from the highlighted two entered the minivan from the passenger side, and suddenly Alexis took off. Police shot Wilson within three minutes of the police van arriving at the restaurant premises. She then quarreled with the restaurant staff about her ordered food.

Bottom Line

Wilson’s parents and we all are deeply disheartened and shocked by his death. And here is all for you about this sad topic. Stay tagged with us to explore such updates.

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