Turkish drama fans will be excited to know their favorite streaming, Directed by Soner Caner Aktris, is an upcoming Turkish drama that will focus on the theme of double life. Speculated to be based on the real-life of a Turkish actress, the series is set to be a crime-thriller with a bunch of good humor.

Written by Hakan Bonomo Aktris, the series is expected to have a unique plotline with an actress turning into a vigilante by night. Aktris is going to have an underlying meaning with a famous actress having it all before everything goes South. Aktris’ first teaser was dropped by Disney+ on 11 May 2023, and it has the viewers ready to plunge into the glamorous life of an actress and the dark side of it.

Still From Aktris [Credits- Disney+]

Aktris has an eccentric side to it, with the lead actress taking the concept of justice into her hands as she decides to punish the offenders as she sees fit. Aktris is expected to do well with the audience with the unusual plot, and the performance of Pinar Deniz as the lead appears promising. Pinaz has done justice to her character of calm bubbly personality in front of everyone while hiding her actual self in the darkness of the shadows to show sometimes as she goes on a killing spree occasionally.

Aktris expected cast consists of Pinar Deniz, who will be playing the role of Yasemin, the series protagonist, and an actress turned vigilante, Uraz Kaygilroglu, as the male lead, as the lead cast. The expected supporting cast of Atris consists of Sebnem Hassanisoughi, Ahmet Rifat Sungar, Ipek Cicek, Tolga Tekin, Serhat Mustafa Kilic, and Sinan Sicimoglu.

Produced by Zumrut Arol Becke and Onur Cakir, the series is going to have the audience twitching in their seats as they wait to see what is going to happen next. The enchanting and fabulous costumes worn by the lead are designed by IIayda Saran. Aktris is bound to leave the audience speechless with the amazing performance of the lead cast.

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Aktris- Premise

Aktris adds spice to life, as who doesn’t want someone to go out of their way to avenge the one who has done you wrong? Aktris will focus on Yasemin, one of the best actresses to be known in Turkey. Yasemin has it all with fame and the love of her fans until everything comes unraveling when she arrives at an award function with blood stains around her neck. Yasemin displays a range of as she sits in front of a mirror, playing different roles while trying different looks.

Aktris will focus on the hidden and dark side of Yaesmin as she turns into a vigilante, someone who isn’t authorized to punish the offender but does so. On a daily basis, Yaesmin goes out at night dressed as someone unrecognizable to find the new offender to kill. You would have heard about several serial killers, but surely you haven’t heard about an actress being one.

That’s right, at night, Yaesmin turns into a serial killer who goes on a hunt for sex offenders and other criminals. Yaesmin’s primary focus is on the felons accused of crimes against women. Yaesmin enjoys the glamour of being a part of the Hollywood industry, but at night she goes on a mission to hunt down felons accused of crimes. Yaesmin leads a secret life and is suspected of suffering from a dual personality.

Yaesmin tries to navigate through her dual life as she tries to continue maintaining her public image. Yaesmin takes matters of justice into her hands after being disappointed in the justice system. Yaesmin is driven to hunt down the felons by her deep sense of justice. Aktri’s deep dives into the complexities of Yaesmin’s character and her struggles. Yaesmin’s aim to finish off the felons takes her on an unexpected adventure as her story begins to unravel.

Pinar Deniz As Yasemin [Credits- Disney+]

Along her way, Yaesmin makes new friends and enemies who swear to bring her down. The first episode is expected to open with an introduction to Yaesmin’s character and the complexities of her double life. We’ll see the eccentric personality of Yaesmin as she paves her way in the night in disguise to search for her new victim. Yaesmin doesn’t leave a clue behind for anyone to figure out her identity, and the first felon to be killed by her can either be a guy offering her a ride and making a move to assault her or the guy who decides to mess with her at her place.

Yaesmin also is in a relationship, and her boyfriend frequently visits, thus making it harder for her to continue with her ruse.

Aktris Episode 1 Release Date

Aktris is expected to have eight episodes, with each set to release on a weekly schedule. Disney+ will be releasing new episodes for the fans of the upcoming drama every Wednesday. Episode 1 of Aktris is set to come out on 31 May 2023, Wednesday.

  • Pacific Standard Time [P.C.T.] [U.S.]- 12:00 A.M.- 31, May 2023, Wednesday
  • Indian Standard Time [I.S.T.] [India]- 12:30 P.M.- 31 May 2023, Wednesday
  • Greenwich Mean Time [G.M.T.] [U.K.]- 7:00 A.M.- 31 May 2023, Wednesday
  • Australian Standard Time [A.C.T.] [Australia]- 5:00 P.M.- 31 May 2023, Wednesday
  • Korean Standard Time [K.S.T.] [Korea]- 4:00 P.M. – 31 May 2023, Wednesday

Aktris Episode 1 Streaming Guide

Aktris episode 1 will be at the access for viewers to stream via Disney+. The series will be initially only available to the Indian audience alongside the Turkish public, so viewers from outside these provinces may need to get Express VPN to gain access to the episodes. Hulu plans to bring Aktris to the global audience after the initial release.

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