K-pop fans around the world have been eagerly awaiting the comeback of Aespa, and the wait is finally over in 2023 with the tracklist of the album My World out along with the 1st day sales

On May 8th, the Aespa group released their album My World, featuring six tracks, including the title track Spice.

Aespa My World comeback album 2023 1st day sales, tracklist and date

According to the Hanteo Chart, more than 1.19 million copies of the album have been sold.

The concept of My World: A World of Hope

My World by Aespa tes fans back to a world of hope, ming it a refreshing change of pace from the dark and moody themes that have been dominating K-pop lately. With its dreamy vocals and guitar riffs, Aespa’s My World offers a perfect blend of pop and alternative pop music, resulting in an album that listeners can’t help but get hooked on.

Spice: The Upbeat Title Track

Spice is the album’s title track and the most upbeat song on the album. In the song, Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning unapologetically declare, “I’m too spicy for you,” ming it an empowering anthem for fans. The song’s music video is equally impressive, featuring stunning visuals and choreography that highlight Aespa’s skills as a performer.

The tracklist

My World consists of six tracks, each presenting a unique blend of genres. Welcome To My World sets the tone for the album, with its dreamy vocals and guitar riffs. Salty & Sweet is a catchy pop song that’s sure to get stuck in your head, while Thirsty is a more subdued track that showcases Aespa’s vocal range.

I’m Unhappy is a standout track, featuring powerful vocals and emotional lyri. ‘Til We Meet Again is an emo track based solely on Aespa’s vocals, where the group says goodbye with the promise of meeting again. Overall, the album’s diversity has been praised by fans, with many calling it a “no-skip” album.

Fan’s reaction to My World

On social media, fans have been gushing over Aespa’s My World, with many calling it the “best comeback of 2023” and dubbing it a “dynamic” album. Fans have been particularly impressed with Aespa’s vocals, with one fan praising the group for “never missing” and another calling them “vocal queens.”

The album’s themes of hope and positivity have also resonated with fans, with many appreciating the change of pace from the darker themes that have been dominating K-pop recently. One fan tweeted, “My World is such a refreshing album. It’s the perfect blend of genres and has a really uplifting message.”

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