Meet Achraf Hakimi's Children Amin And Naim: PSG Star Divorce News And Settlement

Amin and Naim Hakimi, the children of PSG star Achraf Hakimi, are currently in the spotlight as a result of the ongoing discussion about their father’s divorce.

So, here is the information that we could find about them.

Achraf Hakimi is often known as the most popular professional footballer who is currently representing Spain and is a member of the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) team and plays right back for them in Ligue 1.

Hakimi is not only one of the most notable players in his club, but he also plays for Spain’s national team and is one of the most famous players in all of Spanish football.

In addition to this, Hakimi is also popular as the best defender in the entire world. His professional football career kicked off with Colonia Ofigevi, and he has been a member of PSG ever since 2021.

Meanwhile, the professional footballer is currently in the spotlight owing to his personal life as a result of his separation from his wife, Hiba Abouk. This news has brought him into the public eye.

So, people became interested to know about his married life, his children, and also about his divorce settlement news.

Meet Hakimi’s Children

Amin and Naim are both the names of Achraf Hakimi’s two boys, and he is their proud father. Hiba Abouk, a Spanish Actress best known for her role in El Principe, is a co-parent of Haikimi’s two children. Abouk is now Haikimi’s ex-wife at the time.

Hakimi and Hiba first met in 2018, while Hiba was participating in shooting for Vogue Arabia whereas, the footballer was employed by Real Madrid during that time and was a member of their team.

The ex-couple told people about their relationship at a charity event in Madrid in June 2019, and two months later, they made it official on Instagram. However, in 2020, Achraf and Hiba got married in a secret wedding.

Soon after they got married, they made plans to start their own family and in 2020, they had their first child. Just after two years in 2022, the couple had another son, making their family of three into a family of four.

At the beginning of the year 2023, a lady accused Achraf Hakimi of raping her at his home in a suburb of Paris on February 25, 2023, and just after that, the police started an investigation in France to look for the truth of this case.

However, Hakimi has responded by stating that the accusation is false and claiming that he is the victim of the crime. It is noteworthy that his wife Abouk did not make a public defense of her husband and after remaining silent for a whole month, Abouk finally released a statement in which she confirmed that she and Hakimi had ended their relationship.

Abouk said in the statement that long before the events he has been linked to the media, which he knows nothing about.” She also said that after they decided to split up and stop living together officially, they had to move out of the house.

Abouk also said that she believes in the legal system and is always on the side of the victim in these situations.

Divorce Settlement

Hiba Abouk demanded half of her husband Achraf Hakimi’s property and money when she filed for divorce against him but she did not receive anything as it is said that the PSG star does not have any property in his name.

Besides this, Hakimi has always increased his properties in his mother’s name and also Hakimi’s every income goes in his mother’s name. So, his wife could not get anything from him.

It was said that 80% of Hakimi’s is listed in the name of his mother. After hearing that, Hiba was also shocked. So, she will keep working as an actress from here on out.

But now the facts about who will have custody of their children have not been shared, but they will be soon updated.

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