A Frozen Field Ended Chelsea's Women's Super League Match Against Liverpool After Six Minutes

Chelsea and Liverpool are two teams that play soccer against each other. They were playing a game at Kingsmeadow, but they had to stop the game because the field was frozen. Emma Hayes and Matt Beard agreed that the match shouldn’t have been played.

Emma said, “I can’t believe that the game started and then had to be stopped because the field was too wet to play on. The workers, managers, and players who were warming up could see that it was frozen.” And you have to think about the safety of the players.

The goalie has been hurt on the ground. When she is hurt on the ground, it is difficult for her to play well because the ground is hard, and other players are slipping on it. A worrying mistake was made just two hours before the decisive match between Kingsmeadow and Chelsea.

Erin Cuthbert fell; she hurt her hand and shoulder. When she was in the hospital, the doctors realized she had a broken arm and a broken shoulder. She can’t play for a long time. On Saturday, Ms. Cuthbert and her friends were going to play soccer.

It was so muddy in the field that the fields were slippery, and there was a chance she’d fall. The referee stopped the soccer game before it even started because of that. It went without saying that something of this magnitude must never happen again!

Hayes said she thought the pitch was too cold. Hayes told the BBC, “You could tell it was going to be hard to play on. The Liverpool manager Matt Beard was upset with the field because it was so cold. The managers or the players don’t decide if the field is good enough to play on or not. It is up to us to heat the ground below before we can play. With blowers and tents, we have to take these problems seriously, but that is not enough.”

The game was supposed to start, but the teams were arguing about whether or not they wanted to play. Someone needs to make a decision. The FA ( Football Association) wasn’t there, so they should be making a choice.

We waited until 9:30 a.m., but it was too wet to play, so they told us to try again at 2:00 p.m. When people started playing, we realized that one field section was hard to run on because of all the mud and puddles. So they put blowers on it to dry it out. They tested it everywhere else, and it wasn’t too bad, but things changed when they took the covers off and let people play on it.

Beard said, “They were going to give it a shot, so that’s why.” The dugout side of the pitch was not safe. Patches of ice were in the middle and other places; there was only where they had put in heaters, but it wasn’t true for most of the pitch.

“Chelsea has tried everything they can to get the game started. We were told this morning that we could try to start the game at 2 p.m., but we just got a phone call saying that the game was back on at 12:30 p.m. I was surprised by this change of plans.”

Hope Powell, a famous soccer player, said she was embarrassed by how the game was played. She said many players slipped and fell because the field was wet. She added, “The field should have been called off before it started because it was dangerous.”

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