A Kingdom of Dreams is a novel which is historical novel in the Historical and Romantic genres—written by Judith McNaught, a famous American author known for his bestsellers. Along with this fact, this novel, A Kingdom of Dreams, which is also one of the bestsellers in The New York Times, was published on 1 March 1989.

It is part of the Westmoreland series and works as an embraced version of the historical romance. The series work on the clash of various purposes, love, and defiance, and makes up the plot even more of an evocative feature for the readers to read it with all their focus upon it. 

With many characters, the story mainly moves around Jennifer, who is a courageous and partly aggressive female character. She has to make critical choices towards the end of the novel also. Being kidnapped because of the reason of the possibility of beginning a raging war between Scotland and England. 

A Kingdom Of Dreams-Cover Page
A Kingdom of Dreams [Credits- simonandschuster]

As for now, Jennifer is married, and her family tries to save her from the marriage bond and plans to send her to a convent after the wedding is duly completed with the reception ceremony. The motive behind sending her to a convent is to make her a nun and save her from the imposed relationship. The plan is ruined as Royce kidnaps her before they can execute their plan.

Later on, the action and the climax are led by the tournament/competition organized by the King of England, who puts upon the challenge of choosing between the two families in front of Jennifer to see whether her loyalty is reliable to them or not. 

If you prefer the storyline and the themes followed in A Kingdom of Dreams, then there are 57 more books you should give a try that is similar to the same.

57 Books like A Kingdom of Dreams

Devil In Winter (By Lisa Kleypas, 2006)

It is the third part of the series of this book, which is the Wallflowers Series. The successive revelation of the character Evangeline Jenner more commonly known as Evie, in the series also the series, explains how the antagonist in the previous section of the series, Sebastian.

Devil in Winter Cover Page
Devil in Winter [Credits – kobo]

The aftereffects of Marriage, the imposing qualities, and romance all are inscribed within with the most powerful tools of explaining. Published in 2006, this part of the novel was also successful and read by many readers. 

Also, if one wants to give it an individual reading without exploring the previous parts of the section, it will give you a different perspective as a reader. 

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The Bride (By Julie Garwood, 1991)

Set in the year 1100, it is more of a historical novel, the protagonist Jamie is one of the four daughters of an English lord. Due to some political reasons, Jamie has to marry a person of high political significance, and so the story of an Arranged marriage begins. 

The Bride
The bride {credits-youtube}

Jamie’s feisty nature, for example, wearing black to the marriage, is the part where the turns and twists in the plot begin. The gradual love and slowly moving ahead plot make the reader deep dive into the melodious feelings of attachment and marriage. 

A statement made by Jamie in the novel stole the heart of readers, which was, “It will be a frigid day in heaven before I marry you, milord, a frigid day indeed.”

Being unaware of the fact that they love one another, they start to care, and in various circumstances, they get to know about their very own feelings. 

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Outlander (By Diana Gabaldon, 1991)

Readers like to read what they find interesting and readable, and so is the plot of Outlander. The story revolves around time travel and the love found at a time when one is not searching for it. 

outlander (Credits: T.L.Branson)

Some disturbing actions, like scenes of an attempt to rape and molestation, may disturb sensitive readers, but the love depicted remains the core of the novel. A nurse named Claire traveled to 17th-century Scotland and found Jamie Fraiser. The gradual revelation of the love theme, adventure, and twists is the exciting part of the novel. 

“Don’t be afraid. There’s the two of us now.” – such quotes make the plot beautiful. 

Turns and twists throughout make the plot interesting. The Outlander has a positive ending, but the in-between twists will assuredly make your sensitive side glow with tears. As it is also of the historical and romantic genre, it has some of the facts which are true to its nature and have happened in the past. 

When Beauty Tamed the Beast (By Eloisa James, 2011)

This is of the European Historical Romance genre and makes the utmost use of topics leading to textual intimacy. The known Beauty and the Beast can be taken as an example, but WHEN BEAUTY is TAMED, THE BEAST is different in every way. 

When beauty tamed the beast
When Beauty Tamed the Beast [Credits: Amazon]

Linnet- The Beauty of the novel is that he falls in love with a doctor who is the character of the Beast here, all about fantasy, fictional characters, love, and passion. This all is described effectively through the wordplay in a manner that makes the plot take turns all around. 

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Lord Of Scoundrels (By Loretta Chase 1995)

Sebastian Ballister, the antagonist of the novel, is shown to hurt Miss Jessica Trent’s brother. His brother is not so clever and is gullible in a sort of way, and this makes her continuously worry for his brother.

LOrd of scoundrels
Lord of Scoundrels (Credits: YouTube)

She finally arrives to save him from the ‘bad company,’ and then the plot moves ahead. Jessica Trent is a clever lady, has dedication, open-minded, and has a strong impression of whatever she does. 

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An Offer from a Gentleman (By Julia Quinn, 2001)

A more of a Cinderella-like story, the daughter of an Earl suffers because of her cruel stepmother. Now, the suffering comes to an end when she meets a suitor who falls for her, and he too falls for her, and marrying him becomes the best part of saving herself from this crap of suffering. 

An Offer from a Gentleman
An Offer from a Gentleman (Credits: Buzzfeed)

Finally, she knows that all the magic and fantasy things will come to an end exactly at midnight. This makes the plot interesting and reveals the story gradually, and excitement bubbles within the readers to know what happens next. 

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Mine Till Midnight (By Lisa Kleypas, 2007)

A novel written in 2007 is assuredly an adult-readable content novel. It has sensual scenes and spicy instances, but unlike other spicy novels, it takes into account the need to have a family.

Mine Till Midnight
Mine Till Midnight (Credits- Pinterest)

It teaches the importance of family while talking about love and physical intimacy. The story revolves around the character of Amelia and how she responds to the people she meets all along the way. 

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Secrets of a Summer Night (By Lisa Kleypas, 2004)

The Wallflower series is well known to all of us, and we know the parts that have come up with time. This was the first in the series ‘Secrets of a Summer Night,’ exploring the life of a beautiful young woman named Anabelle.

Secrets of a Summer Night
Secrets of a Summer Night (Credits: YouTube)

This can be stated as more of the life story of a Young Woman and how she is eager to marry, but financial illness is a huge obstacle in the way. No man wants to marry her because they will not be able to stuff the groom’s family’s mouths with a dowry—an interesting storyline with twists and turns. 

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The Secret (By Julie Garwood, 1992)

In a story that is as engaging as the title, a beautiful woman named Judith visits her Scottish fast friend; the reason for visiting there is not only her friend. The fact is she wants to know who her father is and why she has never been able to meet him.

The Secret
The Secret (Credits: YouTube)

The story moves in suspense, and the revelation of the plot is gradual, as how she does not like to spend time with her mother and the drunk uncle, of how she wants to take an escape from the negativity and explore the secrets. 

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When a Scot Ties the Knot (By Tessa Dare, 2015)

Not so known about the customs and aftereffects of marriage, Miss Madeleine is a teenager who makes up a story of a man who has promised him to marry once he comes back from the army and his duties.

When a Scot Ties the Knot
When a Scot Ties the Knot (Credits: YouTube)

To take an escape and live a wholesome life is all she wants, rather than the fact that her family members want her to marry the man of their choice. This is a story that revolves around a made-up situation to reality. 

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Nine Rules to Break when Romancing the Rake (By Sarah MacLean, 2010)

The pleasure of women should be given priority, knowing yourself and what your mind and body dedemandSimilar is the story of Lady Calpurnia Hartwell, who realizes the need for a man or a lover in her life.

Nine Rules to Break when Romancing the Rake
Nine Rules to Break when Romancing the Rake (Credits: eBay)

Not every battle is won alone, some times what you just need is love, security, and a sense of acceptance. She gets to know herself and develops the idea of a man whom she wants in her life as a partner. This is a historical romance novel by Sarah MacLean, and how she beautifully describes what a woman feels like.

The sensual concepts, the feeling of owning a person’s love, the feisty and sparkly attention of the suitor, and whatnot. This is all part of this engaging romance between Lady Calpurnia and the Rake. How she breaks the rule for herself makes the plot move up. 

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The Duchess War (By Courtney Milan, 2012)

Recognition and acceptance are the two key themes that are followed in the text throughout. The ninth Duke of Claremont, Robert, meets Wilhelmina, who is the female protagonist of the story. 

THe duchess war
The duchess war (Credits: YouTube)

Both of them fought over their past, some issues which may have affected them severely over time. The resemblance of Robert to his father is another major thing that affects him a lot, whereas Wilhelmina is scared of her past and does not want to remember it at any cost. 

Having such similarities, they form alliances and work for the right of workers. Having the same cause and working together, the plot gradually reveals romance as its key aspect too. 

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Suddenly You (By Lisa Kleypas, 2001)

It is about the lust or the thirst that develops within a person for not having any physical relationship with any person for a very long time or ever.

Lisa Kleypas
Lisa Kleypas (Credits: YouTube)

Similar is the position of our Amanda Briars, who is now thirty and is having some physical demands. She, for her birthday present, demands a man for one night so that she can finally remove the tag of being a virgin till this age and also experience what it feels like to have a physical relationship with someone. 

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Forbidden (By Beverly Jenkins 2016)

Story of a black woman, the time set for the novel, is about half a decade after the Civil War took place. Moving to California to earn and make a living by having a restaurant of her own is her sole motive of Eddy.

Beverly Jenkins
Beverly Jenkins-(Credits- The New York Times)

On the way to California, she is caught by thieves, and all her money is snatched from her leaving her penniless. During the same, she is saved by Rhine, a young, handsome man who is good at heart.

The story then takes a steamy turn by showing how she is resisting falling into him no matter how attractive he is. 

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A Week to be Wicked (By Tessa Dare, 2012)

This is the second book in the series that Tessa Dare wrote in her Historical Romance genre. A book that will make a girl living in this year connect with the protagonist. 

Tessa Dare
Tessa Dare (Credits: YouTube)

This is a story of a girl named Minerva, who is trying to fake love and run away for the same cause. This makes Colin the person who is helping her through her plan. How she runs, what seems to be the consequences, and what happens to them in the climax is the part that makes the plot extraordinary. 

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An Extraordinary Union (By Alyssa Cole, 2017)

The stories take us back to the time when wars were a common activity and slavery was a common concept. The slaves had no right to live their lives on their terms and were bound by their masters.

Alyssa Cole
Alyssa Cole (Credits: Meet New Books)

Similar is the story of a spy during Civil War Virginia who is a slave and is taking a risk by falling in love, which is restricted to them as all of their actions are controlled by their masters. She falls for a spy who is from another race which is another part where she jumps out of the borders drawn for her actions. 

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Slightly Dangerous (By Mary Balogh, 2004)

The opposites attract. The statement is true to its core for Mary Balogh. Of how she describes the union of the Duke and the woman he fell for. A man who is masculine, aristocratic, a bit emotionless, and has the quality of not falling for beauty. 

Slightly Dangerous
Slightly Dangerous (Credits: YouTube)

The story revolves around the fact of how he falls for a woman who did not even try to be his partner/mistress. The two teach each other the emotions they are not fond of, the Duke indirectly teaches impulsiveness, and the Lady teaches her the passion of love and acceptance. 

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The Raven Prince (By Elizabeth Hoyt, 2006)

The qualities of impulsiveness and not-so-well-executed behavior are what make the plot of the novel. Earl of Swartingham here is trying to find a secretary who, in turn, will be able to bear all the work as well as can bear the short-tempered Edward.

Elizabeth Hoyt- The Raven Prince
Elizabeth Hoyt- The Raven Prince (Credits: eBay)

The problems getting their solutions gives way to a plot that is engaging and makes up romance gradually with instances that are not predictable. 

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Marrying Winterborne (By Lisa Kleypas, 2016)

Getting or achieving what your desire is, is still the perception of many people, making them go beyond limits to mark their achievement. Similar is the story of Rhys, who is ambitious and has achieved success in wealth and business due to his nature of dedication and ambition.

Lisa kleypas
Lisa Kleypas (Credits: Youtube)

Also, Lady Helen is sort of different and is hard to get, a beauty that can not be described in mere words is what we see in Helen, and that is the part when Rhys starts making efforts to make her his partner.

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Then Came You (By Lisa Kleypas, 1993)

Beauties attract bees, and when beauty is found in a woman who has intense qualities and features, then she has many suitors. Similar is the story of Lily Lawson, who is as beautiful as a rose but does not find any of his suitors capable of winning her. 

Lisa kleypas
Lisa Kleypas (Credits: YouTube)

The story revolves around the fact that she wants her younger sister not to marry Earl Lord Wolverton, who is selfish and also has stuck to the fact that he will never fall for the love of a woman. Her sister is trying to protect her from him and the fake promises he tends to make for the sake of himself. 

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The Wallflower Wager: The Girl Meets Duke (By Tessa Dare, 2019)

A novel in the “Girl meets Duke series,” this novel works upon the fact of how a beautiful and amazing girl named Lady Penelope Campion meets a man in his neighborhood who is undoubtedly stunning and astonishing.

Tessa Dare
Tessa Dare-The Wallflower Wager {Credits: Amazon}

She, good at heart, helping every creature who is in pain or difficulty, is a woman of high moral values. When his neighbor imposes the fact that she has to leave all the animals in the place, she sets a deal and agrees on the term that he has to find a home for each one of them. 

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Devil in Spring (By Lisa Kleypas, 2017)

A story set in London, written by Lisa Kleypas, it is another Historical Romance that talks about the slow and steady nature of true love. 

Lisa kleypas
Lisa Kleypas (Credits: Youtube)

The meeting of two strangers at a ball is the beginning of the plot, and the ball leads to a forced and unwanted engagement for both of them. But, gradually, feelings develop with instances as they get to know each other well. It makes their lives connected and also acceptance of the clumsy and socially implicit nature of the Lady. 

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The Duchess Deal (By Tessa Dare, 2017)

The love between a Duchess and a Duke, which is not seen or felt at the beginning, is the core concept of the novel.

Tessa Dare
Tessa Dare {Credits: Amazon}

Here, the Duchess of Devonshire, Georgiana, makes a compromise by marrying the Duke of Devonshire, Ralph. Married because of gain, and high social class, they do not love each other, but gradually the relationship succeeds. 

The story is based on the setting of the 18th century and the customs which were followed then to maintain the hierarchical order and sustain the family image. 

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Then came you (By Lisa Kleypas, 1993)

A story of finding the way out, of how the difficulties can be overcome by making efforts, and most importantly, by making friends who support you throughout. 

Lisa kleypas
Lisa Kleypas 2 (Credits: YouTube)

Similar is this story of a teenage boy who is suffering from a terminal disease, a handsome teenager is trying to put his life together, a hypochondriac suffering teenager is now the friend of this boy, they both are the helping stand to each other and make life a lot easier to enjoy. 

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Not Quite a Husband (By Sherry Thomas, 2009)

The setting of the novel is in the summer season, and the plot revolves around a couple who are now married for three years and are facing some differences, which are the reason for keeping them apart from each other. 

Not quite a husband
Not quite a husband (Credits: Goodreads)

Stuck to take refuge in the fort of Chakadarra, they had to work together to defend and protect the fort, which eventually led to the clearing up of all the differences between the two. 

An Ideal Husband (By Oscar Wilde, 1895)

Moral themes and values are the main targets of this play, and the play revolves around the fact that the wife of the man must not find that he is not an ideal man and rather is selling out secrets for which he is trusted. He is getting paid for doing immoral things. 

Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde (Credit: HistoricUK)

How politics is corrupted by people like him, and the moral values which should be dignified are so ill-treated, can be seen as the core concept of the play.

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The Duke and I (By Julia Quinn, 2000)

A marriage that has happened for the mere sake of marriage and not because of love. The Duke and Daphne Bridgerton both have different conditions. Duke, in one place, does not want to marry at all, whereas Daphne thinks of love as a sacred feeling and thinks about marrying for love only.

Julia-Quinn-books (Credit: Bookbub)

Both of them marrying one another makes the plot take an intriguing turn as to what happens in their life when together. 

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Any Duchess will do (By Tessa Dare, 2013)

Griffin York, a young, handsome Duke, does not want to marry by choosing the bride with the force of any other person and wants to do it with his own will. What happens next is the main part that turns the whole plot.

Tessa Dare
Tessa Dare (Credits: Meet New Books)

He chooses a random girl about whom he does not even knows a single thing, and she becomes the duchess. Those who have forced him earlier get astounded when they fall in love with each other. 

Ugly Love (Colleen Hoover, 2016)

This is the love story of two persons named Tate and Miles. Both of them, being poles apart from one another, tend to fall in love conclusively.

ugly love
Ugly Love (Credits: Youtube)

Their story is not predetermined, and Miles being ill-mannered and financially broken, later has nothing to offer to his partner other than a sexual relationship. This went as a popular release of Colleen Hoover, and people tend to enjoy the storyline as much as the characters. 

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Love in the Afternoon (By Lisa Kleypas, 2010)

Beatrix Hathaway, the protagonist of the story, is a nature and animal lover and tends to enjoy the creations of nature. 

Lisa kleypas
Lisa Kleypas (Credits: Youtube)

She is less like other girls who like to stay limited to the ballrooms and the kitchen; instead, she likes to explore and make things go right by acting up right according to the situation. This nature of hers gives way to her intense love story.

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Cold-hearted Rake (By Lisa Kleypas, 2015)

Devon Ravenel, the protagonist of the story, has got fortune by inheritance, but debt comes along. His decision to let over the debt by selling the inherited fortune seems good to him.

Lisa Kleypas
Lisa Kleypas(Credits: Cosmopolitan)

Alongside, he meets a widow who has been trying to make her life better by making every possible effort, which makes Devon fall for her.

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Tempt Me at Twilight (By Lisa Kleypas, 2009)

Poppy Hathaway, who is madly in love with someone else, does not want to marry the girl who is decided by others for him. He makes plans and ensures he is no more in the race and is not occupied by any other woman. He is manipulative and now wishes for a perfect and normal life with his lover. 

Lisa kleypas
Lisa Kleypas (Credits: YouTube)

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Married by Morning (By Lisa Kleypas, 2010)

Catherine Marks, the protagonist of the story, is trying to keep the family, the sisters, and the brother all together and satisfied by her actions. But her own life is also as important, and the emotions are shown deliberately. To get what they want, an heir has to be present, and now they must marry to have a child. 

Lisa Kleypas
Lisa Kleypas (Credits: YouTube)

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It happened one Autumn (By Lisa Kleypas, 2005)

Lillian Bowman, the protagonist of the story, is not able to find a perfect suitor for herself. Being an American Heiress, she, with her sister, has been finding a man from British Peerage. 

it happened one autumn
It Happened One Autumn (Credits: Amazon)

The decision finalizes that if she is not able to find a perfect man for her, she will return, but she need not now, as circumstances make her meet the best man for her.

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Never Seduce a Scot (By Lisa Kleypas, 2008)

Kev Merripen falls in love at a very young age with a boy who has been rescued by her family. When they grow up, she intends to tell him her feelings. 

Lisa Kleypas quote
Lisa Kleypas quote(Credits: YouTube)

But the male protagonist is scared of the fact that his past is not quite bright, and it may lead to some consequences which she has not thought about, and this leads to a certain kind of tension in the plot. 

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Never Seduce a Scot (By Maya Banks,2012)

Eveline Armstrong is a woman who is beautiful, delicate by heart, and sensitive by nature, but is gifted with the boon of listening by heart, and so does she teaches it to Scottish Warrior.

Never Seduce a Scot
Never Seduce a Scot (Credits: YouTube)

Some people oppose her, some consider her unpure does not make any difference to her, and she keeps on following what her heart says. 

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Romancing Mister Bridgeton (By Julia Quinn, 2002)

Penelope finds herself amidst a situation that she thinks she is unable to resolve. All her life, she has devoted herself to the love of a person whom she saw regularly and then made a perception that she knows all about him.

Romancing Mister Bridgeton
Romancing Mister Bridgeton (Credits: Save the cat)

But, when the fact is realized that there is some secret that she is not aware of, it releases her with a sense of shock and resentment. 

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The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever (By Julia Quinn, 2007)

The diary maintained by Miss Miranda is shown to carry her emotions which she felt when she was emotionally supported by her best friend’s elder brother, Nigel. He is a kind and warm-hearted person who is supportive.

The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever
The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever (Credits: Quoates.pub)

The insult that Miranda felt was the mere beginning of her beautiful journey captured by her diary throughout. 

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To Sir Philipp, With Love (By Julia Quinn, 2003) 

Philip, the protagonist of the story, is shown that he has to suffer. Still, he bears it all with a smile and does not complain about it at all. 

To Sir Philipp, With Love
To Sir Philipp, With Love (Credit: Julia Quinn)

The story of Philip is somewhat like a person who is good at heart but is never treated well for the same; with the first unsuccessful marriage in which he found no happiness, he was left alone. The second marriage also did not have a marvelous start but gradually turned out to be a merry ending for him. 

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In Bed With a Highlander (By Maya Banks, 2011)

The story of three brothers who are willing to sacrifice and fight it all to make the best effort to save their clan. They are working as one. With power and present-mindedness, it makes the best usage of the familiar bond; also, when they fall in love, it is intense too.

In Bed With a Highlander
In Bed With a Highlander (Credits: Maya Banks)

The eldest brother of the three is more concerned with defying the enemy and killing him off. Turns and twists through the plot make the story weave together as one. 

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Again the Magic (By Lisa Kleypas, 2004)

Again a story that embraces love, of how love has no boundaries. It is restricted by no loops. The main characters of the novel are Lady Aline and Mckenna, who both fell for each other most intensely.

Again the Magic
Again the Magic (Credits: YouTube)

Their chemistry is deep and intense and makes the readers dive into the lines beautifully woven together to show the love between the two people who belong to different social classes. Still, they fight for their love and make efforts for them to be together. 

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A Rogue by Any Other Name (By Sarah MacLean, 2012)

This is a book based on ambition and a person who can do whatever to achieve what he wants. A character in the novel tries to make every possible effort to regain some inherited piece of fortune. 

A Rogue by Any Other Name
A Rogue by Any Other Name (Credits: YouTube)

He is even willing to marry Lady Penelope to make his plan work right. With intentions of just inheritance and lust for money, makes the story takes interesting turns within. 

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Eleanor and Park (By Rainbow Rowell, 2012)

The teenage love and attraction are described with details, this being the first of the romantic novels written by Rainbow Rowell, which worked well with the readers. 

Eleanor and Park
Eleanor and Park (Credits: YouTube)

It explores the two opposites and makes the utmost use of hatred turned into love. Of how the two teens do not like each other and have very distinct qualities from one another but still find happiness and comfort in each other’s company. 

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People we meet on Vacation (By Emily Henry, 2021)

A bestseller book in New York, and so is the storyline, interesting and updated, of how two people like Alex and Poppy fall for one another without knowing the perfect journey of friendship they experienced when together. 

People we meet on Vacation
People we meet on Vacation (Credits: PopSugar)

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Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke’s Heart (By Sarah MacLean, 2011)

Sarah MacLean, known for her bold nature of writing, wrote another amazing bold novel that elaborates how the female protagonist plays scandals to win over a Duke’s heart who is rough at heart and does not want to indulge in any relationship at present. 

Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's Heart
Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke’s Heart (Credits: Gayle and Books)

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The Notebook (By Nicholas Sparks, 1996)

The time set for the novel is the pre-world War II and post-world War II times, how two lovers like Noah and Allie are not able to get together even when they passionately love each other. Fallen in love so deeply that the chemistry between the two is engaging and lovely, but the social concepts and stereotypical perceptions do not let them be together. 

The Notebook
The Notebook (Credits: IMDb)

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The Belle of Belgrave Square (By Mimi Matthews, 2022) 

The story of a London heiress expressing the effects of the marriage of convenience, how the tall, dark, and handsome man can have qualities that no woman will adore. This is an elaborated story exploring the marriage of convenience. 

The Belle of Belgrave Square
The Belle of Belgrave Square (Credits: Roaming The Pages)

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One Good Earl Deserves a Lover (By Sarah MacLean, 2013)

Pippa, just engaged, wants to explore the parts of London that she never went to. The urge to see the unexplored parts of the place. 

One Good Earl Deserves a Lover
One Good Earl Deserves a Lover(Credits: Apple Books)

This makes her meet a tall, handsome, and intelligent person who guides her, and where does she want to go? To the gaming hell. Some parts which are explored will have something written for us in our name.

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To all the boys I’ve loved before (By Jenny Han, 2014)

A book that describes the thought of every teen, the age which is known for having crushes, having love at first sight, and making memories that are cherished throughout life. 

This is similar to that only Jenny Han describes how she wrote love letters, what her experience was as a teenager, and what made her think that teen love is the most precious one and leaves many imprints on our hearts. 


To all the boys I've loved before
To all the boys I’ve loved before (Credits: YouTube)

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When he was wicked (By Julia Quinn, 2004)

In the story of Francesca and Michael, the love of Michael for her is pure, and he wants her with no bad intentions. But, the twist is in the fact that it is now the day of the Marriage of Fransesca, and it is with his cousin, John.

When he was wicked
When he was wicked (Credits: Katheryn’s Inbox)

He is unable to speak his heart out till the fact reveals that John dies, and now the love story between the two initiates. Leading to romance which starts with mere friendship, which leads to a great story. 

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The Husband Plot: A Marriage of Convenience (By Katherine Grant, 2021)

In a marriage that happens out of convenience, the Lady has her Fiancé, who leaves her at the edge, and the male protagonist wants to not marry but agrees to marry when his father asks him to do so. 

The Husband Plot: A Marriage of Convenience
The Husband Plot: A Marriage of Convenience (Credits: Katherine Grant Romance)

The marriage is not successful as they are not able to agree on points, and he does not know how to handle a woman’s nature and be a husband. Gradually, they discover some similarities and know that they can cope with one another. 

Accidentally Compromising the Duke (By Stacy Reid, 2016)

Miss Adeline Hays and Duke Edmond are the two main characters of the story, and the novel’s main theme is compromised. How Adeline wants to marry but is not able to find a man of his choice and is now willing to settle for less or just a kind man.

Accidentally Compromising the duke
Accidentally Compromising the Duke (Credits: LiteralCLub)

But, due to some misunderstanding, she falls into the trap of the Duke and is now separated from the charm of intimacy, love, and attachment to her partner, as the Duke won’t let her do it. 

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The Viscount who loved Me (By Julia Quinn, 2000)

Bridgerton’s series is as famous on the online streaming platform now as famous as the text when published. The eldest son of a family is the protagonist of the story. 

The Viscount who loved Me
The Viscount who loved Me (Credits: Bookish Way Farer)

He tries to leave his bachelor days now and settle his life by marrying and making a whole new beginning of a new life. The novel has the concept of intense chemistry between the lovers, which gradually opens up to us and is not found in the very beginning. 

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On the Way to the Wedding (By Julia Quinn, 2006)

Hermoine Watson is the character who is chased in the novel. Julia Quinn tries to make the reading experience a journey of how the stare turns into love gradually. 

On the way to the Wedding (By Julia Quinn, 2006)
On the Way to the Wedding (By Julia Quinn, 2006) [Credits-netflix]

Gregory Bridgerton is the only bachelor of the family now. The rest of the siblings are married. He, with no intention of finding someone, finds a girl Hermoine Watson and is glared by the perfect curve of her neck. Impressed by the curve, he falls for her intense beauty. 

The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie (By Jennifer Ashley, 2009)

Jennifer Ashley is a writer known for his New York Times bestselling novels. This romance novel explores and embraces the inner beauty and perfection in the imperfections of various individuals. 

madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie
The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie [Credits: Ksquaredreads]

The two main characters, Ian and Beth, are shown to be imperfect in society and not appreciated even by their own ‘family.’ On one side, there is Ian, whose father thinks of him as a lunatic because of his distinctive manners and actions, and on the other side, Beth has suffered throughout, living poor and widowed being still poor. 

A quote from the novel says; Ian says, “If I marry you, Mather cannot touch you. If I married you, it would be the scandal of the century.” This shows how authoritatively and sensibly intimacy is created with words. 

Romancing the Duke, Castles Ever After (By Tessa Dare, 2014)

The protagonist of the novel, Isolde Ophelia Goodnight, suffers as his father passes away. This being a part of the historical romance genre, makes utmost use of the concept of gradual love. The suffering or the part she plays in her own life till she gets to know about what she has inherited.

Romancing the Duke, Castles Ever After (By Tessa Dare, 2014)
Romancing the Duke, Castles Ever After {Credits: Over Flowing Shelf}

Tessa Dare carefully maintains the character’s characteristics by making them unique, meek, as well as bold at different times. The villain is also shown deliberately how he can take control of his actions and act up to the situation.  

In the very first chapter, the line is seen: “Izzy could look at her situation and see just that. Motherless at a young age. Fatherless now, as well. Penniless. Friendless” This shows the pitiful condition she went through at the beginning of the novel. 

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Beach Read (By Emily Henry, 2020)

Bestselling Romance novels are not easily found, but here is Beach Read. A Romance novel written by Emily Henry is more known for her being an enemy to lovers or an enemy to romance. 

Beach Read
Beach Read[Credits: Book geeks]

The creation of characters is done in such a way that the two sides of the coin are seen. Also, the perspective of the readers, the society, or the stereotypical interpreters is commented on by Emily Henry. As said in common, “slow poison is way more vicious”; similar is the gradual revelation.

The sex scenes and the intimacy shown is not in an implicit manner, and rather, they are openly described making it steamy and written intimacy for the readers. Moreover, all the scenes have the proper amount of steaminess, leading to a continuously engaging plot. 

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