Anime specifically refers to animation produced in Japan. From 2017 to 2021, the market size of anime amounted to US$16.60 billion, which increased steadily to US$25.62 billion between 2022 and 2032.

The original language of anime is Japanese. However, due to the widespread popularity of anime among fans worldwide, it has been dubbed into various languages such as English, French, Hindi, and many more.

With a rapidly growing fanbase, anime has become a significant force in the entertainment industry. Considering the best English dubbed anime of all time, we have curated a list of some of the most engaging and entertaining series that is sure to captivate viewers:


In the early 2000s, the Naruto anime became popular worldwide because of its fights and storyline. The Naruto anime is written and directed by Hayato Date and produced by Pierrot and TV Tokyo.

*This anime consists of two parts: Naruto (220 episodes) and Naruto Shippuden (500 episodes).

Naruto kick-starts the anime and lays the foundation for the story, but it also includes a large number of filler episodes. On the other hand, Naruto Shippuden contains the major main arcs of the Naruto anime.

This anime provides a strong storyline that will definitely give you goosebumps when you watch it.

Naruto Shippuden review
A still from Naruto Shippuden, Credits: Crunchyroll

The story starts in the Shinobi World, where the main protagonist of this anime, Naruto Uzumaki, has inherited/sealed the Nine-Tailed Fox beast inside him.

During his childhood, no one considered him a friend and saw him as a beast in his village, Konoha, which is one of the main villages in the Naruto anime.

The story focuses on how Naruto becomes the strongest shinobi and gains the recognition of everyone in his village, Konoha. He eventually becomes the Hokage (the ruler of Konoha village) after facing many hurdles and difficulties.

Naruto Shippuden
A still from Naruto Shippuden Credits: Crunchyroll

This anime first premiered in Japan on October 3, 2002. It is a completed anime that you can officially watch on Netflix and Crunchyroll. It has an IMDb rating of 8.5/10 and is a highly recommended anime series to watch and enjoy.


The Death Note anime series is written by Tsugumi Ohba and directed by Tetsuro Araki, with high-quality graphics and animation produced by Madhouse and Nippon Television.

This series contains all the elements of suspense, thriller, and horror, and it consists of a total of 37 episodes.

Death Note
A still from Death Note credit: Netflix

The series centers around the main protagonist, Light Yagami, a student at Daikoku Private Academy who discovers a magical and mysterious notebook called the Death Note, which belongs to the Shinigami Ryuk, who accidentally drops it.

*The Death Note is a notebook in which if a person’s name is written, they will die.

In the middle of the series, Light Yagami is nicknamed Kira as he uses the Death Note to kill criminals.

The series becomes even more exciting with the introduction of the FBI agent, L. This series is a perfect example of strategic tactics and never fails to maintain interest.

Death Note
A still from Death Note credits: Netflix

The plot twists and unexpected developments keep the audience engaged and on the edge of their seats until the last episode. Overall, Death Note remains one of the most popular anime series to date and is a must-watch for fans of the thriller and horror genres.

The Death Note anime aired on NIPPON TV from October 4, 2006, to June 27, 2007. This complete anime can be officially watched on Netflix, with an IMDb rating of 9.0/10. It is a highly recommended anime series to enjoy.


One Piece is one of the top OGs and top-grossing anime of all time, created by Eiichiro Oda and produced by Toei Animation. This iconic series has over 1062+ episodes and is currently being broadcasted worldwide.

One Piece Anime
A still from One Piece, credits: Crunchyroll

The story revolves around the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a young pirate who possesses the Gomu Gomu No Mi devil fruit, giving him rubber-like abilities.

Along with his loyal crew, Luffy pursues his dream of becoming the Pirate King and finding the ultimate treasure, One Piece, left behind by the deceased pirate king Gol D. Roger.

A still from One Piece, credits: Crunchyroll

The anime first aired on Fuji Television on October 20, 1999, and is currently running and has an IMDb rating of 8.9/10. You can watch One Piece on the legal streaming platform Crunchyroll, which offers dubbed versions of the show.


This anime has carved its space in the hearts of fans through its high production quality. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba is written by KOYOHARU GOTOUGE and produced in collaboration with Ufotable.

*Ufotable has done a great job by delivering exceptional animation in this anime.

A still from Demon Slayer, credits: Crunchyroll

The story of this series centers around a young boy named Tanjiro Kamado, whose family was slaughtered, and his younger sister, Nezuko, was turned into a Demon.

Tanjiro becomes a Demon Slayer in order to protect his sister and find a cure to turn her back into a human again.

Demon Slayer
A still from Demon Slayer credit: Crunchyroll

This is a continuation anime series, while the manga of Demon Slayer has already concluded. This anime encompasses elements of adventure, dark fantasy, and martial arts.

The anime features top-notch animation, and it can be accessed on platforms such as Netflix and Crunchyroll. It has an IMDb rating of 8.7/10.


The Jujutsu Kaisen anime was created by Gege Akutami and produced by MAPPA. It is directed by Sunghoo Park.

This series is renowned for its high-quality animation and compelling storyline. It initially aired on MBS and TBS’s Super Animeism Block from October 3, 2020, to March 27, 2021.

This anime centers around a high school student named Yuji Itadori, who becomes involved with a secret organization of jujutsu sorcerers. Their goal is to eliminate all the curses present in the world.

However, Yuji Itadori inherits the power of Ryomen Sukuna, the King of Curses, after swallowing one of his fingers.

Jujutsu Kaisen
A still from Jujutsu Kaisen credit: Crunchyroll

A sorcerer named Satoru Gojo appears to be incredibly powerful in this anime and engages in a formidable battle with Ryomen Sukuna. This series offers a blend of action, comedy, adventure, and supernatural powers, providing a well-rounded experience.

You can watch this anime on Crunchyroll and Netflix, and it has an IMDb rating of 8.5/10.


This animated series offers a high level of action, comedy, and superhero elements. ONE PUNCH MAN was created by Tomohiro Suzuki and produced by Madhouse and J.C.Staff.

As the name suggests, the series follows the story of a bald superhero named Saitama, who can defeat any villain with a single punch.

Initially, Saitama is an ordinary person with limited skills and power, but through rigorous training, he pushes himself to his utmost limit.

One Punch Man
A still from One Punch Man Credits: Crunchyroll

This anime is both interesting and highly recommended, with two seasons currently available. It boasts an IMDb rating of 8.7/10. You can watch it on Crunchyroll and Netflix.


This anime series, Spyxfamily, is written by Kazuhiro Furuhashi and produced by Wit Studio and Clover Works. It combines elements of action, comedy, spy themes, and assassins in a family drama setting.

The story revolves around a spy who is assigned a mission to create a fake family. The spy adopts a child who happens to be his “daughter,” Anya, possessing telepathic abilities. He also convinces a woman, who is actually an assassin, to pose as his wife.

Neither of the parents is aware of Anya’s powers, while Anya is aware of their true identities.

A poster from Spy x Family credits: Crunchyroll

The anime is filled with comedy as the family navigates their everyday lives and carries out their missions while keeping up appearances in public. Spyxfamily is available to watch on Crunchyroll, with an IMDb rating of 8.5/10. It comes highly recommended for viewers.


BLEACH, written by Masashi Sogo and directed by Noriyuki Abe, is a long-running anime consisting of 366 episodes. It first aired on October 5, 2004, and is renowned for its adventure, suspense, and supernatural themes.

The story revolves around Ichigo Kurosaki, a character who possesses the ability to see ghosts, a power he was born with. The focus of the anime is on Ichigo’s journey to becoming a Soul Reaper after his family is attacked by a Hollow.

Driven by his dedication to protecting innocent people, Ichigo progresses in his duties as a Soul Reaper.

A still from Bleach credits: Crunchyroll

BLEACH creates suspense as Ichigo evolves from a weak character to a formidable one. The anime is known for its thrilling fights, horror elements, and suspenseful plot.

It can be watched on Netflix and Crunchyroll, and it holds an IMDb rating of 8.2/10.

It is highly recommended for those seeking suspense, horror, and exciting battles.


This anime holds the distinction of being one of the longest-running anime series, having aired since 1989. It was written by Takao Koyama and produced by Kenji Shimizu and Koji Kaneda.

Known for its adventurous themes, comedy, martial arts, and impressive animation, this anime has captivated audiences for years.

Dragon Ball Z
A still from Dragon Ball Z credits: Crunchyroll

The story revolves around Goku, an incredibly powerful character, and follows his adventures and battles against various villains in order to protect Earth.

Throughout the series, Goku undergoes significant transformations, both in terms of physical strength and magical abilities.

With a total of 9 seasons, this anime is available for streaming on Crunchyroll. It holds an IMDb rating of 8.8/10 and is highly recommended for its teachings of loyalty, hard work, and the importance of teamwork.


Attack on Titan is indeed one of the most highly acclaimed anime series worldwide. With over four seasons, it has earned a special place in the hearts of fans.

The anime strikes a perfect balance between the concepts of freedom and imprisonment. It was written by Yasuko Kobayashi and produced by Hitoshi Matsumoto.

The story takes place in a world inhabited by humans and Titans. Only individuals from a specific bloodline called Eldians have the ability to transform into Titans.

Attack On Titan
A still from Attack On Titan credit: Crunchyroll

The protagonist, Eren Yeager, witnesses his mother’s death at the hands of a Titan and vows to eradicate all Titans as revenge. The narrative unfolds in a strategic manner and is filled with suspense, keeping viewers engrossed throughout.

Attack on Titan can be accessed on Crunchyroll and Disney+Hotstar and holds an impressive IMDb rating of 9.1/10. It is highly recommended, particularly for fans of intense battles and captivating storytelling.

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This anime is tailor-made for science fiction enthusiasts. It was written by Jukki Handa and produced by Kenjiro Gomi. The story revolves around time travel and the protagonist’s ability to jump between different parallel universes.

The anime centers around a scientist named Rintaro Okabe, who, along with his friend, creates a time machine that allows them to send text messages to the past and alter reality.

*With numerous twists and turns, the anime takes viewers on a captivating journey.

Stenis Gate
A still from Steins Gate credits: Crunchyroll

With an IMDb rating of 8.8/10, this anime comes highly recommended. It is available for streaming on Crunchyroll, providing easy access to fans.


My Hero Academia, written by Yosuke Kuroda and produced by Hiroya Nakata, is set in a world where superpowers are known as Quirks and superheroes are prevalent. The main protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, is born without any Quirks, which makes him an exception.

A still from My Hero Academia credits: Crunchyroll

The anime showcases Izuku’s thrilling adventures, featuring intense fight scenes and his struggle to survive in a world filled with superpowered individuals despite lacking powers himself. This aspect adds an intriguing layer to the story, making it even more captivating.

With an IMDb rating of 8.3/10, My Hero Academia has won the hearts of numerous fans. The anime can be accessed on Crunchyroll, allowing viewers to easily enjoy the series.


This anime is written by Nobuaki Kishima and produced by Shunichi Kosao. Hunter x Hunter narrates the story of the main protagonist, Gon, who travels in a world of Hunters with exceptional skills and weapons to find his dad and become the greatest Hunter.

A still from Hunter x Hunter credits: Crunchyroll

This anime showcases Gon’s adventures and the hurdles he faces. Pure martial arts fights also contribute to making this anime top-notch. With an IMDb rating of 9/10, it comes highly recommended. You can access this anime on Netflix and Crunchyroll.


This anime is set in a magical world where the main protagonist, Asta, an orphaned kid, aspires to become the Wizard King, despite believing he has no magical abilities. Asta is determined to prove himself to everyone and make his dream a reality.

BLACK CLOVER was written by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu and produced by Maiko Isotani and Naomi Komatsu. It first aired on October 3, 2017, and has gained a significant following worldwide.

Black Clover
A still from Black Clover credits: Crunchyroll

The anime combines Asta’s adventurous journey with comedy, resulting in a highly entertaining series. It holds an IMDb rating of 8.3/10 globally.

To watch BLACK CLOVER, you can access it on various streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll, Disney+, Netflix, and Jio Cinema.


The story revolves around two brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, who embark on a quest to regain their original bodies after a failed alchemical experiment to resurrect their mother.

In their journey to obtain the Philosopher’s Stone, they face numerous challenges and obstacles.

A still from Full Metal Alchemist credits: Crunchyroll

This anime beautifully portrays the adventures of the Elric brothers while also exploring themes of loyalty and brotherhood. It was written by Hiromu Arakawa, and it has received high acclaim from audiences.

With an IMDb rating of 8.5/10, it is highly recommended as one of the all-time great anime series. To watch this anime, you can find it available for streaming on platforms such as Netflix and Crunchyroll.


This anime is set in a world where both humans and ghouls coexist. Ghouls are beings that survive by consuming human flesh. The story follows a shy college student named Ken Kaneki, who is attacked by a ghoul and nearly killed.

In order to save his life, he undergoes surgery that transforms him into a half-human, half-ghoul hybrid.

A still from Tokyo Ghoul credits: Crunchyroll

The anime is known for its numerous twists and turns, and its captivating storyline sets it apart. It was written by Chuji Mikasano and produced by Ken Hagino and Hidetada Soga.

With an IMDb rating of 7.7/10, this anime successfully combines elements of horror and suspense.

To watch this anime, you can find it available for streaming on Crunchyroll.


The anime is known for its strong storyline, which revolves around the main protagonist, Natsu Dragneel, a member of the wizard guild Fairy Tail.

Natsu’s adventurous journey and his quest to discover the fictional world of Earth Land in search of the dragon Igneel make the series exceptionally top-notch and intriguing.

Throughout the series, Natsu becomes friends with Lucy Heartfilia, an aspiring celestial wizard, and together they embark on various adventures.

The anime highlights the concepts of adventure and friendship, creating a sense of curiosity and engagement among fans.

Fairy Tail
A still from Fairy Tail credits: Crunchyroll

“Written by Masashi Sogo and produced by Akiko Nabeiwa,” would be more accurately stated as “Based on the manga created by Hiro Mashima, the anime adaptation of Fairy Tail features various writers and producers throughout its run.”

Fairy Tail is available for streaming on platforms such as Crunchyroll and Netflix. It has achieved an IMDb rating of 8/10, indicating its popularity and positive reception among viewers.


This anime features some of the deadliest fights in the realm of anime. The main protagonist, Baki Hanma, is a highly skilled fighter who constantly seeks to become even stronger.

The story revolves around Baki’s adventures and fights as he trains himself and confronts various formidable opponents in unrestricted, hand-to-hand combat.

A still from Baki Hanma credits: Netflix

Baki’s ultimate goal is to surpass and defeat his father, Yuujirou Hanma. The anime delves into dark fantasy elements and martial arts and showcases intense and brutal confrontations leading to violent and often fatal outcomes.

The anime is written by Keisuke Itagaki and produced by TMS Entertainment. It can be streamed on Netflix and has an IMDb rating of 6.7/10.

While opinions may vary, it is generally recommended for those who enjoy action-packed and intense martial arts anime.


The story is set in a world of magic where the main protagonist of the anime, Mash, cannot use magic. To overcome this limitation, he trains himself hard and focuses on bulking up.

Despite lacking magic abilities, Mash becomes the most powerful person in his surroundings, relying on his muscles to protect him from magical attacks.

Mashle: Magic and Muscles
A still from Mashle: Magic and Muscles credits: Crunchyroll

The anime is written by Hajime Komoto and produced by A-1 Pictures. It combines elements of comedy, adventure, and magical powers.

Mash’s journey to become a Divine Visionary and live peacefully with his father adds to the excellence of the anime. It is available on Crunchyroll, with an IMDb rating of 7.9/10, and comes highly recommended.


The story of this anime follows Thorfinn, a young villager from Iceland who aspires to become a war soldier like his father, Thors.

His main goal is to seek revenge against his father’s killer and engage in an honorable duel to avenge him, ultimately aiming to bring about peace.

The anime showcases Thorfinn’s adventurous journey, featuring elements of adventure, duels, and vengeance.

A still from Vinland Saga credits: Crunchyroll

The story primarily revolves around Viking warriors and explores themes of bloodshed and tragedy. It was written by Makoto Yukimura and produced by Akira Yonzawa. With an IMDb rating of 8.8/10, it is highly recommended.

You can watch this anime on streaming platforms such as Netflix and Crunchyroll.

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This anime is based on a secret magical tournament known as the Holy Grail War, which takes place in Fuyuki City, Japan.

Shirou Emiya, a high school student, becomes unwittingly involved in this intense magical conflict. In the Holy Grail War, seven Masters, known as Mages, engage in battles with super-powered Servants, who are reincarnations of souls from various points in history.

A still from Fate/Zero credits: Crunchyroll

The anime encompasses a compelling blend of action, tragedy, and comedy. It was written by Akira Hiyama and produced by Atsuhiro Iwakami. With an IMDb rating of 8.2/10, it is highly regarded by viewers.

You can watch this anime on streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll.


The story follows Hatori Chise, a 15-year-old high school girl who has lost her family and becomes an orphan. In her search for a new place to call home, she ends up being sold at an auction in London.

The winning bidder is a non-human mage named Elias Ainsworth, who offers her a chance to start a new life.

the ancient magus bride
A still from the
ancient Magus bride credits: Crunchyroll

The anime focuses on the romantic aspects of Chise’s life and incorporates supernatural elements. It is a series that combines drama and mystery, with an IMDb rating of 7.7/10. It was written by Kore Yamazaki and produced by Wit Studio.

You can watch this anime on Crunchyroll.


This anime series follows the story of Boruto, a young boy whose father is Naruto, the head of the village. Boruto is known by everyone in the village due to his father’s reputation, but he strives to prove that he has his own unique potential.

The show focuses on Boruto’s adventures and his relationships with his family and friends.

A Still from Boruto credit: Crunchyroll

The series contains mind-blowing fight scenes and delves into the depths of fantasy. It was written by Masaya Honda and produced by Makoto Hijikata and Koichi Machiyama.

With an IMDb rating of 6.6/10, it is considered one of the best anime recommendations.You can watch this anime on Crunchyroll.


In this series, all human beings are suddenly turned to stone after a mysterious flash of light. The main protagonist, Senku Ishigami, a 15-year-old prodigy, emerges from this petrified world and sets up a camp to investigate the cause of the phenomenon and find a cure to revive humanity.

Dr Stone
A still from DR STONE credit: Crunchyroll

The anime focuses on Senku’s development and his adventurous journey alongside his friends after discovering the cure for revival.

It combines elements of adventure, post-apocalyptic settings, and science fiction. With an IMDb rating of 8.1/10, it is highly regarded by viewers.

You can watch this anime on streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll and Netflix.


This anime is based on the story of the Joestar Family, with each member possessing formidable psychic abilities. The series follows the adventures of various family members throughout their lives.

The inner spiritual power they possess is transformed into a unique energy known as Hamon, while martial arts techniques also play a significant role.

A still from JOJO’S BIZZARE ADVENTURE credits: Crunchyroll

The anime offers a captivating blend of thrilling action scenes and humorous moments. It was written by Yasuko Kobayashi and produced by Jun Fukuda. With a total of 5 parts and 36 episodes and an IMDb rating of 8.5/10, this anime is definitely worth watching.

You can enjoy this anime on streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll.


This anime centers around a young prince named Bojji, who aspires to become the greatest king of all time, despite being deaf. The people of his kingdom criticize his ability to ascend to the throne.

The story beautifully portrays his hard work and journey toward becoming a worthy ruler. The anime is filled with elements of fantasy, comedy, and adventure.

Ranking of Kings
A still from Ranking of Kings credit: Crunchyroll

It was written by Taku Kishimoto and produced by Wit Studio. “Ranking of Kings” is widely regarded as one of the best anime recommendations, with over 23 episodes that have captured the hearts of fans.

It can be accessed on streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll. The anime holds an impressive IMDb rating of 8.5/10.


This anime encompasses a thrilling combination of horror, intense fights, gangs, loyalty, and brotherhood, among other elements. It is an epic anime that is highly recommended to watch with friends.

The central theme of the story revolves around time travel, with the main protagonist, Takemichi Hanagaki, possessing the ability to time travel his consciousness. By touching a person’s hand, he can trigger this time travel and alter the present.

Tokyo Revengers
A still from Tokyo Revengers credit: Crunchyroll

The anime heavily relies on themes of love and brotherhood, with a major focus on the Tokyo Manji Gang, which captivates the attention of fans. The storytelling in this anime is exceptional, creating a suspenseful and engaging experience for viewers.

It was written by Yasuyuki Muto and directed by Koichi Hatsumi. With an IMDb rating of 8/10, it has garnered a strong fan following. You can watch this anime on streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll, Netflix, and Disney + Hotstar.


This anime series revolves around a high school soccer tournament where players from various schools across Japan come together to create the best soccer team in history, with a focus on finding the most talented and egoistic strikers.

The backdrop of the story is the Japanese national team’s ranking at 16th in the FIFA World Cup.

Blue Lock introduces a unique training regimen called Blue Lock where players are rigorously tested, and only those who pass are granted the opportunity to represent Japan in soccer.

A still from Blue Lock credit: Crunchyroll

The anime has gained popularity among soccer enthusiasts due to its captivating animation and engaging storyline. It was written by Taku Kishihmoto and produced by Eight Bit Studio. With an IMDb rating of 8.3/10, it is highly regarded by viewers.

You can watch this anime on streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll and Disney + Hotstar.


This anime series is set in a samurai world, where the main protagonist, Raizo Kurima, is a samurai who joins a group of revengers after being betrayed by his fellow samurais.

The story revolves around Raizo’s adventures, featuring deadly fighting sequences and elements of period drama. The revengers are known as assassins who carry out tasks for the oppressed in exchange for payment.

A still from Revenger credit: Crunchyroll

The anime offers compelling character development that viewers will appreciate. It is highly recommended for samurai enthusiasts and is worth watching. The series is written by Gen Urobuchi and produced by Ajia-do Animation Works. It has a rating of 6.6/10.

You can stream this anime on Crunchyroll.


This anime tells the story of a hero named Sion Bladen, who successfully imprisoned the Demon King and his army within Hell’s Gate.

However, the Demon King’s rise begins anew when Sion falls into a trap set by a farmer named Touka Scott, who seeks protection from the demons.

To carry out Sion’s identity, Anri Hayworth transfers Touka’s soul into Sion’s body. Two other demon hunters join forces to challenge the Demon King and seal the Gates of Hell. Anri Hayworth transfers the Touka soul to the Sion body to carry out his identity.

The Legendary Hero is Dead
A still from The Legendary Hero is Dead credit: Crunchyroll

Two other demon hunters are teamed up to challenge the Demon King and seal the Gates of Hell. This anime combines elements of comedy and thrilling fights, accompanied by top-tier animation. It was written by Yu Sato and produced by Liden Films.

You can watch this anime on Crunchyroll.


This anime portrays the life of an immortal being named Fushi, who embarks on a quest to discover and comprehend the essence of being a perfect human. Fushi possesses the ability to assume different forms and is unbound by any limitations.

To Your Eternity
A still from To Your Eternity credit: Crunchyroll

The story follows Fushi’s journey and highlights the profound friendship he forms with a wolf. The anime is widely regarded as one of the best in terms of its writing, credited to Shinzo Fujita, and is produced by Drive.

With an IMDb rating of 8.4/10, this anime offers a captivating blend of fantasy and adventure. You can watch this anime on Crunchyroll.


This anime is a compelling drama series written by Noboru Takagi and produced by Brain’s Base. The story revolves around a young man named Kuro Sakuragawa who finds himself at a crossroads, contemplating a breakup with his girlfriend.

A still from In/Spectre credit: Crunchyroll.

However, his life takes an unexpected turn when he encounters Kotoko Iwanaga, a girl who reveals the existence of a supernatural world. Kotoko seeks a problem solver for her world and believes Kuro to be the perfect match.

Filled with supernatural abilities and events, this anime delivers a thrilling experience that will give you goosebumps. It seamlessly combines drama and comedy, making it an exceptional anime in its genre.

The series is written by Noboru Takagi and produced by Brain’s Base, with an IMDb rating of 6.5/10. You can watch this anime on Crunchyroll.


This anime revolves around the main protagonist, Denji, who unintentionally enters into a contract with a demon named Pochita. As a result, he gains the ability to transform into Chainsaw Man.

Denji desires a simple life, but his transformation binds him to the Public Safety Devil Hunters organization, where he fights to protect innocent people from devils.

With top-notch animation, this anime captivates audiences by delving into Denji’s life and the adversaries he encounters.

Chainsaw Man
A still from Chainsaw Man credit: Crunchyroll.

It combines elements of comedy, horror, action, and dark fantasy, creating a thrilling and immersive experience. Written by Hiroshi Seko and produced by MAPPA, this anime is highly recommended for both anime lovers and newcomers.

It boasts an IMDb rating of 8.5/10. You can watch this anime on Crunchyroll and Netflix.


This popular sci-fi anime revolves around a video game that unexpectedly transports an entire guild into an alternate reality. The story follows their thrilling journey as they confront villains, embark on adventures, and strive to find a way back to their own world.

A still from Overlord credit: Crunchyroll.

With its captivating storyline and suspenseful moments, this anime is particularly appealing to sci-fi enthusiasts. It was written by Kugane Maruyama and composed by Shuji Katayama.

It has an IMDb rating of 7.7/10 and is available for streaming on Crunchyroll. It comes highly recommended for fans of the genre.


This anime features a unique and comedic storyline centered around a powerful octopus who works as a teacher in a junior high school.

The student’s task is to assassinate their teacher, who has various extraordinary powers, in order to prevent the destruction of Earth.

Assassination Classroom
A still from Assassination Classroom credits: Crunchyroll

However, assassinating their teacher proves to be a difficult challenge due to his abilities. The teacher, who has already destroyed 70% of the moon, offers the students a chance to change the future of humanity.

The anime combines top-notch comedy and animation, making it highly entertaining. It was written by Makoto Uezu and produced by Noriko Ozaki. With an IMDb rating of 8/10, this anime is currently trending on various platforms.

You can watch this anime on Crunchyroll.

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