With the 16th series of Britain’s Got Talent starting on April 15, in a captivating episode on the next day (Sunday), a young boy named Malakai Bayoh left the audience, as well as the judges, awe-struck with his singing talent.

At such a young age, Malakai surprised everyone with his powerful delivery of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Pie Jesu.” His mesmerizing performance gained a great response and created an extraordinary moment on the show.

As Malakai took the stage, introducing himself as a 13-year-old singer from London, the judges greeted him with curiosity and encouragement. Little did they know about the beautiful rendition awaiting them. The richness and maturity of his vocals left everyone in awe. The emotional intensity of his performance continued to grow with each note as the song went on.

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Malakai’s Musical Journey

Before coming to the show, Malakai had embarked on his musical journey at the age of just 7. He joined the youth choir of St. George’s Cathedral in London. Malakai is currently attending the Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School in West London and is a member of the school’s Cantorum.

He has showcased his talents at prestigious venues such as the opera house Royal Albert Hall (in November 2022), where he performed with the English National Opera orchestra. His previous appearances in “Macbeth” and “Carmen” have also earned him international recognition.

Malakai Bayoh Sing Pie Jesu at BGT 2023
13-year-old Malakai Bayoh sings “Pie Jesu” at Britain’s Got Talent, Wowing Everyone (Credits: The Sun)

For his breathtaking performance, Malakai chose to sing “Pie Jesu,” a segment from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Requiem mass. Webber is an acclaimed composer renowned for his musicals- “Cats” and “Phantom of the Opera.” The composition earned him a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Classical Composition in the year 1985. By selecting the masterpiece “Pie Jesu,” Malakai flaunted his profound knowledge of music and his ability to breathe life into a classical piece.

Emotional Reactions

As Malakai’s ethereal voice echoed throughout the venue, a wave of emotions washed over the judges and the audience. Judge Bruno Tonioli praised him by comparing his voice to that of an angel and confessed that he got very emotional. Another judge expressed feeling as though she was transported to another world, listening to a heavenly voice. The power and impact of Malakai’s performance were so intense that it touched many hearts, resulting in a spontaneous standing ovation from both the judges as well as the audience.

Amidst the loud applause and cheering, the judge Simon Cowell, rose from his seat, clearly moved by Malakai’s beautiful talent. Overwhelmed by the young singer’s performance, Cowell declared that there was only one way to describe it. He called it “golden.” With the press of the golden buzzer, Malakai made it to the semi-finals. Cowell expressed his immense gratitude to the boy for participating in the show and admiration for his incredible gift.

The judging panel of Britain's Got Talent 2023
The host’s Ant & Dec (far left and far right), and the judges are Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden, Simon Cowell, and Bruno Tonioli in Britain’s Got Talent, 2023. (Credits: Yahoo!News)

Malakai’s selection, his receiving the golden buzzer, signifies the immense talent and potential the judges see in him. The golden buzzer grants him a direct path to the semi-finals, skipping the usual boot camp stage of the competition.

In this season of Britain’s Got Talent, each judge and the hosts have the opportunity to press the golden buzzer, bestowing it upon the standout and mesmerizing act. Malakai’s incredible rendition left a persistent mark on the judges (Simon Cowell, Bruno Tonioli, Amanda Holden, and Alesha Dixon), securing his well-deserved spot in the next round.

As Malakai advances toward the semi-finals, everyone is eagerly waiting to witness the continued brilliance and growth of this exceptionally talented young music artist.

Though the show Britain’s Got Talent aired every weekend on Saturday on the channels ITV1 and ITVX till now, the semi-final episode one aired on May 29 and will be followed by the others in the same week, with the finale of the series being broadcast on Sunday, June 4.

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